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April 2009 Blog Posts (668)

Season 1 - Day 36

Hi everyone,

for the last 6 months I've been sharing a friends' laptop as mine was too expensive to fix. After putting an image of a laptop on my vision board a few weeks ago, I've just been offered a brand new one at half the price it would have cost to get mine fixed, and whatsmore the guys at the computer work-shop have retrieved my data and are giving me cash for my old laptop. This means so much to me as I will now be able to participate much more on CCOR, time… Continue

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Day 78 - season 2- Thankyou !!!!

Hi there girls & guys just a quick blog to say thankyou all for your supportive messages over the past few weeks during a difficult period with my daughter & my work situation Blessings of joy peace love abundance & prosperity Arohamai SoniaJ xoxoxox

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Day 3 Achievements

Hi Guys!

I wanted to post a video blog today but I didnt get a chance to be alone so I didnt feel comfortable in front of other people lol. So today I did all of the 5 things on my list and guess what.. I start yoga after the school holidays, I start singing lessons on 16th of April and I have a driving lesson next Thursday. The acting classes lady wasnt there but I left a message and I will just try again tomorrow probably. Its funny because I have wanted to do this stuff for months… Continue

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It has been a long time without posting, and during this time good things happened to me as well as someones not so good.

I manifested a course on raw food from a cheff who works in a very prestigous hospital spa. This course helped me to learn many good things about raw food and health overall. then last week I took a course on EFT (emotional freedom techniques) which I was looking after . Both courses will help me a lot and feel happy and fortunate to had the opportunity to take them,… Continue

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Season 1, Day 76: Hanging in there PISSED

So last time I wrote, I was intent on manifesting rent money for my guy. DONE! It happened. That Friday I went home for Spring Break. Elated. Relieved. Ecstatic.

RIght now, I am seething. This week has been the first bad one in a while. My bank charged me $33 on a $0.40 overdraft. After talking to two managers, who both refused to reverse the fee, I am pissed as hell. I can't shake this one. I am so overcome with anger. I've read that sometimes we have to deal with those negative… Continue

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Day 69 // Season 1

You know what? I had a good day, despite the cold weather and the clouds in the sky.

My day was still filled with warmth and sunshine.

Family, friends, and food.

Getting myself back on track and feeling myself go with the flow.

Life is good. Life is beautiful.

All is well. :-)

"I choose my unique path to joy."

No one can create your experience, for no one… Continue

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Day One Tomorrow

This is it! I'm getting serious about creating the life that I want. April 1 is the big day...and I do have some fears. But, I am being mindful, reminding myself that I create my life and I should take 100% responsibility for it. I'm not being acted upon--I'm doing it all.

If I can create getting up in the morning, working out, and grabbing a chai latte, I can certainly create bigger and better things.

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Day 4: breathing.


I am breathing. Earlier today I ran into an old friend, with whom I have unresolved emotional issues. My heart snuck and the anxiety kicked it. I was even anxious simply talking about the events later. Then the person I was talking to suggested that I breathe. Being so overwhelmed I was losing connection with my core life force and was forgetting to breathe. I am so glad to have been reminded and to have someone who is more interested in supporting my personal well being,… Continue

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