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Rewriting My Life

Are you sleepwalking through your life or are you creating a vision for how you want your life to be?

I grew up in a small Victorian home in Detroit, Michigan. On the weekends, all I wanted to do was drive around the suburbs and look at large homes and dream. I loved going in the evening when I could see the families gathered for dinner at the formal dining room - or around the fireplace where they were playing board games. I would pray real hard that one day we would move to a home… Continue

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Hi cocreators hope everyone feels well
I have been to counselling presentation tonight felt it was nice to see all my class mates one more time before we set off each going in their own path. WIth all the hard work over our minds were focused on whats next. My mind is on fantastic expectations which excite me. Kind Regards to all, mikey

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S1 D6

Something very different happened last night.. I was listening to Sanaya Roman's 'Transforming with Divine Will' (did the Will to Unify- Developing Vision) as I was falling asleep and I felt my entire body buzz and vibrate uncontrollably. It almost felt as if I was floating too! Its really weird because I felt as though I was being lifted from my bed a few times. I could've almost sworn I was floating. It was weird and I did see some entities that weren't all that filled with light. In… Continue

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2 days to start- officially that is!

I have noticed that I'm very eager to start the season already. I have already started eating more raw food and more healthy food altogether- can't wait to start jog... I've postponed it for the next week, as this is very busy, busy but I just can't wait! I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to jogging though, I hope it's not flash in the pan! Well, we'll see :)

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Season 1 Day 33

Things are going well. I'm happy I'm meeting the right principals and administrators. So, things are looking good. I am certain, in no time I will get an offer.

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Energy work is anyone doing any?

I have been doing alot of energy work. And I must say it is working. When I start feeling fear about things I put it in a bubble and take my energy from the block thank the fear for making me aware and let it go. I break the bubble and release the fear. This is so powerful for me. I have things that hold me back that I do not even realize so I am putting those in a bubble and releasing them as well. The greatest thing about this is that I can do this anytime anywhere and it works for me. Gets… Continue

Added by Laurie on April 29, 2009 at 12:08pm — 1 Comment

Day 1

Well, here I go again!!

10 things I am greatful for:

1. My job, even though it's not my 1st choice and I haven't had a raise in oh.. 4 years, I am thankful we are still here and still doing business in auto manufacturing right now.

2. My headphones, for letting me enjoy my day filled with awesome music and only I can

3. Water. It helps me lose wieght..LOL.

4. My husband. He is just so wonderful and so sweet to me... it gives me… Continue

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Rewriting my Intentions - Day 5 of Season 8

Hi everyone! I hope this blog post finds you well this morning.

Season 7 and Season 8 are a huge transitioning period for me. The transitions are in my education level (from Bachelors to Masters degrees), income (from poverty to middle class), and as a start up business to creating a brand that catches the attention of customers.

With every challenge I begin, I feel that I am given an opportunity to climb higher on a staircase that has my prosperity at the top. I feel… Continue

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Falling off the wagon

Falling off the wagon. I know it's inevitable, but it is a bit frustrating regardless. I need to learn to pay attention to differentiate the energy of my ego in fear and the energy of guidance through my intuition. I often get urges, hits, intuition dropped in my inbox, but then I ruin it by thinking about it/analyzing it...and unconsciously inviting fear to rush in. Then I blindly putz. I'm very good at distracting/letting myself get distracted. I move, but not forward, I'm spinning my wheels,… Continue

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omg DAy 29!!!!!!!!! Already!!!!

I haven't posted anything mostly because there wasn't much happening. But today on the other hand I just proved to myself that Law of Attraction WORKS LIKE NO OTHER!!!! ;) So last time I wrote was about losing job, and then how I applied and they called me the very next day... well that was beginning of this whole thing.. I got a phone screen the day after i applied, and then I got the interview, and then another interview with two other managers. And today in the morning I got a phone call… Continue

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29th April - Day 54 Season 2 - Update

WEll, I have been very slack, lol

This post comes not so much out of happenings but out of the fact that I just realised that its almost been a month since i last posted.

I did the chewing thing and actualy realised that I chew my food more than 30times naturaly, but when im in a hurry i can sometimes chew less. This made me stomach a little funny. I have no doubt that it works so much harder when I dont chew my food as much cause i can feel it.

The water thing… Continue

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Day 31, season 1-Daily gratitude (April 28)

I am grateful for....

1. finally getting a lot of reading done.

2. not administering a TAKS test.

3. making it through the day.

4. studying for my test.

5. being prepared for the week.

6. distributing a lot of avon brochures.

7. having an easy day.

8. going to bed before midnight.

9. getting at least 7 hours of sleep.

10. not feeling behind on responsibilities anymore.

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Day 30, season 1-rule of 5 (April 28)

1. nightly meditation

2. studied for test.

3. read body mechanics chapter to prep for Thursdays Massage class.

4. read to chapter 4 of Theta Healing book to prep for 3 day weekend seminar.

5. distributed about 60 Avon brochures.

6. attended massage class.

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Day 63 Season 3 - Updating

Hiya All

I havent been on in ages and have felt so guilty. But i have still been practicing and manifesting. I have read and re-read an amazing book by Ester called Ask and it is Given. This book is fab and so perfect for me right now.

This season has been phenominal. After my loss in feb this year i pushed on pass the sadness and found a place of peace and newfound energy.

In march i launched my new events business and it has taken off in such a major way. I… Continue

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Good night

Good night all, I love you. I feel GOOD

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S1 - day 48 : i am loved

So far today has been such a lovely day. i've done my exercise for the day, and i feel very healthy and happy. after this blog, i'll be start writing my story.

i've started doing a quick morning meditation or prayer before i get out of bed. it's very quick and the idea is to start my day on a great note because i feel very good and happy when i do either. it's been going well.

In this morning's meditation, i realised how loved i was and how wonderful my life is. i am actually living… Continue

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Day 98 // Season 1

I am feeling good. Real good lately. I am trying to tie up some things before my Season 1 ends and I can not wait to start Season 2. Honestly, in the words of Lilou, I am gearing up for Season 2 to be a JUICY season. I can feel it.

Today I worked on decorating my bedroom and its starting to look real good and it makes me feel good too. I found the perfect shelves today at a store and I can not wait to hang them up in my… Continue

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Day 17 Season 1 List and Names of 14 Archangels and Their purpose For Us

~ List of Archangels ~

Angels - An angel is a spiritual supernatural being found in many religions. Although the nature of angels and the tasks given to them vary from tradition to tradition, in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, they often act as messengers from God. ...

~ List of Archangels ~

Michael • Raphael • Gabriel • Ariel • Azrael • Jeremiel • Jophiel • Metatron • Raguel •… Continue

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Day 3, Season 3 - Manifesting!

Hello there -
Well, today was exciting because I manifested TWO free tickets to a big event that is important to me! We will have FUN!!

Next, on Saturday, I intend to take a very important relationship to the next, very happy and confident/easy/satisfactory level, with plenty of mutual understanding and appreciation. : ) I'm giving thanks for this amazing connection and further conversation now!

Confirming energies for this are appreciated ~!

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S1-D4 Wake up call

Holy cow I'm entrenched in the past! I definitely would not have noticed if it were not for re-reading my blog and comments. My reactive excuse is that I reference the past because those experiences are what led me to discover the lessons I'm now trying to live. But as I read on I realize that I've made the past into my story.

New goal: Work each day to live fully in the now. Let go of my history, accept my reality as it is and design the fun, joyful future that I know is mine! I've… Continue

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