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One Window Shuts in Your Face, That's Ok Because the Door is Open

Super Cheesy but I really like cheese.

Guess who was looking forward to a brand new job but didn't get the results she was looking for? Yes, me, the hopeful filmmaker. I waited  3 whole days to hear back. Nothing. Zip. Not even a little ring-a-ding ding. I got the infamous email.

"Thank you but we unfortunately….".

Was I BUMMED out. Its been over 4 years since I've done creative film work. I spent time doing news and editing but…


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Editing More


Started a youtube awhile back. I feel so vulnerable posting videos of myself and life. I believe that ignored for me to practice editing and scratching my creative itch, I need to make videos. Sharing is caring. It's strange seeing myself jabber and jabber on screen. 

I hope this youtube channel will lead me to being more open and manifesting new opportunities. Eventually I want to do my own LOA video. Manifesting new jobs and support. Hopefully, I'll…


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Achievement #424 - What feels good?

Yesterday was lovely, mainly because for one of the first times, I gave all my actions entirely over to the question, what feels good? By focusing on what felt good in my body, I was able to avoid many distractions that might have felt pleasurable for a moment, but wouldn't have felt so great in the long term. I also caught several moments where I started to choose what was right over what was good. In other words, when my ego wanted to be right in a situation instead of accepting…


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Manifested 2 nice men who were almost what I wanted. Very grateful carry on publishing books...

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Achievement #423 - I am not shy

Had an awesome weekend, letting my nerdy side hang out with friends at a table-top convention. I have many fond memories, not least of which was the re-affirmation that I am not shy, at least, not by choice. I simply don't have much opportunity to be around people who are interested in the things I am interested in. For someone in an industry which requires a lot of face-to-face contact, this is an important reminder.

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Day 12, again - Feeling pretty great...

It's funny, I just wrote that I was having a bad day but now I feel good. Exercise really helps me feel better. I felt generally calm today, especially after I exercised. It's funny because I don't really know what the reason behind my social anxiety is. I's hard to figure it out because some days I feel good and others I'm like so panicky. I just know that right now, I need to take care of myself. Tomorrow morning I'm getting up early and exercising 100%. Also using the internet…


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Day 12 - Bit of A Bump

I'm finding myself not feeling my best over the past couple days. Whenever I get my period I get super moody and just hate the world. I can't help it, it;s hormones. I downloaded an app to help me process my worries and emotions and it really helps. I guess lately I've been feeling like my whole day is just a blur. I don't know what I'm doing or what i should be doing. I get confused easily. Last night though I felt pretty good and connected to people. I heard someone say once that just…


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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 45! Living in the Now!!!

I'm feeling so good right now! Love is surrounding me. Life is getting better and better every day. I look and feel great! I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend! : )

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Achievement #422 - Successful meeting

Myself and a fellow instructor had to make a presentation at the general meeting yesterday. We'd put together a basic idea of what we would talk about, but I had several lessons before the meeting, so we couldn't refresh beforehand. Though I was nervous, the presentation went very well, and some very good questions were raised about how our programs should be presented. Which means we have to do it again in two weeks :p

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Day 8 - I'm stronger than I know

Today was a bit of a lazy day. I went out for a bit and I actually had conversations with 2 cashiers where I brought my groceries and I wasn't shy or awkward, I felt good...for some reason...I've been feeling good lately and I'm not sure why...but I'm glad about it. Maybe it's because I've been doing yoga. Ever since I started, things have been looking up. Tomorrow I have an interview, so I'm going to bed early to squeeze in at least 35 mins of yoga before I go. Yeah I felt actually really…


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25th Birthday

Hello Everyone,

Today is my 25th birthday and I'm blogging to release some joy to the Universe. Just washed my hair as a way to rinse off my year. Does anyone else say affirmations in the shower to fight off worry? I do. This past year has been quite a shuffle. 

-Moved out on my own for the first time.

-Living in a huge city.

-Doing more work to put myself in a hiring position.

-More self love.

-Cried a lot more.

-Facing new…


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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 43! Living in the Now!!!

I had a great day yesterday. I spent time with my loved one and manifested a free dinner! I feel so good this morning. I did some meditating and listening to Abraham Hicks. I hope everyone have a wonderful day! : )

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type 6000 words of my Do you want more cash ?

Had a free reading, am defintely starting my journey  

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Day 6 - A New Earth

Hey Guys! The last two days have been not the best for me, but after sending some quality time with my sisters, I feel refreshed. I had trust in myself when I spoke. My social anxiety was way less than usual and to my surprise I wasn't confused at all...pretty much. I have moments when my mood will just shift suddenly and I think that really has to do with my own thoughts. I heard this lady say once (she has a youtube channel about spiritual stuff, Kelli Coffee) that even though your nerves…


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Day 2

I heard some words that speak to exactly how I feel about my purpose on earth....I chose to serve by adding value ... that value has worth ....and the nature of that value is returned to me. I so love this has always been my driving force. I just did not have language this concise before. It is in alignment with my favorite two words also, Entrepreneurship and Reciprocity!

It can also be translated to something as simple as a smile.

I was telling a friend of mine…


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Achievement #421 - An exercise in being social

I tend to enjoy my quiet time, especially on the weekends. So meeting some colleagues of my wife's for brunch, followed by seeing my family for dinner, was definitely a test of my energy. Despite that, I still managed to keep from zoning out (too much) and even learned some things about both groups I didn't learn before. The food was delicious too :)

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BEEN BUSY, DID PROMOTION OF MY BOOK, books, painted table, put a book on createspace 

created a blog:

and helped neighbours

went to the cinema really enjoyed ELLE recommend it to everyone, Isabelle Huppert is subtle and plays very well. The dialogue and teh atmosphere radically French

had a coaching session 4 free and have now objectives till next week

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Day 3 - The Light Is Shining Through

Hey guys! Today was a pretty good day. I did about 35 minutes of yoga. It's like a miracle for my body. I feel so calm after. It's really helping me with my social anxiety. I went out today with my friend (we saw a dance show together) and  I was pretty much relaxed the whole time. More relaxed than usual. It was nice. I was still kinda waiting for me to have a nervous moment and I did at times...I also lost focus a few times but I ended up having a really great time! I was so happy to just…


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Day 1

Hi Reality Creator,

I am one day in and the perfect meditation for

uplifting my vibration showed up the next day to keep me

perfectly aligned and on track for my intentions.

I am happy to share it with you as you may just enjoy it too!

Here is to knowing your dreams are coming true for you!

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Today it is sunny outside. will concentrate on promoting my book and making sure my assessing is marked.

yesterday put a book online on both KDP and Create space , proud of myself. Now it is time for the gym part

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