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Dont Let Anyone Steal your Joy W1 D3

Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Stop letting negative people, things and inconveniences disappoint you.

Being told to do something that is not my responsibility and in a situation that is an aweful lot of work and I would do it a different way if I was doing will not steal my joy. I will share the responsibility. I did the last passports and I will let him do these ones. If I am asked in a nice way I would do it here not in…


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New Book - Messenger Between Worlds

Have you ever tried to write about your life? If you haven't, try. Choose a period of time that was difficult for you and just write. I can tell you that it is quite emotional, as you might expect, but also very healing. 
I began writing "Messenger Between Worlds" several years back as a way of healing from past relationships, both romantic and family and it evolved. As I shared the stories with friends, they gently supported me to publish it. Yes, I would be putting my entire…

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Treat Every Day as a Gift W1/D2


You can manufacture your own happiness

~get out of the manufacturing unhappiness business and get into the gift giving business remember JOY123

J~give to Jesus

O~give to others

Y~give to you

Count your blessings 123 daily

You can attract what you put out. If you complain all the time you will attract other complainers and unhappiness, but if you get up every morning with a song in…


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~~~~~~~~~ SEASON FOR EVER ~~~~~~~~~


As i finished with my first season...looking back...i can truly say that,

I couldn't imagine, in my wildest dreams, that i could reach this point!!

There is no way i can explain this in words but my friends here already know....

Now i now some...

I'm really living in my last's month's dream RIGHT NOW!!!

I know it IS crazy... to REALLY understand what am talking about :))

But every sec. am creating a cause...

that has an effect…


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Every Day a Friday W1/D1

I picked up a journeying book by Joel Osteem called Everyday a Friday and it is a journal to be happy 7 days a week ; it is a seven week program and I am on day three. I really am getting a lot out of it and would like to journal it here. I also bought the book in audio format that accompanies this journal and love it through audible. I love listening to audible books when I run or do house chores. I believe it is an investment in yourself to spend a little on materials that can transform…


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What I learned from season 1, 100 days

Hi there beautiful people.

This first season has been a learning cycle for me.

I thank myself for that.

My goal was  to feel free and make art every day :))

What I learned the most was to go inside. And this healing was needed to feel free and manifest in love and light. A long and interesting way for me. I the spiritual Helene???? lol :))))

Manifestation is pure love!!!

 My true self;

"There is no outside and…


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"I want a guy who..."


Just thinking... I want a guy who realizes that I'm "lyte as a rock." I'm simultaneously the heaviest and most fragile creature walking the earth!! A guy who knows that I'm LOVEly as oppose to SEXy (but subsequently being the former I am the latter) A guy who wants to protect my air; that is how precious I should be to him. He's on his way.

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Season 10 - Going General

I am looking forward to this season and am hoping to be able to blog more and keep everyone updated on what is going on. I love lining up and letting things flow in,,,,,, i love even more being in control of this. Daily there are tens of small things that happen that make me stop & really know that im allowing and in the frequency of letting in all i desire.

I have recently come across the Grid concept from Abraham Hicks and it took me a little time to really come to grips…


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Season 1- Day 2

On this beautiful day I am going to focus my energy on visualizing myself and my family in our new 8 passenger truck...We are taking a road trip to Savannah!!! I'll also be working on getting my body in shape for those Savannah beaches by working out!! Have a productive and inspired day!!!

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Today is going to be a GREAT DAY!!

Good Morning!!! I'm claiming to have a great day!!!! I posted a blog in the past two days dealing with my vision board. I made a vision board four months ago. I put things on my board that I want to happen this year. I put financial freedom on there, vacations, hitting the jackpot, driving a 2012 cadillac escalade, buying a house, and donating money to two organizations. Well one of my family members is going to Georgia and I asked them to bring me back some scratch offs. Georgia has a…


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Day 6 - The more I love, the more I release resistance

Hi Co-creators

Its been a few days since I've last blogged. I have had some obstacles that I have successfully over came...Thank God for all this.

A few days ago I got the idea that I need to meditate around about LOVE and when I started doing that everyday, I was presented with the idea to start reading and listening to everything concerning everything revolves around love! So I went on youtube and searched for subliminals and affirmations regarding love and…


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Season 1- Day 1

Today has been beautiful! I had hoped to be inspired today and the universe responded by connecting me with 1st Vanessa Simpkins who then directed me here!!! I am looking forward to growing into a more complete, happy and FULL woman! I have set a few goals for myself that I WILL bring to fruition..the happiness that comes from recognizing and putting the power within myself to use is so great!! This is going to be an AWESOME journey!!!

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Amazing emotions, experiences, and opportunities are all around us! I hope you all are having an amazing week manifesting all of your desires! This is such an inspiring and motivating community, and I feel really blessed to have this all be a part of my life. Sending you all love always!!!!!!

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I am back! DAY 1 on Season 4

YES, i am now starting a new season, because, even if it takes an effort,

i feel that it's  important to take care of each day, each gift ,experience and mood that

i live, and during the 100days challenges, I feel more focused and i observe more.

I can so be more thankful:

Today i am…


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*Tosses Mental Confetti*



You deserve to be having a GREAT day today! I'm celebrating with everyone in the world who is having a GREAT DAY! And I'm throwing myself a party! Pretending to have…


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Season 1 Day 4 It feels GOOD!!




Today feels good! I mentally gave people gifts from buying a car for my sis to…


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Season 8 Day 2 (Living in Joy!)

I'm having a good morning! I listened to a positive cd this morning. My intention today is to stay in a upbeat mood and enjoy being in the moment.

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Day 1 of manifesting money

Day 1: Today – spend freely mentally.

Go shopping, either on the Internet, at the mall, or in a catalog and imagine all the wonderful things you would adorn you and your family with, as if you were unlimited. How would you contribute to the world, your family, your community, charities, political campaigns, and other possible business ventures? If you were a wealthy billionaire (think Bill Gates or Warren Buffet), how would you spend money today in order to make more…


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Commitment to manifest money

 10 Day strategy: I commit to this routine for the sake of establishing a prosperity consciousness.

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Where am I now physically?

I feel well, though I have sleepless nights and I feel a bit tired. Every other night I don't sleep well. I could exercise a bit more... I have a bit of back ache. For the rest I am healthy and well.


I live in a big house in Zaandam, that's still to be furnished. There are a lot of birds in my garden. I like to be here together with my girlfriend. I have a small house on the campsite where I can spend time in the…


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