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Season 3 - Day 74 - Let's hear it for the girl

I watched that dove ad campaign that's been circulating Facebook lately. And it really made me think. I now know that  the number one thing that keeps me down is that I don't think I'm pretty enough. And it's something that I catch myself thinking about ALL DAY. And after watching the dove video, I realized that I'm probably not alone in this! It's something ALL girls go through. And some girls have positive feedback from their parents early on that cushion the impact of the media, but…


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Day 74 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Can't believe it has only been 4 days since I last posted, feels like weeks!!!

Went to post a video yesterday but once again Youtube failed on me not once but twice, both times after around 6 minutes of recording.

I took this as a sign and promptly gave up!!

It has been a tough few days really but despite feeling a bit drained I feel more like my old self again today.

Stepping back from my relationship with Chris was much harder than I anticipated and I had a…


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A Difficult Day

It is difficult, to be a part of society.

It is difficult to convince others of my own convinctions.

It is difficult not to get discouraged.

It is difficult to muster up optimism in areas where I have failed so many times.

It is difficult to see life in an easy way.

I watch cartoons, I surf the many TV channels, like I used to do 30 years ago.

It was so easy to live as a child.

Don't be ashamed to be a child, from time to time.

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Season Three - Day Eighty-Six

It has been awhile since I posted because not a lot has changed since my last post.  I am helping my son a lot with my grandson and so I don't have a lot of time for anything else.  I am going to a new meetup this Saturday that is called 'Coffee, Tea, and Spirituality', so I am hoping to meet some new people that are interested in growing spiritually.  I continue to focus on my goal affirmations and maintaining a positive outlook.   

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I made it from the Bottom UP>>>and was grateful throughout the RIDE

Being Homeless was the biggest trial I've ever had. I haven't blogged in a while because not having a car motivated me to get fit. I shred 16 miles on a mountain bike,up and down the biggest hills,just to do what I love most. As a hairdresser I am known as the glorifier...a kindred soul with a passionate artistic view on hair. My Children are the best of my world and together we create a Loving force...God is on my mind, and Faith at the tip of my pinkie....I am abundant.

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Day 51 - Business Coaching begins & halfway summary!

Day 51 and I am over he halfway mark!

I set myself a number of goals that I wanted to achieve over the 100 days and I am happy to report that I have made solid progress towards all of the goals!

* I wanted to attract new friends both personal and professional: This has been great as I have reconnected with old high school friends via Facebook and also established new professional connections.  This goal is ongoing and I look forward to attracting more great people into my…


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Day 2, Season 11, I will heal myself no matter what!

Dear Co-creators,

This time around I might need some help from your guys! I'll open it at all out here. I am a bit hurt and worried but I believe everything everything happens for a reason and everything will be alright in the end. I haven't yet been to the doc but I think and I am pretty sure I have some problem in my private parts. As I told you, I have had limiting beliefs over the years that I don't deserve a good relationship. Recently a man came into my life and after…


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It's funny ...

... how inspiration comes at the most unexpected moments, without effort, like a deus ex machina.

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Quite a good day....

...because I managed to crystallize my undertaking a bit.

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Day 1, Season 11, Love yourself and life loves you back!

Dear co-creators,

I have taken a while to come back but now I am ready for a whole new season with whole new intentions. Somehow being here keeps me on track. My life changed since the time I started off with these challenges. And I am all set. Past few months have been full of ups and downs and I have learnt so much about life and myself. I have attracted some really good people and experiences and some not so good. But I have realized everyone comes into your life for a reason and…


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S01D13 - Exercises I love!

I have been finding and trying out new exercises everyday and they are all so delicious when I get the results from them. I'm all fired up right now because I went to a kickboxing class this morning! Yesterday I went to yoga in the morning. I never thought I would have a gym membership, and here I am, loving exercise! I'm a completely different person and I expect this will continue for my whole life, because it's so exciting to do!

Money exercise: I got this from Inelia Benz's… Continue

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Day 49 - Almost halfway there!

Day 49 and I can't believe I am almost halfway through the Challenge!

Things are coming along well since my last blog post, I had braces fitted to my top teeth and getting used to the fact that I will have these on for 18 months or so.  Have been in a little pain and haven't been able to eat solid foods as yet, but I have my 'eye on the prize' and that is getting me through.

Business coaching finishes up this week, however as I am not even close to the position of being able to…


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Day 70 - HIghs and Lows

Boy am I on a journey right now!

From the moment I came to realise that the book is essentially finished and only days away from being released my emotions have hit me like a ton of bricks.

The reason I am blogging in word rather than on video is because I don't trust myself not to burst into tears!

For the last 3 days I been brought to tears at the drop of a hat and I'm feeling very raw.

I messaged an author I know who wrote a book that also shared some of his…


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well, those who are reading probably are used to my depressive blogs. sorry for that. i just like to get everything out of me. so now ill tel you know that this post wont be happy, so just think a bit if you want to read it or not.

and why is that almost nobody is expressing their thoughts, feeling about their lives? most of people are talking what they did this or that day. but from that, there is nothing to discuss. i want to discuss life.

in the evenings i…


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Days 28,29,30,31

Mhmm.. I am gratitude for every single day and to that I am who I am :) Well, I believed that I will in municipal police but I don't get there;(;( I am unhappy... Next day I think that maybe It was meant to be.. I have other goals and it looks right at that.. It's ok, now i have contingency plan also uniformed services:D:D
I am gratitude for not good day also:)

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Helping Advice

Finally met some people who shared with me their uplifting insights.

"Lie your way out of misery!"

Or in softer words:

"Breathe in deeply and become a baloon!"

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OH how quickly faith works

I just posted maybe 20 minutes ago that I was screwed out of a job but not upset. I was just offered another position on a floor with a better reputation, easier work and nicer co-workers. Im to come in tomorrow to start the paperwork for the transfer!

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Day 101 - Oh, one day too late

Yeeeehhhhhh....I´ve done it.

Many things and manifistations happened in the last 100 days.

I´m soooo grateful for that, what I got.

A new door is open and I´m ready to go through.

A few if my wishes came true.

We know, that we are going to finish our time here in North Mexico fir beginning a new life in South Mexico. My life partner found a new work as a German teacher with a secure income. For me there will be new chances to raise up something…


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Intended more money, Lost job instead

 I was offered a job and was told it was mine if I accepted it. I accepted it the following Monday but could never get him to respond to my calls even after a week and a half. I guess that should have been the first clue. The second was when I managed to make contact with the team leader and she told me i'd have to go through employee health and orientation, two things which are not required for people who already work there and are just transferring from one floor…


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The Usual Ups and Downs

On the whole a slight upward movement. Hold on just a bit longer. Spring will come on Sunday!

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