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recognizing new beginings

A couple of days ago I was searching youtube for anything with the search word 'beautiful'. Since My huband left my daughter and I have been feeling undesireable, unloveable, not worth it. That was when I came across the posting 'Dont need you to tell me im pretty to make me feel beautiful.' Hearing this song I wished it was true in my life.

What if I could truly think i am beautiful even though I am a fat single mom who can't get a job because of health. What if I could find… Continue

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DAY 60!!!! Masterminding, manifesting, and in awe of my power to create!!!

Hello co creators! It’s been more than a week since I posted anything! I posted on my video how I was going to take my job to the next level and I have. I increased profits while my father (the boss) was impressed. I was impressed with myself. I did it without thinking. It was great. I felt confident and everyday I would read my statements. It’s been very powerful for me. Day 60! I really can’t believe it! I know I am co-creating my future everyday. I seen and felt the power of negative and… Continue

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the time is coming

Today is the 29th of april. My 100 day challenge begins may 1st. I have questions if anyone reads this. Are the goals limited? I mean how many can one put on their list?

I'm going through so many major changes in my life. My husband and I have parted ways. We are going to sell the house that I've (we've) lived in for a very long time. So many things. I truly have an attitude of expectancy and excitement. More than anything I am ready to know happiness. I'm not sure what that looks… Continue

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Please VOTE! TLC Success at Love

I need your votes

make sure you register to site also so your votes can count. great and fun site for auditions

Video for audition:…


Added by Lilou on April 29, 2008 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

Seeking Love and Joy in all Experiences

I make the best of all situation.
I let go of all anger, resentment, guilt and shame.
I embrace love, peace, harmony and joy.
I seek knowledge, truth, spirituality.
I am kindness, love, truth
I desire harmony, love, peace of mind

Added by Gwen Smith on April 29, 2008 at 11:36am — 3 Comments

Day 9

Hello my lovely co-creators , it is extremely special that I am so attuned with what I am feeling with what is going on around me , I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable this morning and I was not sure why and then it was revealed to me. My ex - partners sister came into my place of work to see me she asked if I was ok, and that she said that her brother was a prick , she also told me that there father wanted to come and see me also and was wanting to know if I was ok.

I said to… Continue

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I had a chance to work on my presentation yesterday. I set a goal of working 2 hours and I did. I still have a lot of work to do, but I can feel my perseverance kick in. That's good. I'll have a practice run on Friday.

I returned a call about an interview. I feel good about it. I'm proud of myself for not pushing it. They wanted to interview me on Friday, but I am so busy that day with my job, and the practice session and homevisits that have been on the books for weeks, that I said… Continue

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Day 60 Season 3: Sometimes not knowing what you want is enough to go on.

I get “Notes from the Universe” in my email each morning and today’s note was “Sometimes not knowing what you want is enough to go on.”

A year ago at this time, I was aimless. I was working as a lawyer and was so miserable that I was physically ill every morning before work. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating well and I cried daily. My only training was in the law, and I felt as if I was stuck in the profession for the rest of my life. I knew in my soul that things had to change but… Continue

Added by Nicole [The Project] on April 29, 2008 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

Day 60

I got a haircut today. Recently, I've grown to LOVE haircuts.

It's quite strange, because until I was about 15, I had always secretly believed that long hair was the must-have. Long, straight, black hair. No fringe, ew (many childhood memories of a mini-me grinning sometimes-toothlessly with my perfectly-trimmed straight fringe).

And then, sometime on a trip to Hong Kong (my 'hometown' I guess), I had a haircut, and then I realized how much more awesome short hair is, and… Continue

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Days 12 and 13 ~ Season 1

Love this site and I visit three or four times a day to get inspiration from my fellow co--creators. Yesterday, I listened to my Esther Hicks/Abraham CDs every time I took a ride in my car. Love what they say about connecting to our spiritual source. I felt so connected yesterday that I couldn't even get angry at my husband when he made a somewhat inappropriate comment to my son at dinner. (They battle over table manners - my son's 9yo and only gets reinforcement for good manners at our house… Continue

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DAY 9 OF 100

~ I know why Lillou called this the 100 Day CHALLENGE!

Today I was feeling challenged, in a bit of a lull. I spoke to the wonderful Mish, I always get such clarity speaking with her, and realised I didn't want to be in the abyss I was slowly moving towards. I have spent a long time there in the past and do not need to revisit it! The abyss to me is that place where I used to go when I was feeling flat, negative, depressed, sad, anxious, bored, procrastinative. Sometimes I could just pass… Continue

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Day 19 - I broke my record in sales!

Today I broke my sales record for a one month period, and I still have two more days to add to the total. I am really grateful. And very tired. I watched The New Earth webcast tonight and then had to solve a software problem to complete my quarterly payroll taxes. It's time for rest.

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Day 1 Monday 28.04.08

I apologise for those who have tried to contact or message me, as I am still trying to figure this site out.

I have been fortunate with my line of work as a counsellor, to have supervision fortnightly. During supervision we learn to self reflect on our experiences of reality, our mood, thoughts and being aware of how this affects our behaviour in relation to other people.

I am grateful to my supervisor and to others who see my potential before I do and who mirror back the things… Continue

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day 41 - It keeps getting better!

Ok, in my excited frenzy last night from the Verve show and meeting Richard Ashcroft... I missed one CRUCIAL detail. When I met him in the lobby I requested the song "Already There"... right? I jokingly thought when they played the song live that like, "Yeah, it was just for me because I requested it. Ha ha" but I didn't seriously think that's why they played it EVEN THOUGH he introduced the song too early and when corrected by his bandmate said, "Oh, I just ruined the surprise." I realize now… Continue

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Day Three and Four

Ok so I obviously have trouble differentiating days on my schedule. Haha. But they say the first step is admitting you have a problem. ;)

So far I'm following the diet pretty well. I slipped a bit today and ate a few more carbs than I should've but I think that I was still on track with my calories.

Otherwise not much to report. Did more wedding stuffs today. Went over broad specifics for the ceremony with my officate and talked a bit about fees.

Back to work with the kiddies… Continue

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Raw Food - 1st week

I finished my master cleanse a week ago and have been enjoying my new Raw Food life. So far, I love it! One thing about me is, when I decide to do something I tend to jump in head first... and that I have! My food dehydrator was delivered to me last Thursday and I have been making delicious dehydrated fruits, veggies and even flax crackers!!! I ordered some nut milk/sprout bags online and am awaiting their arrival. I am very excited to try the milk and make delicious cookies and scones in my… Continue

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23/100 Expansion vs. Contraction

Our Universe expands and so do we. We expand when we add a friend into our life, when we try something new, when we love. We contract when we live in fear, live in the future and in the past with regrets and anxieties. We have a choice with every thought we create. Can you feel your body when it feels expansive and the difference when it is in fear and contracting? This is the key in manifesting what we desire.

The underlying desire is the true desire. When we want a… Continue

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Day 59: Swimming day:)

Today I had a wonderful day swimming at our local leisure centre. As I said in yesterday's blog, I am going to do ALL the things I say I'm going to do. I've been promising my daughter nearly every weekend that we'll take her swimming. One of the reasons I moved to this area was because of the good leisure centre just walking distance from us. We've been here 1 year and 5 months now and I still haven't been swimming! My partner took her once before but this was the first time I went with her and… Continue

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Helloooo there this is my Day 23 of the 100 Day Challenge- Season 1

HHHHi there co-creators its another gorgeous day here in Christchurch New Zealand gosh we have been having beautiful weather its just soooo lovely and I'm grateful BIG TIME !!!. I am about to head off to the airport and fly out to Wellington in the North Island of NZ to attend more management training up skilling is important in the feild that I work, this also gives me time out from home some ME!!! time in… Continue

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Day 57: Waiting for wonderful things

I have put in my CV for a job at work. It is an excellent opportunity. I really want it. I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I hope I get an interview. I would like a real crack at it. I know that I can do it!! It is really exciting for me because this was one of my 100 day challenge intentions - and it will be a promotion.

Just been playing with Singstar on the Playstation. Was good fun. I do a mean "call the shots" by Girls Aloud. It must be all that practicing in the… Continue

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