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Season 3 - day 87 - Rambles

hey everyone! hope you are well. I had a pretty good day. Kinda lazy. But good. I was just thinking about how I let a lot of opportunities pass me by because I am afraid. I judge things and then think about all the ways it could go wrong. So I just don't do it. When I am in the vortex though, I find I am able to take risks and act on my excitement. Not caring about how it will turn out, because I KNOW that it just will turn out ok. So an opportunity will come my way and then I will think of…


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Day 19, Season 11, Love, the most powerful force on earth

And today I do feel the pain, I am not ashamed to admit it. You know on the path to loving yourself, you often have to let go of few people sometimes or few familiar things, it hurts a bit but I guess its the process of cleaning up. I had come very close to someone, on one hand I realize I grew a lot as a person. He woke me up literally and forever I'll be grateful for that. I took a chance after I don't know how many years. You'll be forever close to me! On the other hand, you know there's…


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Day 67 - You gotta let it flow...Love the good/bad and let things go. But don't quit, keep it going.

Suddenly I see life is wonderful.

Continuing the blogging, the commitment and the report of the 100 days of co-creation (it's good to remind…


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Meeting Lilou

Since January the 6th, when I posted a video describing my dreaming job, i didn't do anything except sending resumes here and there, and whining :) Then I totally forgot this 100 days thing...

And yesterday, I met Lilou at a conference in Belgium. She reminds me the season I began here and i suddenly realized that my goal was actually achieved !!!

Indeed, on day 97, i was proposed a job meeting my criterias and matching 100% to my personality, my experiences and my…


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I'm my own hero.My own solution.My own guardian angel. My own friend.My own me. Free.

I treat myself like a child. One that I'm educating with love and respect to be a great human being and eternal evolving soul. Today my program decided to talk to me and tell me what it really has been feeling and thinking...So here it goes my answer:…


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Day 2

To be quite honest I feel a bit...blah today. I think it may have somehting to do with the fact that I am in a school programme I do not truly care about, before last semester, and am lacking motivation. And also, I am sick. BUT, regardless, on the bright side of things, I must say I am eternally grateful for:

-My few, but amazing friends, who are truly wonderful people that I am blessed to have in my life

-My mom, who is always there for me no matter what and never judges even…


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Day 64 - Breakthrough!!!!

Here I am at Day 64 and I have had a HUGE breakthrough with regards to my business.

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I knew it was going to be a good day!  I have been working on my business model with the guidance of my coach over the past couple of weeks, but things just weren't feeling right.

I worked really hard last week in trying to make sense of the 'mess' in my head and get clarity around the direction of my business.  I put it out there that I wanted the…


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Day 15, Season 11, To a brand new week that always brings in hope!

Today was a really good day. I worked out, long hot shower, slept and did meditation and visualizing. It feels good sometimes to just quiet yourself down and focus! A lot of people ask me why I don't get out on Sundays. Because I feel thats the only day I get to quiet it all down and focus! I still need to figure how to change some of my life situations. Particularly attracting friends as of now. Friends in my city. I have been listening to Abrhamam's videos on loneliness but I believe I…


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We have the power to feel good at any given moment

This article by Abraham Hicks made me feel great just now. Hope it does the same for someone out there.


Life Is Supposed To Feel Good:

You would never be discouraged if you knew, as we do, that anything you want must be, and that all you have to do is line up with it. You would never be discouraged if you knew, as we do, that when contrast causes you to clarify a desire, that, in the moment of that clarification, even if you don’t speak words about it,… Continue

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Day 1 :)

I want to help positively influence others, I want to help wake people up to the truth by setting an example, I want to be part of a world of peace and unity. To do that, I must begin with myself. Unconditional love!! This is for all of you.

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Day One Season One

Hello 100 day challenge!

This is my first journalography post. So, I expect it may take a few more days to become more at ease with the process and the whole idea of posting online.  

What is it to truly accept myself? knowing myself as connected to that which is the source of love, what will self-acceptance look like in embodied expression?  Will other goals and activities emerge and happen in the support of self-acceptance? Lets see. 

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Day 14, Season 11, I am going to make the best of things!

Dear all,

It is said people show us who they are but we want to look for who we want them to be. I have been listening to Abraham a lot lately and one of the things that stayed with me was precisely this, people will show you the side you ask for. Basically, through our grid work, we are setting forth certain vibrations. Now, everyone has a lot of characteristics. But depending on your vibrations, this person will show you the characteristics you are asking for.

I have…


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Day 1

So here I am at Day 1 and I am not going to's hard. I want want want so badly to achieve all my goals and change my life and yet it is just so hard to trust that the hard work will pay off, that ignoring all of the noise inside my head won't end in disaster. It's safe here inside my comfort zone, I am miserably safe but safe nonetheless. It's so scary to put myself out there.

Gah! I am overwhelmed but I am determined to do this. I am a very capable girl. My biggest hurdle is…


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Stay calm!

The usual ups and downs again. Yesterday was a little too much. But today, I'm sure, I can cool down a little. The world is wide and YOU decide in which direction you want to look.

Choose a nice scenery!

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3 days to go.

I have 3 days until I kick off my challenge and I still find myself struggling to define exactly what I want to achieve over the next 100 days. My mind is such a noisy, negative place. Within seconds of dreaming up a goal or imagining my 'ideal life' my mind begns to form arguments to convince me why this is unrealistic or unattainable.

I am finding this immensely frustrating. I am an extremely capable girl with a huge amount of expertise and unutilised potential. There was a time when…


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Belief vs. Trust

Hello everyone. I am writing this after much thinking.

As this two words are similar but having some difference. Like in INDIA, or particularly say in HINDI language belief is called-"Shraddha" and trust is called -"Viswas". So, often people use words that-"Whatever religion you follow, your SHRADDHA in your God should be there. Then and then only religions are important. If SHRADDHA is not there then nothing you will get.

However word SHRADDHA is something different than BELIEF… Continue

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Incessant Availability

It's not a relaxing idea to be available at any time, any place, like a firefighter, emergency doctor. People were surely able to meet each other before the cell phone/smartphone boom. But the world wants to speed up, without direction. Or maybe everyone has to choose his direction now, more than ever. "Meet" thousands of contacts, but choose your real contacts wisely. Friending and unfriending, liking and unliking. Instead of staring at a computer glass screen, meet and look into real eyes…


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Day 5

My goals for this season:

1. Weigh in the 110's to low 120's~ down three pounds 131.8 :)

2. 52 week money challenge ~ made my deposit this week

3. Fly my house to peace and tranquility~ decluttered my kitchen top to bottom

4. Give daily in some way to others daily~ goodwill, charity, kids...

5. Cook and Bake for my Family Make Meal Times Special~ made a turkey dinner and cupcakes :)

6. Use Cozi to keep my life organized~ wow i love this app I dont know how I did…


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S5D73: Happiness

I can make myself happy. I love that!

Knowing that I can choose to be happy in any situation is so freeing. No matter what happens its never really that serious...its just life changing form.. getting the kinks out to make way for everything I am manifesting to the physical.

Thank you Universe for the wealth of knowledge I feel.

Let the good times roll!

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Day 80 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I find myself unexpectedly free!!

I have a webinar this morning then I was supposed to catch up with my buddy Cam ahead of classes tonight ( Cam is a fellow martial artist) but he has Man Flu and had to cancel so now I have a few spare hours up my sleeve today.

Today is a rest day from training so for the first time in ages on a week day I am dressed like a normal person and not in training gear - feels very decadent!

I'm going to use today to prepare for handing…


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