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Gifts / Synchs 300410 pm

Another impossible / improbable thing achieved!

Am writing this on th notepad, while waiting for my MP3s to upload.

Yes! After how many months & mails to itunes?!

We Co-Created it at last! Yes we did!

And this after 2 days of feeling emotionally and physically trashed coz i overdid it on Weds.

So that's a little victory for th hopeful angel on my shoulder.

P.S. (if you're stuck, mail me for a possible way to convert itunes MP4s to MP3s.)

N.B. (has to be a decent… Continue

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i guess im a hero

well my friend from the philippines had a problem. she was getting pushed out of her home by her mother who has cancer. she gad two weeks to get out. the plan wws she was moving here to be with her fiance. yhree days ago she found out hes been cheating on her. needless to say that was the end og that. so she was looking at being homeless. i proposed she move in with me. so that turned into how? the day before that i got an email to get a loan. taking out a loan to fly her here. deal is she… Continue

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Need Your Help!!!

Hi everyone,

I try to focus on all the positive things in life and try to shine my love and light wherever I go, but yesterday, I ran across someone's profile on that I had seen just the day before. She used to have a long list of goals, but overnight had deleted all the goals that I had seen just the day before and replaced it with one goal:

"to commit suicide on 3rd of May 2010"

If this is really her goal, I am deeply concerned and have no idea how to help… Continue

Added by Christine on April 30, 2010 at 4:00pm — 10 Comments

Season 1 Day 30

I'm so excited and nervous. Yesterday I got an email to tell me a photo shoot I thought was canceled was back on! So, tomorrow, I'm going to be going with a couple of friends to New York, (specifically, Brooklyn) to do a photo shoot.

The issue with all this is that I have NO idea where it will happen, if it will be inside or outside, if it will be day or night... And I have little mobile equipment. (Ok, I have little equipment at all... but still)...

So, this should prove to… Continue

Added by Regina on April 30, 2010 at 2:30pm — 1 Comment

Gratitude Log

I am so happy and grateful that today is a new day

so happy and grateful that the sun is shinning and

so happy and grateful for the mild breezes today

so happy and grateful that it is TGIF

so happy and grateful for the weekend that is yet to come

so happy and grateful for the great grades i will be getting this week

so happy and grateful for the time to finish all my homework

for the fun assignment this week

so happy and grateful that L…


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16 Steps to Discovery and Self Empowerment

Found this online.. I like it by Dr. Charlotte Kasl.. A humanistic and Holistic Approch to Your Best Life

I May Start a Group on this If You are interested.. Let me know ok

Love Kelly

The 16 Steps of discovery and empowerment

1. We…


Added by kelly on April 30, 2010 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

Day 47 Season 2 Thankful!!!

I love my friends and family for better or worse.

I love that I am wealthy in healthy and love and that my life is abundant.

I love Fridays!

I love that today is farmer's market day.

I love meditating as often as I can.

I love the writing and creative projects I am working on -- it feels like play.

I love that my clients appreciate and respect my work.

I love hearing the spin classes across the street at Gold's gym -- it's inspiring!

I love that today is… Continue

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Season 6: Day 16

Just a quick update. I am really grateful for this life I have been given. I have a wonderful partner and life at home, a great work at home job that pays me fairly and is always interesting, and great passions that are now coming to life. I am fully feeling again this spring as I delve back into my essence. I have been spending most of my free time enjoying World of Warcraft again, immersing myself into the story, gameplay, roleplaying and… Continue

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So today I decided to focus on something else - animals. I went to my local SPCA to see what animals were in. I walked by the dogs and all the tears just filled up in my eyes. Some of them were just so sweet little things, others were really loud, and one little Border Collie was all curled up in a ball - I tried to talk to it and get a tail wag or...anything. It just looked at me with big sorrowful eyes + I felt myself fighting back the tears.

I went into where the small animals were… Continue

Added by Sarah Louise on April 30, 2010 at 10:30am — 3 Comments

Season 3 Day 51 (Manifests Success In My Business!)

Yesterday I called the 2 people I spoke with the other day. I left message with one. The second person I spoke with says he wasn't able to listen to the 1-800 number but will definitely have the chance before Monday. I will call him back on Monday and will also give him the Business Overview conference call number that will be at 10:00 p.m. eastern standard time. I will also give him my website. I give prospects alittle information everytime I want with them instead of giving them info. all…


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On The Wings Of My Guardian Angel

("Guardian Angel," sculpture by Josep Llimona, photography by P. B. Obregón)

Do you remember when

Things would…


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Day 47 Season 1 - Inner Being

I find myself wanting to get more and more connected to my Inner Being. I can see the progress. All I've been doing lately is intending to have a greater connection with my Higher Self. I notice that I get impulses and I am following them. I am also getting a little more intuitive. It is like I am allowing my Inner Being to guide me. I would like to increase the connection but I am not sure what to do. Maybe meditation? How connected can you really get with your Higher Self? It is exciting…


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Day 11 Progress!

Sometimes it is difficult to see the progress you make because it takes time. In order to create something you need to know what you want to create, and I have always had difficulties formulating what it is I really want in life, or even right now. Two years ago I read somewhere (might have been in Susan Jeffer's book Feel the fear and do it anyway or Bill O'Hanlon's Change 101: Practical Guide to Creating Change) that "wanting" in the sense of being willing…


Added by Erika Karlsson on April 30, 2010 at 7:00am — 1 Comment

Day 62: Walt Disney's Law of Doing the Impossible!

Walt Disney's Law of Doing the Impossible

In an Age of Impossibilities: Walt Disney's Law of Doing the Impossible is Critical

Franklin, NC -- (SBWIRE)

-- 04/21/2010 -- “If you can dream it, you can do it. It’s kind of fun

to do the impossible.” This quote is by Walt Disney (1901-1966). He was

an animator, theme park designer, film director, producer,… Continue

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Day Four & the placemat process.

I will now give you all some wisdom if you are feeling a bit non-commital do not I repeat DO NOT do the placemat process out lined by the Abraham-Hicks books. And here is why.

So I did the process for the first time just to see how productive I could be in a day. I gave myself 7 things to do and the universe three. So as my day goes on I check off all but one thing on my list and then universe is now down to one last thing as well.

My last thing was to meditate something I do… Continue

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Enjoy like a child!

I love the way we look at things when we are doing something new. It's like see the world with baby's eyes.

So innocent, so pure, living in the moment, of wanting to do more and more wishing this to never end!

All things we do should be like this, even if we have been doing those things for 5, 10, 20 or more years!

I have been…

Added by Angélica on April 30, 2010 at 1:30am — 3 Comments

Day 46 - Bittersweet!

Today I wrote my copy and started promoting my 10 week pilot weight coaching program called

Break Free!

I am really excited about this! It feels good. I know that I can really make a difference in people's lives. To learn more about it or to check out the copy go to:…


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I love myself

I love you. I love me. Love is key to being in this world. The life perserver. The joy of everything. I love you M. I love you M. I love my green eyes. I love my tenacity. I love that I never give up. I love that I always try my best. I love my long beautiful legs. I love that I love and connect with trees. I love my emotional range. I love that I understand other people's pain through my own. I love that I am eternal. I love that love and life never stop. I love that no matter what, I love me,… Continue

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S1 Day 40--feelings and husband

I've been having this realization lately that life really should be good. It really is all about a choice.

The last blog post that I wrote was really negative. I ended up taking it down because I just didn't like the energy surrounding it--not what people wrote, but the energy that I gave it, and since then (okay since 2 days ago) I just haven't been inspired to write. I wasn't happy about what I wrote or how I was feeling. Anyway, right now, everything is fine in my life. In…


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Dear World and its beautiful inhabitants,

I love you! You are beautifully grotesque and just so perfectly imperfect that I am overwhelmed to simply be in your presence. You are God's vibrational expression of love and joy. Aren't you fabulous? Thank you for letting me in, even when you're honery. I welcome your hesitant invitation. Considering you are me, and I am you, how could I not arrive?

Love ya,


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