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Last days 32-42 ( 10 days)

Welcome :) Last days I spend on meditation, you know that's amazing experience :) Now I appreciate every day and I try to live a moment:) 

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Day 58 - Stuck!

Today, I find myself overwhelmed and stuck yet again!  I am working on putting together the packages I will be offering in my new business and I am not feeling it!

I am not sure if this is because the business idea is not right, or just fear taking over! I find myself at a loss today and I have just contacted my business coach and relayed my concerns in the hope that she can help!

Don't like this feeling at all and hoping to find clarity soon..!

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Stopping the downward spiral

My income has been going down. I needed to replace my old dying car. I'm lonely for a relationship. I still don't have a stable place to work. It seems like every week I've been dealing with a new stressor. Then a few days ago the father of my children told me that he will be moving out of state. That leaves me a single parent FULL TIME. I am petrified of not being able to handle it. Not being enough for my kids. Not being able to afford all the child care that will now be needed. And I'm…


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aha moment

Today I realized I've come full circle after I had a laugh out loud "aha" moment.

Was dressing my 23 month old and instead of putting her shoes on she wanted to jump on the bed. After twice trying and failing to get her to stop my mind told me to just chill a moment and take it all in. So I did. And that moment was glorious. Tears are welling up in my eyes as I'm recalling it.. that's how beautiful it was. There she was, big smile, eyes glistening, laughing squeals- pure love. My… Continue

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Day 8, Season 11, FEEL GOOD

Dear all,

Here I am...have been listening to Abraham's videos yet again on relationships. It all comes to one thing: feel good! Our vibrations are such a powerful thing. So this week all I am going to do is FEEL GOOD not matter what, I will be HAPPY. The universe is always working in my favor will be my mantra. I am doing great. Love is all around me and I am safe. 

Love to all,


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Season 3 - Day 78 - April 21 - You don't need to know

Good morning! I had a GREAT day yesterday. I find when I give up thinking about "how" something will happen. Things just happen so much easily and I'm in the flow. Here's why it works. When you let go of the NEED to know HOW things will happen, which makes you stop worrying, which makes you less stressed and happy, which makes you more likely to CHOOSE the most exciting thing or activity, which gives you the things that align most with your desires. Perfect formula!

I think…


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i miss you so much

Dad, i miss you so so much. I wish i could tell you that. I wish I could tell you how much i love you and need you. I wish that we were close. I wish you were my friend.

I miss you so much that i cant even describe it. If I could just go back in time when i was still growing, still developing into a woman. I wish you had been there for me and showed me that you love me. The little girl inside me never was your princess and now she is crying all the time. She wants to hear how much or…


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Day 7, Season 11, Making peace with parents, How?

Dear co-creators,

When you are young, all you want to do is grow-up, when you grow-up, life starts confusing you. Well, I don't wish I was young. But I do miss the crazy times I have had with my friends. I do miss the craziness when I was living with friends. Suddenly, I am all grown up now, living alone, where it seems all my other friends who were once in this city have gotten busy in their own lives. I was watching Abraham's video today which is solely on FUN. This is one thing I…


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Day 2

My goals for this season:

1. Weigh in the 110's to low 120's ~ start wt. 134.8 

2. 52 week money challenge~ made my week 16 deposit 

3. Fly my house to peace and tranquility~ am decluttering daily 15 minures and keeping my sink shiny and bedmade, toliets wished.

4. Give daily in some way to others daily~ daily doing something for others, making something, playing with my son ect

5. Cook and Bake for my Family Make Meal Times Special~ I am planning in advance what…


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It's soooo easy to exercise with your favorite music. It should have an upbeat though.

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Day 60 - In the CORE.

      It's been sometime I'm active on the site and part of that if because I'm in college. The other part is the transformation I've been undergoing. I felt a hit this week.

     One of the "big issues" I'm learning to handle is my house/family. House because it's very unclean. Family because my sis/mom keep it this way. They do clean it, but they keep…


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Officially out on Amazon!

This season I find my book being launched on Amazon!

I can't believe it, It already went from 10,000,000th place on amazon when it first came out up to 2,552, 273th place already in only a few days of it being online. That means just 2,552, 273 more places to go and I will be  Amazon's number 1 book!

It is just a blog to print book but I am…


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Day 54 - Revelations!

As I was working through what the services and packages that I will be offering in my new business will look like, doubts started creeping in again regarding my ideas and I found myself 'stuck' yet again!

I have been spending many hours working on this and so last night I took some time out.  When I woke this morning I have a revelation!  I started to think about why these doubts are presenting themselves and I thought back to my previous jobs. I used to work in Human Resources and…


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Season Get it done

My goals for this season:

1. Weigh in the 110's to low 120's

2. 52 week money challenge

3. Fly my house to peace and tranquility

4. Give daily in some way to others daily

5. Cook and Bake for my Family Make Meal Times Special

6. Use Cozi to keep my life organized

7.Run a triathalon

8.Run 6 or more races in this series

9. Make the last month of…


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Season 15 Day 44- Financial Security

I have been having some big manifestations happening to me but they have been so big that I let them put me into a stupor. After filing my taxes I was shocked to see I would be getting a nice refund for the first time ever. A nice amount of unexpected income that is helping me solve a lot of the tangled web that held me back. Now for the first time since I owned my home, I can really feel secure. Yesterday I just received a mechanical keyboard, something I have been long for a very long…


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The Internet is really great. You can find almost any info. You can have in-depth dialogues with strangers, get inspired, get consoled. The next step is to create a cyber-island, your cyber-home, your personal world wide net. Creating realtionships, interactive news-channels, increase world understanding.

There is so much potential, so many helpful cyber-people around!

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I'm coming home...Thank you note.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


To Josie,

I’m  so grateful for you and all of the earth angels that co inspired with the Universe to find the girls and I a new place to call home.

In the car, I loved your comment about the ‘Violin story’; sometimes I enjoy classical music so much that I forget to add some other tunes into my life. As I went through all of my trials and tribulations I learned many things….#1 no one gives a shit about you unless you’re a…


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Cartoons are really great. Just turn off your head, your worries, your depressions, and dive into that fantasy world. It's different than a Hollywood flick. More surreal.

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DAY 50 feeling down - reaching out

Hello Co-creators, I have been feeling a bit low these past days, a bit purposeless infact..I am proud to have starting the Master Cleanse, a detox program that lasts 10 days, and am trying to be grateful for all I have. But  am having a hard time relaxing, enjoying what is and the process...So many great things have been happening during this 100 DRC, but today is a " I am a bit lost day ", not really knowing what is next and definitely needing to find my path and attract some…


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Day 7 - Emotions overwhelmed me

Now I´m ready for the big change.

It´s ok, that many different emotions come up.

Emotions which I block all the time, pressed them down.

I can´t hold it down any longer.

I let them come up, let them show there faces.

I feel much better, anyhow happier.

From now on I´m more aware of my feelings.

From now on I take care of myself, especially my body.

Day by day I´m more flexible, centered, concentrated on the positive things.



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