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Day 32 Season 14 o my head

I feel that my head is sometimes so heavy. I am more active than I was before. I think I need to declutter now:

Why hasn't Made in Chelsea season 9 started yet?

Didn't I say that I should stop thinking about that guy?

I should take more care of my room, but I am at least doing the dishes.

I am really angry at mum!!

Tomorrow a performance, yea, can't wait and then party afterwards!!

I should call that friend of mine, but I won't because she always makes me tired,… Continue

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Day 2 - Meditation Practice

Today's meditation was unbelievable. Whoa...Words cannot describe. Love when I get to that deep stillness,  I go through different stages..First I feel my body going more and more still, and then boom! my body mass feels to me some sort of a giant rounded dough, then... my spirit self is all I am from that point on. Later this morning, I found myself interacting with people around me with more warmth and ...also a big o smile in my face for no reason :) 

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Day 1 Reflection

Day 2. Already Day 1 was full of lessons, opportunities to grow even more, and gifts. Whoa! How powerful. So...My challenge includes a Mon - Fri strict Morning Ritual. I wake up at 6:11, wash my face, make my yerba matte tea, and go into my meditation spot (which is my closet) I take about 1 - 1:30 hr deeply in silence. I switch up my meditation method each day. Depending on what my mind, body and heart desires- I will spend my deep silent time practicing transcendental meditation variant,…


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Achievement #58 - Minding my energy supply

I've been trying to eat more frequently to keep my energy from crashing during the day. Yesterday I was going to visit my friend in the hospital, and decided to shell out a bit of extra money for dinner rather then wait until afterwards. Unfortunately, she'd had a setback and was afraid for her help, but I was able to be much more present for her in that difficult time then I would have been otherwise. You have to love yourself before you can give love to others.

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Season 2 Day 16

I'm just jumping in here, as I'm on a routine from walking a dog 2 to 3 times a day that just finished yesterday. I don't want to stop adding some form of exercise to my daily routine before I get too lazy; I live on top of a gym, I have a membership, and I don't use it. Today I didn't do any form of exercise, and I'm not sure if I can be bothered already... So, I'll make today my break day as it's been 2 weeks straight. I shall start again tomorrow ;)

Helllloooooo Co - Creators!!!!… Continue

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Day 1 - 3/19/2015

Hello everyone! So happy to be back here. Intuitively knew that today is going to be a right day to start my challenge. Feeling refreshed and pumped up. Spreading love and compassion :) All is well. All is well. All is well.

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Hello Friends,

I can't believe it's been over 2 years since my last blog  post.  That's a lot of water under the bridge, so to speak, and my understanding and knowledge of this process continues to expand.

I am less hung up about what my "dream" or desire or goal is and if it's the right or best one, and am focusing more on taking action to bring about that "dream" or desire or goal.  I am tapping into the feeling of effortlessness, curiosity, even. 

This is…


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Achievement #57 - Saying what was needed

I find business meetings very difficult - the more people there are, the more assertive you have to be to get your points out. I pushed myself yesterday, and contributed quite a bit to the discussion. Felt good, and put me in a stronger position as well.

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Mastering the LOA

Hello everyone. I have been away for two years from this site. Traveling as much as I have made it a challenge to keep up with daily posts.

I am currently in Sedona, AZ and felt it was time to begin a new season.

For all those that may still have challenges about attracting or manifesting, know that there is a part of you that already knows how.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to fall short at times. Forgive yourself and keep going.

I do offer healing and mentoring if… Continue

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Day 10 - More ginger!

I can breathe! Netty pot has helped with the sinus. I like it. :)

More ginger and orange juice. Vitamin C. :)

Slept well, excpet a dream at 5am. That's what happens when i go to bed early. But i'm planning on doing that again tonight. Rested well.

A great place to log my dreams. :)

My dream: I was partying with a bunch of new friends at my house. This group had guys and girls. There was a guy who liked me. But he really didn't want his friends to know. So we were…


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Day 9 - Sick day

Throat is sore, head is spinning....i'm working myself to the ground. Partying to hard, not enough rest. Today is a rest day....but i had to work. So i guess it's still a work day. I'm drinking lots of water, ginger and orange juice, lots of vitamins as much as i can.

No work out today. Just relaxing...but my work out was cleaning. I washed the dishes, took out the garbage. I haven't had time to do this so today was the day. :) I was in bed by 10pm, record breaking...hahaha. but not…


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Silver Lining

Well, I get the feeling that the golden age of the 100 DRC may have come and gone.  I'm finding it very hard to find significant recent members.  Of course, it could just be my as yet unfamiliarity with navigating the site.  At any rate, I've been counting down to the debut of my challenge for several weeks now, collecting topics on a large dry erase board, since what I hoped to accomplish via the challenge was to familiarize myself with vlogging, and to discern what topics may be of…


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season 13 - day 45 goal complete and setting new goals

Ya! Finished studying another book today. I feel that this process is totally helping with providing new insights towards new goals in life. I love it. Much love

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Achievement #56 - Helping a friend

My friend was suffering from negative thoughts about a company she had been let go from. She felt much of the work she had done had gone unappreciated, and she'd been the victim of other people's agendas. Knowing that she was more open-minded, I changed the dialogue by asking if it served her to think of it in this way, and offered more positive alternative. It soon came out that the real source of pain was that she felt she wasn't good enough - some part of her believed she'd been let go…


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Day 31 of Season 11: Patience Required

Day 31 of Season 11: Patience Required


~ I finally manifested a job I want (well it’s not my dream job, but it’s my “job that is right for me at the moment).


~ I helped a friend immensely that is going through a hard time. (This got me to think of becoming a life coach in 

  the future).


~ I realized that I am a weaker person when I am with my family, especially when I am at my parents place.


~  I’ve forgotten a lot of…


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Day 6, 7, 8

My weekend was a blur. I had a full on training on facilitation. It was more than just a training. More than just work. It was moving and a great life experience I that I will be able to use. The reason I do the things I do is to empower people. Empower youth! But essentially, empowering myself. I have let me get in the way of what I do. I find outlets to not feel. But when I got to feel, i have no choice. It chooses me to live it. I was vunerable. I had a few parties that I went on with a…


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Achievement #55 - Living in the moment

Yesterday was a wonderful day of recuperation. I had little to do, so I focused on doing whatever felt right to me at the moment. Ended up getting a fair bit of work done, and still found time to watch a fun video online, read a good book, and go for a walk with my girlfriend. Best of all, I had no worries about what I should be doing - I was letting go and enjoying myself.

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5-48: BUILDING: Mindful thoughts (3)

Hello cutting-edge Co-creators!

How you doing? Tell me in the comments!

     It's day 48, it's late in the night, I have an important appointment "tomorrow" AND I'm writing.

     Did you ever get the feeling that you can't sleep because something is keeping you awake? I have that quite a few times. I've been thinking, and…


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Day 5 - Bowen Island Adventure

My day of organizing the Lau family to go biking at Bowen Island. They are high maintainence. I'm not sure if i can keep up with them. I knew i would feel that way and how i get myself into that, i don't know.

But, i got a chance to bike around at Bowen Island. We went to Killarney Lake. Then we hiked around it, while the kids rode their bike...half of it as the other half was hilly and had so many roots. Not the best idea.

I got a chance to talk about our great grandpa and his…


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God is amazing!!! I LOVE how faithful He is!!!  My car has been down for over 3 months and I decided to focus on abundance during the first half of my challenge. I really wanted my car by friday(today). Well today someone PAID for my car repairs which was $750 in labor from him putting my motor in and 125 for a battery. Its all paid in full and I have my car back now!!!! I am so happy and grateful :)

My 2nd big manifestation (blessing) is my landlord gave me march rent free!!!, I even…


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