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April 2016 Blog Posts (35)

Achievement #259 - Me vs Technology

I had two major successes yesterday, both related to my website. One: I finally got it to track if someone subscribed to my mailing list. Two: I figured out why it also wasn't tracking the keywords people put in Google to find the site, and corrected it. One more challenge to go, and the site's going to be looking a LOT healthier!

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Achievement #258 - A peaceful evening

My fiancé had a rough day yesterday, and as a result was feeling 'emotionally stirred' by the time she got home. I'd been practicing my meditative breathing earlier and was able to spot the moments where we might have ended up fighting unnecessarily, and smooth them over. Sometimes, that's all you can do.

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Day 94 Season 17 Happy days :)

Isnt it typical, when we plan, that we will do some work, and that we need some alone time, that that is the time when suddenly a lot of people call us or want something from us...

anyway I SUCCESSFULLY told people off,saying that I had a lot of work, but that I will help them in a week. that action in itself was for me a VICTORY, because I have until now always been spontanious and very quickly said yes and been there for them and talking to them and getting quite absorbed by their…


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Achievement #257 - Fear of too many options

I'm a very analytic person, and I like challenges with a very straightforward process to getting through. So a challenge with any number of possible options - like freestyle dancing with a partner for example - makes me very uncomfortable. In fact, it makes me so uncomfortable, I suspect it's tied to some sort of survival mechanism. To help myself combat it, I went out West Coast Swing dancing yesterday. This might not sound like a stretch for me, but WCS is the most creatively open partner…


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What's going on?

Day seven season 10, feeling empty and sad, change is coming I know change is always good but also I know that the process sometimes hurt

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Achievement #256 - Meditation, reloaded

I have trouble sitting still for long periods at a time. This, combined with a lack of understanding of how it works, is the reason I rarely meditate. I do understand how important it can be for building my presence and focus on the moment, but somehow I can't seem to resist rushing into the daily routine when I get up in the morning. Recently however, I received inspiration from a Paul Coelho book The Witch of Portobello. I realized that sometimes you have to create unusual…


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Achievement #255 - Weathering the storm

I have periods where it gets harder for me to focus, to stay present. Often this leads to mistakes on my part, which leads to frustration and a feeling that I'm not improving, which can lead to depression. This can last for weeks if I'm not careful. When I felt 'the darkness' coming again a couple weeks ago, I made perhaps the strongest, most coordinated effort ever to stay in the present, or if I was having difficulty, to keep negative thoughts from possessing me. Through a combination of…


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Achievement #254 - Nobody has power over what I feel

I've been getting cyber-stalked by an ex-student for months now. She messages me via Facebook, often making rude comments about my work or personal life, then deletes her profile so it can't be blocked. For a long time, I was getting more and more angry every time I saw one of her posts. It got so it didn't even matter what she wrote - just seeing that name again on the message board made me want to grind my teeth. However, after a long meditation yesterday, I thought about it from a…


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Season 10 day 2

Hello hello my beautiful co creators

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Achievement #253 - Staying afloat

It's one thing to have a big problem you have to deal with, quite another to a myriad of issues that jostle for your attention. This week has been full of challenges so far, and yesterday was by far the hardest. I'm proud of myself for staying focused, for counting my breaths, for not getting hard on myself even when I felt myself sliding towards a darker place. And for watching all those emotions and remembering that they are not me, and I will lose nothing when they go.

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Achievement #252 - A new mantra

I recently typed up and printed a mantra for empowered action, which I posted above my workstation and read aloud daily. Here it is:

Today, I renew my pledge to act with courage, and vigor,

to live life unhesitatingly, and authentically.

I recognize that nothing is truly me, 

and therefore, I have nothing to lose.

This enables me to trust my intuitions,

to speak my truth, clearly and honestly,

and seek fulfilling connections with the…


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Achievement #251 - How dance helps you deal with life

Came up with an interesting metaphor yesterday: Social dancing is like improv theatre. In both, the players don't really know what's going to happen next - even the leader in a dance doesn't truly know where the idea for his next move is coming from - but they still have to roll with it. And as I thought about it, it occurred that this was an excellent metaphor for life too. I mean, how much in our lives to we really control? No matter how well we prepare, there are always unexpected…


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Achievement #250 - Resolving an old argument

My fiancé and I had a disagreement about a week ago, and we both needed some time to cool down from it. Yesterday, we finally laid it to rest, and made some decisions to avoid repeating it in the future. I'm glad I was able to stay present, despite having come down with an infection that day.

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Day 84 Season 17 Resting and no-intention.

I went to the country for five days. I have been out walking, also doing some gardening. I set the goal for this long weekend to a physical goal. To rest physically and have no other intentions. I ve been sun tanning as well. Now I am listening to water running for one hour and it is very relaxing.
I am kind of emptying my head. Thinking of nothing and its very nice. Tomorrow I will do some gardening.
It is so nice not to have any intentions at all.

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Achievement #249 - How to measure a day

I've been thinking (always a dangerous condition) about how I respond when people ask me how my day was. My impulse is to tell them about the things in my day - what I accomplished, what made me happy or sad, etc. That may be what they want to hear, but is that really what my day - or anyone's - is all about? I've started to measure the quality of my day, not by how much I got done, but how I feel doing it. There will always be more work, more things to buy, more negativity…


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Achievement #248 - The lasting power of conscious breathing

Yesterday was actually a very tough one for staying present - ever second moment, it seemed my consciousness was getting pulled away by this inner voice or that. On the way home, I was determined to start refocusing myself however, so I started conscious breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth (which I don't normally do, so it forced my to stay present), while keeping my mind quiet and counting the number of breaths. Normally I get distracted when I enter the house, but this…


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I have a question

I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong if anything. One of my wishes was to catch up with my work. I have wished this for a long time. I hate the feeling of being disorganized and behind in paperwork. Well I finally caught up, but it's because business is way down. Now I find myself wishing that I was behind again, because that would mean I would be busy and making more money. I"m hardly making any now! Is this a cruel joke by the Universe? I'm trying to figure out why this happened and…


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This video is the basis

 Please share with you friends.
This video is the basis if all my theories I will explain to you in my next ones. In a week,I will present you the first part of the emotional blockages.

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Achievement #247 - A technological success

Was wrestling with some software I was trying to backup on my computer yesterday. After doing some online searching and downloading a helpful app, finally managed to get the file copied off my disk - those things get scratched up too easily anyways!

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Achievement #246 - Understanding my addiction

I'm addicted to video games. Even though I haven't played in over a year, I watch video game play-throughs frequently. Yesterday was a revelation of sorts, as I realized in a state of presence how hard it was to resist watching. I realized I had to treat the temptation with more respect, because it drains a huge amount of my energy. And, I did manage to keep the time spent watching to a mere hour, which is amazing for me.

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