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Book Review -- Of Love and Evil by Anne Rice

Of Love and Evil by Anne Rice

Anne Rice’s latest novel is a pleasant departure from her previous novels which introduced the vampire Lestat into our national lexicon. This time Ms. Rice delves into the realm heavenly angels, fallen angels and assassins. Yes I did say assassins as the protagonist in the story Toby O’Dare was a type of government “Dexter” who is being allowed to atone for past sins by joining forces with Seraphim, angels whose…


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Starting Season 1 Today

So I'm back today or should I say this evening in an attempt to actually finish my first season. I starting my season 1 back in May of 2009 and never completed it, though it was definitely a GREAT start on my journey with deliberate creation. Since that time I've read most of Abraham-Hicks books, which are great, and have taken time to fall in love with myself. However, I have realized that as the days go by, I seem to drift farther and farther away from focusing on my dreams and goals, and…


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Poem -- Sirocco



Canadian Snow Geese grazing on hoarfrost pre-Spring grass


Gust filled kinky knaps whipped by February’s foretaste of March’s bitter winds.


Whipped by winds I sink deep into muddy rivers of melting snow so lightly trod upon by winter fowl. Wishing I could remove protective shoes from freshly pedicured feet feeling cool frosty mud oozing up between bare…


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A Queen's Choice



A Queen's Choice

Presented with knaves and pawns declaring lust concealed in oily slick voices of undying love,

I the Queen chose to Love a Warrior and a King.

And to that Lord & Master declared my complete and total allegiance.

To Him gave I My Heart, My Soul, & my body.

Dedicated to…


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Thoughts on Love, Romance and the Song of Solomon -- Body of the Goddess & Queen

Thoughts on Love, Romance and the Song of Solomon


As February comes to a close and Valentine’s Day has passed my thoughts this morning brought me to the Old Testament, specifically the Song of Solomon.  Why would erotica be part of the Old Testament canon? But the Song of Solomon is more than just erotica; it is a love poem, a testament to love, desire and sexual passion between a Black man and a Black woman. Most…


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Alice's Wonderland Deconstructed

Alice’s Wonderland Deconstructed


Life as a Void Consisting of only Time and Eternity


An exploration of Emptiness, Nothingness, Inner and Outer spheres/realms of being

Do women occupy the inner sphere/sanctum of purity? Is the enclosed female space a sign of sanctity whereas the open hinged male space the spirit of adventure? Are women contained by societal definitions…


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Happy Friday Everyone!

Not that it matters to me, I am working around the clock these days and I love it. I realize that although I am striving for a goal, that this part is the joy... so onward I go. Creating something high quality is my goal, so I need to eliminate haste.

In the meantime, I am going to shift a tiny bit of focus to other areas that are also very important. So tonight I will get myself completely organized to take a break and shift focus.

Here are my areas to work… Continue

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day 98 season 2


Ohhh yes, I can feel so much good news on the way!!!!!

I'm starting season 3 soon and am putting a whole new focus on my season

I've been moving around stuff in my rooms more often than usual for the past couple of weeks and have witnessed amazing changes.

Thank you feng shui magic!!

I can feel new independence and co-creation happening!

I can feel wonderful new accomplishments occurring!

I can feel so much love that I can…


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day 2 of my challenge

this is the second day of my challenge and i feel great about today. I am not use to feeling good a out my self . I always kept thing to my self but with the videos and other people video i am starting to feel more open and free of ever thing in my life. I can get thing done and still feel like i can do more. i hope this feeling will grow adoring  this 100 days and my goal will be achieved.

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Letting Go

An elderly lady peacefully died on my duty early this morning.Bless her beautiful soul. I had a night watch for 6 days.  It was a beautiful day. She let me washed her for the last time, hold her hands, then let go. Outside was a grey cat mewing, and early morning sun was startting to rise. I reckon she decided to go so I will not be alone doing all the duties, taking care of what must be done around her, while at the same…


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Last Fifth!--D80S3

Not much to report.  I posted about 60 auctions this morning.  We're waiting for the Paypal money to jump into Tom's account so we can cover the shipping on the 35 items that sold last week.  Feeling very confident this week because I just replenished my stock with some really good stuff.  Hopefully my eBayers agree.


Some exciting news to report on the book front:  I got my total up to 6/15 last night.  Can I read 9 books in the next 20 days?  If I can find some little ones,…


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i think i manifested a seemingly "bad" thing

i think i manifested "losing"my cell phone.  when i lose things, it's a sign for me to s-l-o-w down.  it typically happens when i'm harried, trying to do too many things at one time and not getting enough rest.  i always find the things i "lose" the minute i stop looking for them and focus on something else that i've wanted to tackle (like a cleaning project) OR i as soon as i replace whatever i lost - thus shifting my vibration to a more positive place.  growing up, my mom always…


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40 credit points closer to my dream home!

Found a lender.


They require us to improve our credit score only 40 points and said it might only take a couple of months if we are persistant about it. Then we could get the home with no money down and a grant from them!


How awesome is that!!!!!!!


40 points closer to my dream…


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Sending some love to the Universe!

"Ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo ti amo!…


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Day 117 Feeling Like A Failure

This blog is not about wanting people to tell me I am not a failure.  I am so  ( ) sick of that.  If I feel like a failure, that is where I am right now and it helps even less when people don't validate my feelings and tell me "of course I don't feel that way"  or try to point out all the good things in my life.  Not that I like feeling this way, but it is what it is.  I have no distractions going on right now, everything is going wrong.  I have realized that just because I have had a lot of…


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Feeling good after a break

SOrry i have been away from this site for a few days. i was not feeling good, nothing was working in my route. i was felling so down on wednesday, but thursday was a good day for me. i enjoyed the whole day with my family. i got something which i wanted frm long..i am grateful for everything i have. i love my family. i love this world. i hope to continue in this emotional mood.


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S1D1 – What a great start!

 My internet is working properly….Yayyy! – this post is from March/30th.


Hello co-creators! I had a very good first day on my 100-day challenge!

I did some work on my vision board, which I’ll be posting a picture here once it’s done. I did some yoga, meditated, and I realized that I have a problem with my age (which has been holding me back from many things – I know it’s a silly thing to think that you’re old when you less the 80y old, but I just realized…


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