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Day 66/100

Day 66/100

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What are 100 things you love about yourself?


I just saw a video with Sonia Choquette and Lilou where Sonia said to make a list of 100 things you love about yourself and read it every day. So, I did! A lot of fun and a good challenge. Do it!

Added by Etta on April 4, 2014 at 11:44pm — 4 Comments

Day 94, Season 2 Grateful, grateful, grateful. All about the love...

So chilly today! Freezing rain and fog--yuck! Feeling slightly under the weather, so I'll make a big pot of soup and rest up this evening. Even with the nasty weather, however, I am so blessed and grateful for everything. I have family, friends, good health, good grades, and I'm training for a few charity 5k's coming up.  

I just wanted to take some time to express gratitude for all I have. All my needs are met, and I'm 100% certain that once I get my degree in…


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Are We Missing Something Here About Beliefs?

In the world of self-development and transformation there is always the mention of needing to change your beliefs. The common thread among gurus is that it's "difficult" to do so "because we have been steeped in these beliefs for a very long time." What if it's not difficult? What if that is just a story that you've also bought into? How do you know that it would be difficult? I don't think so anymore. Once I heard a quote from Alan Watts everything shifted for…


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Life is rough sometimes

I decided to quit all my jobs and sell/give away everything i had and left Maui a month ago to Come to Costa Rica with someone i trusted and Loved, in order to help him chase his dream. Since i got here 12 days ago, I got Robbed by strangers and also by the guy who called himself a friend to us. My man abandoned me and my heart is broke. Now i'm on my own waiting for the date i can finally fly back to a place where I'm safe and truly being cared for and about. Trying my best with all my…


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Day 65/100

Day 65/100

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 Thhis is Season 7 Day 27  I thoughtI would share my goals and Intentions

 My main Goals is to Lose weight I want to lose about 10 pounds a month between 8- 10 pounds per monthe

 So I hope to be around 140 pounds by the ebd of this season  July 26th 2014h  My Ultimate goal is to be

126 pounds by September 26th 2014   ..  I have joined TOPS and I get weighed weekly..  I bought myself a Magic Bullet for Smoothies..  I have increased my healthy foods  like fruit…


Added by kelly on April 3, 2014 at 11:06am — 2 Comments

Day 64/100

Day 64/100

Added by Maree Schena on April 2, 2014 at 8:33pm — No Comments

Second post of the day... Feeling inspired and good!

Felt inspired to make another post. Got another project done, though I'll wait for my meeting with my prof to work on the other one. Also working on the second of three loads of laundry, did the dishes, planned tonight's dinner, and swept, and I'll run in a bit. 

I was looking through my photos on facebook and realized that 

1.) I didn't take any of them. This makes me sad, because I used to ADORE photography, and really I still do, it's just that since…


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Season 2, day 92/100

 I was at school yesterday and a group of girls came up to me and said they were with the faith group on campus. They asked if I had any prayer requests. I did! They prayed with em that I would get the job I want and it was such a lovely experience. Definitely the highlight of my week. 

I'll work on two projects today for school, and then I'll only have two left, and two final exams. I'm breaking it into manageable bits now, and feeling good. I'll work…


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Day 63/100

Here is Day 63's blog

Day 63/100

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