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Visions, Dreams, Goals, Manifesting and Adversity!!

About three months ago I was listening to Mike Dooley, Neville Goddard and many other positive mentors. Thoughts become things, right?? So I would go to sleep and envision my life as I wish it to be. Well one of the wishes was for my oldest son and his wife to get pregnant. After 5 years of trying, I think they have given up and acted like they didn't care. I would envision my son looking at his wife having a baby in the delivery room with pride and joy and tears welling up in his eyes. I…


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Day 100 Finally here: The end of my second season, and a new beginning...

Deep breath in... And exhale... Well, today's Day 100 for me. I have one more week left of class, then two essays and a final exam. I can't believe I survived this semester. I have come such a long way. I learned I can do anything, have anything, be anything. I made incredible friends in these past 100 days, got great grades, wrote some of my best yet, and soon my writing will be published. 

I'll submit another story this weekend, then apply for my last classes…


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Day 72/100

Day 72/100

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Day 71/100

Day 71/100

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Day 70/100

Day 70/100

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affirmations ....

I now see the importance of relaxation and release of fears. I had a great day. ... but random fears continued to rise up in my mind. I am implementing affirmations tonight.

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Just finished day 98...

What a wonderful day. The professor who liked my speech so much talked to my other professors about it. My one prof was so moved by our papers she decided to cancel the final exam! I am so thrilled and pleased! 

I also turned in my last short story for the fiction class I'm in, and got the best grade I've gotten so far on a story! 

I'll start one of my last papers tomorrow and and finish another one. Then, I'll spend the weekend working on the…


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Day 16

I'm feeling incredibly stuck and frustrated at the moment but I'm trying to remember to welcome this because I know that frustration precedes breakthrough.....looking forward to THAT!!

I am attracting people back into my life that I know will help me in a big way.....One is a friend / mentor who is so busy and has created a ridiculous amount of success and she has basically volunteered to spend time with me and kick my butt into action. I shared with her that I've been stalled by a…


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Day 17 - Allowance

Over one week I haven´t been here since I quit my job. Today I feel more free, more myself. This was the rigt decision. I can feel it in my heart, in my soul. I´m happier. After I quit my job, I got a new job offer in a swiss school. Wow....

This morning I realised how important it is to allow something, to open the inner door. If the door is closed, how do we receive the gifts the universe provide us? So I told myself, to allow to let come the gifts in. It´s amazing. I´m very…


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D8S7 movie day! :-)

D8S7 I will continue to look for my stepfather today. I am also having a movie day with my boyfriend.I have been really wanting to see this Halle Berry movie that came out Friday. I will fill out a credit report and repair form that was sent to me.this evening I am hanging out with my running partner to work out.

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Day 69/100

Day 69/100

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Last five minutes of day 97!

Had a really productive, not to mention good day today. I woke up early, got some laundry done, and put the finishing touches on my paper for the big American Studies Conference at my university. Then presented my paper which was a big hit! The head of the American Studies department introduced himself to me and said my paper was "mind-blowing" and "phenomenal," and told me he thought I was a PhD student from U of M! I was so thrilled. 

I then went home and…


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My babies Grandpa hunt!! Please read and send good vibes! :-):-)♥♥♥♥

it is my definite purpose to relocate my loving stepfather. I have not spoken to him since 2007. Such an awful space of time. Especially since I'm pregnant now I believe my child deserves to have a grandfather that will love, appreciate, and spend time with him or her. he has spent so much time teaching me as I was growing upand I would like to do that for my child his I begin my journey this morning calling places I know he still associated with. My first call was to his job,…


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Day 68/100

Day 68/100

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39 Starting my little experiment

Ok so I love being in flow you know when things happens with easy, when you are happy just because, and world feels like save and open place, and you can do anything you put you heart and mind in to. 

I want to try to help myself being in the flow by doing few things a day for 40 days. Apparently 40 days is the optimal for things to really change in your life. For next 40 days I am intending to write everyday in my gratitude journal things which am truly grateful for. This practice…


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Day 14

I'm not feeling the momentum swing as I had hoped but I'm sticking at it!

Todays intention is to work efficiently and for no longer than 4hrs.

I think the main thing to focus on this week is being in flow and ticking everything on my daily task list.

I also want to focus on keeping things simple and in balance.

I have the week off classes this week so I'm supposed to be on Holiday, what this usually means for me is that I get more work done because I don't have…


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D6S7 California Beach & Baby Bump

This weekend my bf and I had his two 4yr olds. We have done everything from library, story-time, park, another park at the beach, then feet in sand, in the ocean. ... today it's visit their grandma... I resting in bed now as I write this post.

 I was inspired to work out more, by looking at singer Ciara's instagram. I jog, but adding more to my routine would be less boring lol.

I received a payment yesterday it is added to my saving safe. I rediscovered how the…


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Day 67/100

Day 67/100

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Goodness. Already so close to the end! I'm so excited for school to end in three weeks and for Summer to begin. I love hot weather and sunshine more than almost everything else in life. My ultimate goal in life is to move someplace without Winter. I know with LOA I can do it!!!

Right now I'm Manifesting:

A good restaurant job with good hours near my home. 

A great end to this semester.

Health and wellness. 

Money and other forms of…


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this is a year it improve my faith and get more disapline in my life

i will start meditating and read and doing goal i have been planning to do for years and start to get them working and improve my mind and body.i want to be the me i see in my mind and that is not what i see right now

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