The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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52 week Challange

I am starting a 52 week challenge picking one a week to do and blogging about it :)
1. Find A New Music Artist To Love

2. Read A Book By An Author You Haven’t Read Before

3. Get A Facial

4. Get A Pedicure

5. Get A Manicure

6. Have A Massage

7. Get Your Hair Done

8. Do A Good Deed For Someone You Live With

9. Do A Good Deed For Someone You Don’t Live With

10. Choose Something From Your Bucket List And Do It

11. Volunteer


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Recognized Your Gifts W2 D1

The gifts I have

~ two healthy children

~ husband who loves me

~ a home

~ a cottage on a lake

~ two new kayaks on their way

~ close friends

~ a job that I love

~ family who loves me

~ no financial burdens

~ money in the bank

~ holidays planned

~ my health

~ running that makes me feel alive

~ group fitness I attend up to 4 times a week

~ mentors Fitness, professional

~ higher…


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Oops, Realized I got stuck on day 41 instead of 50 so it's day 44 for me now...

Hi All,

I've been doing the 100 day reality challenge for a while now, but have to admit I got stuck on day 41 last year and then lost it. So, that's why I am recommitting to the 100 day reality challenge today! Yes!

Just as a reminder, my goals are:

1. I am sleeping soundly every night and feel energetically and rested in the morning

2. I am still in a loving, fulfilling relationship with my love, Preshanna and my love keeps growing every…


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Day 2 through 10: Spend 1 Million dollars a day – mentally.

Day 2 through 10: Spend 1 Million dollars a day – mentally.

Yesterday was just a warm-up. Today, you’re really going to have to get creative because nothing that you purchased yesterday should be bought again today, unless of course you really need it again today (like food.) Likewise, on days 3 through 10, if you bought it previously, unless it really is something that you would buy again (a charitable contribution, another adventure trip for later in the year,…


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Some things You Can't Get Back W1 D7

It is the simple things that mean the most.

Growing up my Dad showed he loved us every single day. He kissed, hugged and told me that he loved me close to every day of my life I spent with him. He gave his 100% undivided attention to us and gave us his time. Holiday's were nice but it was the daily love he showed that really made the most impact on my life. He showed me daily that i was loved and special to him and this is something I hope my children feel from me.



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The HUGE blog

I've been putting this off for about half a month.  The positive spin is I've been out there living my life and in less of a rush to rush back home and blog about it.

I could talk about noticing a man with an accent on the phone April 13th, talking to him to find out he's from the Sudan, and loves it here in Pittsburgh, where he's seen snow for the first time in his life.

I could mention on the following day as I walked through a college campus with a PA system…


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everything unfolds from within

If you see Jesus as an historical character, it is because you do not have the courage to face the brilliant light of the revelation of truth. I know when it came to me, everything within me fell. We are told that in the end all of the buildings will fall. These buildings are the structures of the mind by which we live. 

The belief in the historicity of Jesus is a building; the belief in the historicity of the Bible is a…


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I'm celebrating because I'm a winner



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Slow Down and Enjoy the Journey W1 D6

It is good to be focused and driven.It's good to be a hard worker. But it is good to walk away and say it will be here for me tomorrow and enjoy those God has placed in your life. They deserve your best too.

Today I drove my youngest to a movie with a friend and took my eldest out for sushi. I was going to go scrapbooking with my friends but made time for my son first. Then when I finished I watched a movie with him too because he asked me too.

One should count each day…


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Sharing Day 2

It takes half if not most of our life to figure out who we are. Then once we get there time is almost gone. We spend our whole life searching for who we are. Whats to say we aren’t who we are already. If your not you then who the heck are you. From an organic point of view no person in the world has had the exact same situations in life you have had. So there for they can never and I mean never be you. You are the only copy it begins and ends with you. So you ask who am i. You are the result…


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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 10 : South Side Of The Sky

Chapter 10 : South Side Of The Sky

The tenth episode of the Threshold Bookcast focuses on Jake Harvey, the popular leader of the New Light Party.

At the start of the chapter, the rookie politician is enjoying a stargazing break on the observation deck of the space station his team and him are visiting.…


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Bloom Where You are Planted W1 D5

Philippians 4:11-12

11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well…


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Loved this. Just had to share

"Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you." -----David Whyte

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Grieving and allowing things to flow.

Today has ben a full on day.I have realised i have an exceptionally bright boy.I am therefore getting him interviews for two great schools.I am also very excited as my first ever single is about to be released ; 0 ).We did the first music video last week : ).Im getting plenty more sleep which is great.I am going to the gym five days a week,and i have nearly finished my whole album.



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Express Your Joy ~ W1 D4

If you are not receiving what you like check what you are sending out.Anyone who is going place will avoid those who wallow in the pits. Your happerfriends might pull you out of the pit a few times but might go on to find happier friends to be with.

There are people who make you feel inspired, loved, connected to your joy's and passion ~ go out and be one of them.

Laughter is the closest distance between two…


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All Things Are Possible If You Believe

One of my favorite possessions....... 

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Imagination is the power we have to overcome living in a limited world

Having always accepted the limitations of your senses as fact, you have borne witness to this acceptance. Reason tells you that its five senses are all there is. But imagination asks you to find the courage to assume that which your five senses would deny.  Speaking to the disciplined senses, imagination says, "I have meat you know not of. I am the bread that came down from heaven. I am the wine. Knowing what I want to be, I will…


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Day "Very first blog entry" 1. Goal setting for the first 7 days

Good Hello!


The things you find on youtube are beyond a doubt amazing!

Goal no 1= Find at least 1 inspiring video a day to uplift the spirit

Goal no 2= Laughter, i am going to just breathe and laugh, breathe and laugh.

Goal no 3= Pack away all my stuff for my european trip in May

Goal no 4= Complete what i can this week towards my Dutch Passport.

Goal no 5= Write a blog entry about my view on whats happening in life and then give it a…


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I'm Happy with who I am and what I do

I sparkle and shine sweet goddess divine :)

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Affirmations of me ~ #1 ~ I am a high achiever

I am a high achiever.

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