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Day 2: Thankful

Today I just wanted to share some things that I'm thankful for... My family that has been so supportive of me every step of the way | my spirituality | My crazy little brother | Having true friends... the kind that I see as a part of my life till the end of my days | My health | great coworkers | a career that I actually love | the ability to give back to those in need | funny movies | my first dance class that fueled a passion for all dance | the bitter of the winter to allow me to appreciate… Continue

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My vocab vitamins reminded me of my current work: abnegation and letting go

I have been reading both the Eckhart and Walsch books lately as my search for clarity moves along. As usual, I have two signs from the last 24 hours that is proof of what I read.

My first issue was yesterday late afternoon and my computer DSL system went down. So funny.....I was focused on fixing it and getting agrevated by its indifference to my need to get some work done.

So I spent 2 hours (one with my brother who is typically my… Continue

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Day one is Today!

Day one is Today!Thanks to all those in my life for your prayers during my healing of my recent knee surgery. How gracious of you. Each day is a better day for me.

I decided yesterday to make April 1st my first day of my 100 day challenge. Ready or not today here I come. Today is my official start. Well, last night I was not ready, and was making another excuse for not moving forward in my life. I even had a huge upset last night but decided It was important to just take the… Continue

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I am a beloved child of God.

God and I are never separate.

There is no separation in God and the Law of Attraction.

God and I are one!

No matter what happens to me, the Power and Presence of God are there.

The Living, Loving, Caring Universe protects me, heals me and guides me.

My Destiny is secure.

Affirmation card by Joseph Swiderski - 1986 (author is very… Continue

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apreciate and be thankfull for every little thing!!!!!

that is right, im now thankfull to be alive and healhy,ai now thanfull to be part of this journey that im about to begin by taking this 100 day challenge, im thank full that all my goals are coming true,im thankfull that i have a better job

i am thanfull that i moved to wichita,iam thankfull for the two vehicles that i now drive, im thankfull for the roof over my head

i am thanfull for the two computers that i have, i am thanfull for all the dj equipment that i own am thankfull for… Continue

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Hello Commuity,

Happy New Month!!

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I look forward to networking, sharing information,… Continue

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Aaaand today self-doubt strikes

Yesterday, I volunteered to speak in assembly for a charity event on Friday. Later, I also decided that I wanted to give a talk to motivate everyone in the committee to do it for poverty. Except now I feel as if I'm being too idealistic about people, when most of the feedback to my idea (to me) is that teens/other people my age won't be as enthusiastic about helping poverty as I am. Am I having too much faith in people? Hehe, good thing I want to go into psychology. Or Literature.… Continue

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Day 31/100, Season 1 - Finding inspiration


• I was unpacking some items from boxes in my office today and found some inspirational wall decorations I had bought from a vacation in Australia 2 years ago. They have some fantastic quotes on them and I can't wait to hang them up on my office walls to be reminded of them everyday. I also am thinking of creating an additional vision board for my office so my intentions are at the forefront of my mind during more hours of the day. - I am grateful for having discovered… Continue

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day three

1why am I so lucky in love and money 2 why am I so lucky in love and money 3 why am I so lucky in love and oey 4 wyhy am I so lucky in love and money 5 why am I so lucky in love and money 6 why am I so lucky in love and money 7 why am I so lucky in love and money 8 why am I so lucky in love and money 88 why an I so lcky in love and money 99 why am I so lucky in love and money 100 why am I so lucky in love and money 111 why am I soo lucky in love… Continue

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Day 8 and 9 of my 100 Day Challenge

Day 8 and 9 have been wonderful. We have been doing some sightseeing and showing my dad around. Piper is spending lots of time with her Papa and they both love it. I am staying happy and positive. Tomorrow is my doctors appointment and I am sure it will be a great visit. I just know things are going to go the way I want it to. I will make sure and let everyone know how it goes. Since my dad has been here it gets me thinking more about all of the things I am so lucky to have in my life. I am… Continue

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ego in a dish

last night i listened to a woman telling a story about coming out of a rough patch after her divorce. she went traveling alone for six weeks, with three rules to live by: get up, take a shower, and go out. it struck me as such a simple and powerful practice for dealing with depression and loneliness.

on my first video, i said i wanted to be a little bit loose with my practices, so they wouldn't start feeling like chores, but now, i'm not so sure. there is very little by way of… Continue

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Day 31 - Season 1 - Life imitates art

I experienced quite a surreal moment today. I found myself close to one of the locations described in a book we're about to publish. Some of the people in the area could have stepped out of the pages!
A few nights ago something similar happened - a fellow that reminded me SO much of a "bad guy" character in the book approached me.
The two incidents together make it even more vivid that "life imitates art"...

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Something might have clicked tonight for me. I was at a birthday party for a friend with some other close friends. An old crush was there. I overheard him talking about how they go to the gym every morning. I just all of a sudden realized I need to take care of my body and if they can do it I can do it. It doesn't make that much sense but I just felt it. I need to put the effort in.

I also I have to laugh in that I asked two guys out today. Oh it's not much like that . Each is a… Continue

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Remember what is possible in life when we choose to own the power to control our destinies.

This is a line from Suze Orman's Woman and Money. I downloaded the book off of about a month or two ago and haven't looked at it once. However something attracted me to revisit the book and in the preface I saw this line... I felt like it popped off of the page and specially was written for me. Like Suze planted it there knowing that I would come along and need to hear that sentence at that point in time. One of my goals is to increase my financial wealth. I have been very good at… Continue

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