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April 2017 Blog Posts (29)

Achievement #431 - Vlogging

Yesterday I tackled another thing I've been procrastinating about for my business: Video blogging. I'm not yet entirely comfortable in front of the camera, and it took a long time to get everything set up the last time I did this, so it's not my favourite thing. This time however, I had a much simpler setup, and picked a topic I was more familiar with. I got it done in record time.

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Stolen Package

Friday someone stole my package from my apartment mailbox area. Not sure what lowlife decided they wanted my package that I saved up for but I have no idea what the mind f a thief is like. I felt all emotions of madness to weakness. But I decided to seek forgiveness because I really hate feeling hate towards anyone. It sucks to have the emotion of anger. It feels really refreshing to laugh about the situation and move forward. 

I hope the thief who stole my…


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Day 45 Season 20 Checking in :) :)

So I was last tuning in on 1.february! Things have developped nicely: i have two new project and one old going on. It took a while to get used to this temporythm... Its fine. Its a challenge though to have time to exercize but I am getting there.
How are you co creators? Any developpments?

How do you manifest things? Visionboards, affirmations... what has worked for you?

I know that I definitely need to move to another place!

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Achievement #430 - Video Security

Finally made it to a part of my project I've been waffling around for months: Security for my instructional videos. Of course, it ended up being a lot more complicated than I expected, but I've learned a lot, and starting to get a sense of what to look for from future video hosting. One step at a time...

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Decided to stop stuffing myself with sweets and crisps

the guy who was supposed to come here for my buying the house is coming tomorrow 

looking forward to that

phoned a friend who told me about networking and buying properties meeting next week

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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 71! Living in the Now!!!!!

I love seeing beautiful color flowers. I love how trees are swaying in the wind. I love to see the rain fall outside while looking out the window. I love how my vibration is getting higher and higher! Love is in the air! The body spray I'm wearing smells so good it makes me happy! I hope everyone have the best day ever! : )

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Achievement #429 - Bunny Meditation

We recently adopted a bunny, just the cutest thing ever, except he loves to chew on pretty much everything. This makes my morning meditation a bit distracted, so today I called him over and started scratching between his ears. He loves this and settled down in front of me, leaving me free to connect with myself in meditation. Not only did I still get the focusing benefits, he got a lot of attention himself!

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Aim is to settle in France and meet nice friends

find a job 

an accommodation and finishing everything I started in the UK

aim to sell books


organise workhops

find ways

finance for here 

and maybe for buying properties in France 

tracking my calories

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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 70! Living in the Now!!!!!

I love to learn new things to expand my mind. I love to see the beauty in the world. I love how I'm falling in love with myself more and more. I'm so blessed! I hope everyone has a great day! : )

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Achievement #428 - Monk Mentality

I've been reflecting on how short our attention span is lately. Everything around us is designed to hook our attention, pull us on to the next thing, the next thing. As a result, we (myself included) rarely focus deeply on any one thing. And as a result, we miss out on much of the true depth of life, that which can truly satisfy. I've begun to infuse this idea into my morning meditations, and when I'm out and about. With each part of my day, I decide in advance what I would like to focus on…


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I did it

I am so proud of myself. I will do it again.

My diet I am going to count my calories now and go to the gym

My buying my flat is being checked this week

Meeting a French LOVE LIFE Partner will happen in France and I will be there is June

Making money from my business is being investigated.

Did not get to speak with my angles, but got to access the Akashic records whch is above teh angles.

Added by STEPHANE on April 23, 2017 at 4:07pm — 1 Comment

Trains and more Trains

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, the subway trains in my city broke down causing a massive delay. I wound up jumbled in side train after train trying to detour myself into the right direction. Slowly I began to realize how much the train dilemma reflected my own life. Sometimes you can get jumbled around in life but you still make it to your destination. Sure I could have turned around and went home or given up due to the hassle. But I kept going.

Simple joyful day…


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Things have definitely shifted.

I have not manifested a love life partner yet . I still have today and tomorrow


my life has whole has moved and things have manifested into being, books, exhibition maybe buying my flat moving to the South of France, organised my first EFT workshop

I loved doing the Victor boc exercises and enjoyed all kinds of spiritual;  programmes

feeling positive and lucky

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Achievement #427 - Burst of productivity

I spend 3 hours a week doing analytics work for the studio website. I can be the most boring work there is sometimes, so I often delay until the last minute. Yesterday, I knocked all three hours down. One less thing to stress about for the rest of the week.

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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 66! Living in the Now!!!!! : )

I'm so thankful for vibrating higher! I feel so good! Life just gets better and better. I'm more than half way through my 100 day challenge and I'm so proud of myself. I make sure to start my day off with some type of meditation video, Abraham Hicks or some music. Since I started this challenge I also lost some weight, feeling more joyful, drinking more water and being more with nature. I'm excited to see what unfolds from now until the end of my challenge! I hope everyone has a wonderful…


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Achievement #426 - Reconnecting

It's been some time since I've really listened to myself. Partly because I didn't feel I could do what my body was asking me to do. A part of me is always wanting to push forward, learn more, try more, and that's beautiful. But it's also exhausting. So this past month I've been recovering from burnout, and that means a lot of relaxation time. Now, I'm glad to finally have some energy again to get back on track with my business and other projects. Here we go!

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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 64! Living in the Now!!!

I feel good this morning listening and meditating to meditation videos. I love that I can shift my vibration anytime I desire. I love to have Fun Fun Fun!!! : )

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Day 2... :)


First of all, happy easter to everybody who's reading this! :) I hope you have a lovely day.

Other than that, my first song is almost completely written... I want to meditate a bit in a moment, as I felt kinda bad for post-poning another "task" that needed to be done, because the deadline is on Tuesday, and the task related to this is focusing on negative things that have happened (It is necessary to do this, unfortunately. :\) and I am scared of feeling…


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Attracted and manifested a love lief partner who has teh features and some of teh traits I imagined, he slept with me twice it felt great , but not quite right yet.will see what happen ...., but what I am amazed at is that for 5 years I did not manifest or attract any possible partner at all.. so this 100 day reality challenge works

Meanwhile still promoting my paintings and my books, started my other book: DO YOU WANT…


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No excuses. (DAY 1)


I recently found a new way of writing songs, that I wanted to give a try... I know my song is not complete yet, but thus far, I am really, really fond of what I have written today! :) I already have a name for the song, and I already figured out some new chords I could use within the progression. It is a song on a topic I have been dealing with for quite some time now, and I hope I can get around to finding some people who'd be willing to e. g. record their drumming for…


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