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Hi there its my Day 24 of the 100 day Challenge

Kia ora co-creators YYYYYYYYYYYYeah I am able to blog on my friends computer, my trainng is going well there have been a few challenges which I will detail on this site when I return home but all is going well. I have been practising my affirmation meditation visualization process as best I can in the tight time frame that is available whist attending management trainning. I HAVE BEEN THINKING OF MY FELLOW CO-CREATOR and sending warm thoughts and blessings I am returning home tomorrow evening… Continue

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Love, What It Means To All Of US...

Love, What It Means To All Of US...

We all want to be loved. We all want to be loved by our family, friends, peers, people we respect, and our significant others. Love is a many-faceted thing. It is the most important thing there is. It is why we are here. To share in the abundance of love.

Love can be physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and connects us to different people, things, and circumstances in ways we can explain and in… Continue

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Day 58: Getting a grip

My fiancee and I viewed a lovely house. It was in a little village in Kent. It was the biggest house that we have seen by a long way. In some ways though we could not see how we could live in it. Hard to describe. What we are sure about is that we do want to live in that village. It is lovely!!!!!

I could have been a little calmer and focused at work. I hopped from one thing to another, and because of that, I had lots of small bit of lots of things done. While if I had… Continue

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Day 20 - Living in the Now

It's difficult to describe the feeling I get when I honestly feel the present moment. I experience it more and more often in each day. Interestingly, it's often when I am faced with - what could be considered more challenging times. It really brings a sense of peacefulness, and somehow, I sense that the whole room feels the same. Today I had several such moments, and my day moved on with the usual doing, but with a flow that felt great. I ended my work day meeting with some people who are… Continue

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day 42 - Panic on the Streets of Dublin

Holy crap.

So, I've been planning on going to London for a few months now to see a concert on June 20th - knowing how flight prices go, I've been waiting to buy my tickets because they kept fluctuating. Well sadly, I missed the low peak but found a website called that tells you whether to wait or buy your tickets. They were pretty right on as I saw prices drop from 1276 to 1157 but still - yowza! With the way the economy is, I sort of just finally said, "Universe, please give… Continue

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So Ive finally decided to make d-day may first. I have a lot of stuff i want to get done before then, mostly my vision board. I really want/need to clarify what i want.
Im curious though - if say i want a laptop and i BUY it, is that MANIFESTING it?
More tomorrow... my declarations etc.


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Day 2 Tuesday 29.04.08

I have booked two return flights to Auckland for study. I wasnt even sure where I would get the money, but even before the secret I have always believed that I was protected, especially in regards to finances, which was always available when I really needed it. Granted it was always last minute, similarly to my own patterns of procrastination. Today I am experiencing myself as someone who is reliable and attracting an inner discipline, utilising my organisation skills to prepare in advance.

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day 29th season 1 i am thankfull to be the right track and manifest alll the good in my life

today i got an email from one of the best companies to work for here the city, i also got several calls and will be djing next week all weekend,getting to be known and being busy andgetting paid for it, also the video phone thang is also popping off like planed, oh did i mentioned>??? i work for a magazine,not getting paid from it yet but imm using it for free publisity,

i moved my family from the lil town to here with me and im thankfull for it, i travvel iith ease from one city to… Continue

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day 15 of 100

Well its been a few days! Ive been recovering from a sinus infection & cough that I thoght was just allergies! But im on the mend now! Im very much looking forward to my 2 days off this weekend! My mom has been in town for a week now and that has been extremely nice! We had a big heart to heart Friday night and it felt really good to share some things with her. I have been working on something with my finances as I have said before but havent really shared what that is. I hadnt shared with… Continue

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Daily Wisdom


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Day 23/100 - Creating a Sacred Space

Today I am realizing where my ego and compulsion drive me in my life. I get where I want certain things to happen and what I have is not good enough. As I watch the series on with Echhart Tolle I see how my whole life has been driven out of compusive instincts for comfort and survival. I can also see when my life has worked and miracles have occured when I stayed in the sacred moment of now and allowed life to flow.

We want to create a new living environment. We… Continue

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Hi Groovers

Well today I brought cigarettes ~ I thought I was totally over the smoking thing but every now and then it pops up to remind me of my human-ness!

Rather than beating myself up as I have done in the past without success I am trying something new. I am telling you all about it!

I have decided to start a group for all those who want to live breathing free without the dependancy of nictotine. So my magical manifestation for today is that those who need the support a group… Continue

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Days 16 & 17- build up to let down

Monday was awesome. I felt great all day, and everything was going swimingly. I scheduled my classed and got a job interview through a staff member. I took a final for my sanitation class and did awesome.

Today started out great. I got up early for my job interview, and said my affirmation for tuesday as soon as I woke up, which is I deserve the best and get it now. I took the 15 minute walk to the job interview at a pretzel factory. I haven't been up early lately so I forgot… Continue

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Day 7-9 Deb

Hello all,

I have been very much enjoying my heigthen awareness and putting into practice the languages of love, with some interesting results.

I have been affirming to myself that I deserve help and I have been rewarded.

I am truly grateful for my wonderful life and all the loving people I have in my life. I attract wonderful ,loving people into my life.

I have been affirming effective communication within my life.

I am safe, I love myself, I love my beautiful… Continue

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Day 60: Smoking:(

Today I haven't been as positive as I have been lately. I haven't mentioned this before and I didn't put it in my goals but I want to give up smoking. Part of me is ashamed to admit it in my blog as I think its a dirty habit. I rarely smoke in public and only when I get stressed at home. I use it as an excuse to go out in the garden room and read my books while I smoke! I've given up so many times and feel so disappointed with myself when I start again. The easiest time I gave up was when I did… Continue

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Day 12/100

how are things going? very well. i put in my 2 weeks notice few days ago. as a result, my attitude at work has much improved now that i will no longer have to feel as if i am wasting time there. i remember feeling very restless and needing to be productive, and i am happy and thankful that i am leaving that behind. i am nostalgic about some of the people i will be leaving behind, though. i will miss them. i hope they find their way through their mental blocks and to a happier plane of… Continue

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Day60 Season 2 April 29th, Tues.

So many things are manifesting for me that I have wanted to happen. One of the biggies is that my granddaughter Marissa is back from Portland It seems like she has matured so much and the trip was very beneficial for her. My biggest vision is creating this Woman of Wonder Workshop. Of course, I won't know how it turns out until after the event, and I can tell you that I have been putting into practice all the teachings I have learned over the years from The Secret and other sources. Many of my… Continue

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Day 59/100 Season 1 - Spinning wheels

I'm afraid I was too tired to boot up my laptop last night to post my blog, so here goes for yesterday - not too much went on, which is always a good thing!


• Work was OK today. I had a long meeting with someone who is quite frustrating to work with and it gave me a great opportunity to practice just being conscious. I don't feel I was very productive today, but I did manage to get some work done on my business plan clsoer tot eh end of the day. - I am… Continue

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Day 23: Miracles and other fun stuff!


I just found out this very second that I've been accepted as one of only 100 people to be trained to treat PTSD/trauma in war vets!!!!!!!!! WOW this is SOOOOOOOO cool. I'm GREAT at this and I love doing it! This will not be regular college semesters, they are doing "intensives" because all who have been chosen are professionals who have worked with trauma in the past. Wow, this is GREAT!!!!!!! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!… Continue

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Day Nine - diet changes and boy trouble

Hello Co-Creators!

Today has been horrible - torrential downpours of rain and hail, grey skies, sitting around in my dressing gown feeling like a polar bear. Literally. My dressing gown is XXL and white.

So I have committed to giving up meat and dairy products for a while... I think I'll be able to manage the meat thing as I don't eat much anyway, but the dairy... I'll have to see how well I get on with soya milk and soya yoghurt and soya spreads etc. If it's totally gross… Continue

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