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Season 1 Day 7 - I manifested the squash!

Two days ago I blogged about how I wanted to manifest a free butternut squash. Well...It worked! In a really round about way. But it technically worked. I went to the grocery store after work and while I was shopping I believed whole heartedly that I would get a free butternut squash. I put one in my basket and continued to shop around. I also picked up a bag of lemons which was $3.99. I went to the checkout and the cashier started ringing through my things. She got to the lemons and the…


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A good start

meditated 3 times today, so far so good. Very dramatic dreams when I sleep.

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Season 9 Day 70: Appreciating life without power

I am so grateful that i am alive and my loved ones are all doing well. Alabama was hit with a crazy amount of tornadoes, taking with it over 200 lives across the state. We are now in our 3rd day without any power, but this has given me time to really appreciate the little things in life. I have enjoyed relaxing, reading, and drawing by candle light. i have been appreciating that i still have restaurants and stores open for me to provide food while I am still without power. i am grateful for a… Continue

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Connecting with Earth Energy

Connecting with Earth Energy:

A way to strengthening your connection with Earth Energy is to take time each day to send energy and blessings to each direction, including the above, the below, and the center, which is also yourself. You can use any imagery that you want for these directions.

The Native Americans associations are winged ones for the east, trees and plants for the south, all that swims for the west, and the stone people for the north. For below, the image…


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Lilie's Come Back!! D-11

Hello everybody!!!!


How do you feel? How are you? 


I'm so happy for being came back!


My trip in Bourgogne was wonderful. hard, but wonderful!!

So much trees, so much green, so much nature... Amazing scents, birds songs, calm and serenity...

It was wonderful, even if we had to empty the grand'ma's Pierre house. In fact, it was Pierre and is brother's house, but we can't keep it. We don't have enough money to keep this so beautiful…


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S4 D21 - nervous about tomorrow

Today has been an almost good day.  I've managed to work on my smile and posture for most of the day.  we were travelling almost the entire day, so i've spent the day sitting.  

I didn't do my exercise, i didn't stick to my eating plan (not very proud of it) and had a large pasta dinner.  I feel really heavy in the tummy.  

I'm now dreading tomorrow morning because it's weigh in day.  Well, it was meant to be today but i didn't want to use another set of scales.  lets see what…


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How I just LOVE Tut!

When the going gets tough, Carrie, isn't it enough to remember that calm, peace, and happiness always return - for you and all those you love?

That you will breathe freely again?

That you will stand tall again?

And that, if you really insist, you will sing that "Let's get ready to…


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s1d16. Thank you universe + links

I got great wake up call this morning and I feel so happy, full of energy, I have feeling that some of my intention will be realized. I can't stop thanking the universe for it.

also  my friends made me smile and the day haven't started practically yet! Although I'm still feeling little bit ill I know l'll have great day today




I would also like to share some links, that I came…


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Day 20 ~ Bliss with Gnarls

This morning after sending son off with double mega-man-wich, I had to hunt out the "seen-better-days" woollie slippers/sox & uber flattering flanelettes for my ritual pot of esspresso + puzzels on the front deck.  I so enjoy this quiet ritual as often as I can ...

I crafted fresh macadamia pesto in my beloved mortar & pestal, whilst randomly listening to…


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My new blog ➜ Bionicpoetrygirl

I'd like to share today with you my new blog. Click HERE.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have renamed one of my second blogs into this one. I have another blog, but it doesn't have so many features like a blog archive and…

Added by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on April 29, 2011 at 2:30am — 3 Comments

30 days of my challenge! My balance so far


This is the 30 day of my reality challenge and I'm so happy!

Ok, I have felt a bit sick of my stomach in the last days and I remember that I should take care more of my health: my body, exercise, and more walking outdoors.…


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Blog it up

Hey guys I really do enjoy making a blog for you guys.I did it today. I made it go. We don't have to specify on what it is. Any way I'm so excited my 90 day love challenge blog is up and I would love for you guys to check it out. I wanted to do a challenge centered on love because love is just that important in this world. Any way I feel really good today. I lost like 9…


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Season 2 Day 18


There is alooot to tell that happened in the few passed days, first I realized that I'm a great manifestor I wanted extra cash and I got it, I have been thinking about starting to work out and specificly running and I got a formal invitation to a 10 K marathon (which I will walk because I didn't get to practice for that yet) and it was paid for, my friends joined the gym and asked me to go with them for a day just to check it out because I never ever worked out in my life and they…


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Not much that feels very enlightened today.. Guess everyday can't be a winner. I did write a draft of my Law of Attraction plan for my business this morning though that was very positive! Tried my "p…

Not much that feels very enlightened today.. Guess everyday can't be a winner. I did write a draft of my Law of Attraction plan for my business this morning though that was very positive!
Tried my "practice" again (unsuccessfully this time) was a bit too stressed out from being a mum of teenagers. I did have a gratitude moment on the trail though regarding my body.. Sooo grateful that it gets me up everymorning and puts me to bed every night! Sending hugs to all... Continue

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A lesson I learned



Once, when I was doing a 12 steps Prosperity Program of Unity Church I had to write a whole script of my lousy relation with money up until that day.

Some of you might already know my story… Never mind it anyways… Our problems don’t come from the situations we are in… Our problems are the way we face them. I learned that from this…


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Season 2........Day 6

Smooth day today ! 

I spent it in the studio and started to paint again after a long time! it' so nice and i feel inspired too... i want the creative power to stay with me !! i also know that money flows  in happy ways,

so i want to trust my intuition and be thankful for my gift !

i am so happy i got a studio/atelier during Season number 1…


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Sample pages of the POETRY BOOK ➜ check it out



I am back yes with a bit of a delay.. but I am here! I'll write a proper blog in the next few days.. I want to share with you a link that shows a few samples of the poetry book. It features approx. TWELVE poems form each poet. Have a look. You can find some of my poems…


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it's 0:13 here...


Please Universe, you know that for me dancing is one of the reasons why i live, let me find all the money i need to pay those 38 hours of workshops...during this weekend, because registrations are open already!



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What if...? Faith again!

What if... We could perceive, with our five senses the Love and Support that we receive every day?

What if... it was totally tangible like a presence of someone with a face, voice, and touch?

What if... we were to know the certain outcome of the situation we are in?…


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There is not one single problem that Faith can't solve.

There is a story about an alpinist that I particularly like above mostly all stories of faith. I don’t know if the story is true or not.

This man was climbing some of the highest peaks in the Andes Mountain Range.  He was all by himself and there was an Earthquake in the area. He remained safe but as he came down from the mountains, he discovered that…


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