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Achievement #54 - Leadership role

I've never been comfortable having others look to me for guidance or leadership, at least on most things. So it's stressful having to run my own meetings on how instructors can help teach other with their teaching. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the one yesterday went however - we all learned a lot, including myself on how to potentially increase their success in the future.

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Day 4 - what a bust

Today marks day four of my 100 days. It seems 100 days is so far away, yet so close. I ended up treating myself to some gluten free, diary free...vegan treats from east backery. It was yummy. I got some for tomorrow. Im happy to be able to be not force myself. I know i have a craving so i went for it. i did have a lot so i was good on that part.


One other goal, not to eat anything past far so good. Its tough cause i want a snack after volleyball, but its all good so…


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DAY 49, Season 3

JOY, Gratitude, and Intentions

So I was in my bedroom the other day, practicing for a Bach duet that I performed last night with one of the city's top sopranos and the amazing Philadelphia Bach Collegium baroque orchestra, and I peaked out the curtain. The sun was shining intensely and the snow and ice in my back yard was almost completely melted!!!  I could LITERALLY see the snow melting before my very eyes. And, in that moment, EVERYTHING changed for me. It…


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Why the negativity comes always back???

hej co-creators!

I don`t know, why this fuck negativity always comes back to me... I was in a good flow, the study was working good, i have a nice job and i got also another one, and it was really nice, but then i found again about work something out, that it makes me feel so destroyed and unsure. I always feel then so much insecurity and like i cannot go forward. my self-esteem is down. And I also fight with my man, and that makes me more down... you all co-creators, you have an… Continue

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Achievement #53 - Conserving Resources

I haven't been sleeping well for the past several nights, and my reserves were at an all-time low yesterday. In the past I've tried to push through it, and usually made myself sick in the process. Sometimes, the best way to win is to slow down. So I didn't push too hard in my training, went home early, and spent a quiet night reading and watching a show or two. I also didn't eat anything before bed, which is a bad habit of mine. Slept better then I have all week.

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Day 3 - me time

Day 3 focusing on me & my goals. Feels great. I did yoga today and it worked on abs. Yes, I'm getting ready for the beach. I'm all ready for bed and it's only 8:50. I'm good. But will be able to take time to rest and relax. I'm thinking of the capes I'm going to make for my volleyball team. It will be a fun costume.

Healthy eat!

Limit sugar.

A physically activity each day, even if it's 30 mins of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! Hahaha

1-2 litres of water each day!… Continue

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Day 3

Day 3 is absolutely fantastic. I feel my life starting to get easier. I am starting to believe I can create a life that's easy and relaxed. I wish everyone a great and amazing day!

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season 13 - day 39 journal

Hey there! I don't know if anyone reads these things anymore, but yeah. What's going on in your seasons? For me, last night I discovered an apartment I adore in my favorite neighborhood, and it turns out that I need to fit certain requirements, certain ones that may make me need to attract monies. So that is what I will focus on. The nice thing is that a friend had referred me to this guarantor service that I could use in the meantime, so it's just a matter of alignment! My goal for this…


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Day 2

Day 2 has been amazing so far. I spent most of the day in my positive thoughts and the day couldn't be anymore smoother. I listened to an audio from Marc Allen and it resonated deeply with me. I am encouraged to keep on the path and write out my ideal scene. I know I am one step closer to manifesting my dream job. Here is the link to the Marc Allen/Lilou Mace interview - drop out to multi-millionaire:…


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Day 2- how do I feel?

My day 2 of my challenge! Feeling tired. I feel like I'm coming down with something. This seems to be a pattern as I've had this feeling before of trying to start something & something else hold me back. Although I feel like this, I'm committed. I want to see this challenge go through. I know I have will power, I know I have support, I know I'm doing this for me. I'm greatful for what I have. It's an honour to be a women in in my own skin.

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Achievement #52 - Staying fun, staying focused

It's always been challenging for me to do something complicated when someone else is watching. Yesterday, I learned I can completely ignore watchers - if what I'm doing is familiar enough to me. I had a photographer and friend come in to take pics of the class I was teaching. Despite my fears of looking bad in front of the camera, I found once we got started, the class absorbed me completely, and I didn't have to worry about it. It was one of my better classes too :)

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Day 1 - March 9, 2015

Today is the first day of my 100 day challenge. I'm excited to take this challenge with the encouragement of my friends. I hope to loose 30lbs and I'm ready to get started. I did my first Jillian Michael 30 day shred. My knees are sore but I played a double volleyball session. My knees hurt even more. Each day I hope to do one if not 2 kinds of physically activity . I'm proud to take this step to better my life. :)

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Day 1

Day 1 went well. I had a good which is big for me in my life right now. I prayed this morning,  did a little meditating and listened to my mind training program. I am one step closer to manifesting my dream job! 

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5-44:BUILDING: Mindful Thoughts (2)

About the journey:

     I'm getting to the middle of the road, dear friends! It's been a wonderful journey. I'm so grateful I challenged myself to get to season 5! If it wasn't for my facing of season 4 I wouldn't…


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Day 21 Season 14 The past-what a trap

I hope you are all doing well and moving ahead.

I have the last three or four months being absorbed by the past which is alright except for that I identifyed myself with it, I thought I was a not so successfull person, because I felt like crap. But now I see that I dont want to be occupied with the past. It takes a lot of energy and time. Thinking about the past comes and goes, so it is useless to keep it inside or think that this is me.

Anyway, its gone!

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Day 21 Season 14 Things are flowing-with a plan

People talk a lot about flow. Having a flow in their lives.

I think that I have a flow as long as I have focus on my plans. When I execute my plans, I am in a flow. I feel that everything is in place and that everything is good as it is. It is like a flow.

Many people also complain that they dont have a flow in their…


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God is the Strenght in which I Trust

We create with our thoughts and words and they are powerful. That is why I must focus on the positive and manifest greatness. God is the strength in which I trust! Daily guided meditations will help to make this true for me!

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season 13 - day 37 goals completed

Hey everyone! Well wishes to you on your journeys

I completed another collage yesterday and finished my first book out of 10 I am reading this season. Feels good to manifest! Gotta go! Cya!

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Achievement #51 - The space between

I've heard it said that there is silence in-between every sound, that allows us to achieve awareness without thought if we can find it. Yesterday I found the silence I was looking for lay more underneath the sound, rather then between. It helped me stay much more present through a tough conversation, and enjoy the day without judgement.

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Today is day 1 of my 10th season and in getting myself back on tract. After some setbacks I am trying to become a magnet to all things positive in and for my life. I want to bless the people that have blessed me and more.
Today I will be listing in to e squared and reading ask and it shall be given. I also will be doing my vision board. My intention is to have a productive day and prepare for tomorrow (my showing).

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