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March 2016 Blog Posts (36)

Achievement #239 - Weakening the Ego

I read an interesting thing recently in Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: The ego (the part of our mind that tries to survive by identifying with form and then defending those forms), can be weakened by allowing more humbling language through - critiquing of my abilities for instance. I've increasingly tried this, by denying it music it likes to use to fantasize, and being more critical of my own importance in the grand scheme of things. The effect I feel in my body is that of something…


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DAY 23 Back on track

I am continuing my challange from where I left it, after a couple of months. It s my first challange I hope the following will be better, but instead of quitting and restart I try to continue :p no matter how long it will take me to arrive to day 100. I am the master of starting many things and living them half way trough but I accept and love myself the way I am!

I am back today in my beautiful luminous apartment, my sister had a baby, lovely little chicken and I have spent some days…


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Achievement #238 - Playing a dancer on tv

Yesterday was exhausting, but also exciting, because my fiancé and I got to be back up dancers for a scene in a tv show pilot! I'd never done this before, and wasn't used to the frequent last-minute changes that happened on set. Also, the production ran until 5am! Still, it was a great learning experience, and I would definitely do it again... Once I catch up on my sleep, that is.

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Day 64 Season 17 wilderness and bewilderment!

Well, a lot has happened since 11th of march since I was last here.

I am happy to say, that I am happy to be where I am right now. I feel there are

many possibilities, if I want to see them! Life is really a green adventure!! It's a jungle, but a jungle where

there is many different spieces to work with! :)

I love that I can pick and choose myself...with my own texts I have the greatest freedom of all; I can create my own workplace, isn't wild?

Bewilderment, I ll… Continue

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Achievement #237 - Imagination to choose

I've been at the Toronto Salsa Festival this weekend - 3 days of workshops, performances, and dancing all night. Unfortunately, my fiancé hurt herself on the second day, and couldn't attend the workshops yesterday, or go social dancing. Which left me with a choice that was difficult to make at the time, because I suspected I was emotionally tied up in at least one of the options: Do I go social dancing without her, or forgo the dancing to spend time with her at home? I have a natural fear of…


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Achievement #236 - Knowing when to say sorry

I had a bit of an overreaction to something my fiancé said on Wednesday, because I wasn't as present as I tried to be and didn't follow my own advice suggesting we take a break from the conversation. It wasn't until I wrote to myself about to get some perspective that I realized I wasn't being fair to her. Last night, I apologized, and explained what I'd learned. She was understanding and forgiving as always... And now we have a strategy to be more watchful of things like that in the…


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Magic Wand--Make a Wish!

What do you want? Be my guest to use my magic wand and wish away!

I am wishing for my beautiful, spacious, everything-that-I-want house to become mine very soon! I am so excited…


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Achievement #235 - Sometimes, you need to stay down

Yesterday was the waste of time I desperately needed. I got virtually no work done, but my mind felt exhausted even reading a book, so that was for the best. Then I caught my body up by sleeping for a solid 2 hours in the afternoon. When I woke up, I felt I'd turned a corner in whatever sickness this is, and my reserves are higher today. Let's make it a more productive one!

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Achievement #234 - A spiritual lesson

Yesterday, on the advice of a life coach, I tried teaching a private lesson a little differently. With a student I knew was more open-minded, I started explaining some of the dance principles by emphasizing some of the more intangible benefits - like how the ultimate goal is to connect to another on a level that transcends words. She greatly enjoyed it, and I found myself getting more excited and energized as the lesson went on too! Now I plan to expand more and more of what I can explain in…


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Achievement #233 - Resolving a frustrating issue

I tried upgrading to the newest os on my mac yesterday. Immediately after it completed, my computer refused to start up again. Nothing but reinstalling the old operating system seemed to work, after which I realized it had deleted all the data on my hard drive. I managed to restore most of it from a previous back-up, but my bookmarks and playlists were still missing - not a big problem for most, unless you are a dance instructor who has thousands of songs ordered into playlists, and…


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DAY 67, Season 6

Today is the first day of Spring and the first day of Holy Week. As a musician, I make bank, and I also get to sing the most sublime music with some of the area's finest singers <3 I'm so grateful for S Clement's, my church gig. I'm also grateful for other musical opportunities--- 2 upcoming concerts, one of which I am the soloist for.

Grateful to be learning so much about yoga, especially Baptiste yoga methodology. I have been participating in workshops and programs with the…


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Quote to share, so true


You say: "It's tiering to look after children". You are right.

Then you add:" Because we have to lower to their level.Bend, lean down, shrink."

And here, you're wrong. It is not what tires us most, it's rather to be obliged to elevate ourselves to the height of their feelings. To raise, to strech ourselves, to tiptoe, To be drawn tight so as not to hurt them.

Janusz Korczak,

(It's my translation. I hope there are not to many…


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things are moving

Hello every body. I'm preparing my second video I will post it on you tube in about 2 weeks. The recording is tomorrow morning. I let you know about more details in a few days.

I'm observing that this website is nearly dying. Help us to resucitate it by being more present and writing more blogs.

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Achievement #232 - Fusing dances

I was planning a workshop last night and hit upon a novel idea: What if I showed the students how they could take steps from other dance styles and use them with waltz timing and technique? The workshop was a hit, although one couple found it too advanced for them, and several people complimented my innovation at the end.

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Achievement #231 - Adding to my tribe

There's an instructor I know at my studio I've felt an affinity with for some time - like we were in the same tribe, but didn't fully know it yet. For the last 3 years, I've suspected this, but I always felt too awkward around him (and him around me), to express it. Yesterday he invited me out for drinks, and I decided to take the plunge. I explained some of the spiritual realizations I'd been having, and how I was looking to build a community of people who moved towards enlightenment…


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hello everybody

I would like to get to know people over the world. Let me know about you, Cornelia

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Achievement #230 - Major progress!

Just wanted to recognize some great things I've been accomplishing lately. I've been upholding a promise to be more thoughtful towards my fiancé. I've had some awesome conversations with people I've wanted to connect to. I've been getting much-needed work done, despite some difficulty sleeping. And maybe, just maybe, I've learned how to lock in some of these improvements, through mantras and other reminders, so they won't disappear when the next (proverbial) rainy day comes along. Thank you,…


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My challenge

Dear all,

It's a great pleasure for me to tell you that my videos are now on-line on you tube and daily motion. From now on, you will discover a new video every month.…


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The quote of the day

I prefer to sit alone on a pumpkin than with several others on a velvet cushion, D.H. Thoreau

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