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Another attempt, unsure about the number of seasons?

Hello there.

I know I have been away for so long, and to be honest, I didn't reach any of my goals the last time I attempted (five years ago). I know it was because, maybe secretly, I was not ready, I was not commited, and I didn't know what I truly wanted. Now, this is another attempt...

Since my actual "Season 1" was never completed, as I quit midway, I chose to call this attempt, the following one, which will start tomorrow, "Season 1". I hope this will be…


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Achievement #425 - Conquering feelings of inadequacy

Every once and a while, I have a conversation that allows me to do what I love most - hear the frustrations of another, and be invited to offer advice in return. Yesterday was one such occasion - a coworker was feeling she didn't deserve a particularly generous couple she had started teaching, because she felt out of practice with her dancing. After talking for a bit, she realized she had beliefs about worthiness, and I think I gave her a few ideas on how she might lay those beliefs to rest.…


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Hi Everyone I'm Back!!!

Hello my name is Kelly..  I really love being here..  It is going to be a great Positive fun inspiring Season..  I am setting goals for improvement manifesting and the Law of Attraction..  From April 6- July 16th 2017   10I  will  be 30 pounds lighter.. I will eat healthy foods more friut veggies lots of water , Smoothie    Go to the  Gym regularly more walking Dancing  Bikingetc..,  2) Also Cleaning Organizing  Following the…


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Try and Try Again

I rather look back in my life and know that I tried to go after my dreams and goals than sit and pout. At times in order to reach my goals, I've had to be persistent. Yes, multiple of my emails have gone unanswered. Ignored by those who said they would network with me. Went to plenty job events with zero results…BUT I am a tryer. 

I really look forward to the day I can delete my job emails. Stop searching for a good place to work and move forward in life. I know plenty of people have…


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100 Day Challenge Seaon 11 Day 56! Living in the Now!!!

I feel so good this morning! I look beautiful today! : ) I'm so happy my new skirt came in the mail today. I can't wait to wear it. I'm so thankful for my free sexy shoes! Hubby wants to spend quality time with me! I'm having the best day ever! I hope everyone has a great great day!

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had a fab day, weather fantastin had a walk, did my promotio for both book and paintings and just had a card reading for free from Molly Ann Fairley

plus having a coaching session with dawn michales feeling privileged...and cared for

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Vacation, please.

Living in a large never ending big city on my own is very daunting. I am getting my groove on but now I could definitely use a nice vacation to Iceland, Stockholm, and Hawaii. So time to just not think or ponder any thought. Lay back and tell absolutely no one that I'm gone. Just for a nice week. 

And then go back to work and life. 

Peace- Stacey

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Been busy putting into the web , a blog for my ebook, by the way finishing Do you want more money? and for my exhibition adverts

a  part from this been to a workshop this weekend on how to buy your property

it is beautiful outside will take the day  to walk and to enjoy the sun

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I am persistant.

For the last few years, I have felt cursed. 

Trying to navigate life and find my purpose has lead me to many nights wondering if I am cursed to be alone and jobless. (If you are wondering if I am serious, I am.) My attempts to find love have always had me so close and head over heels for someone who rejects me life a plague. Job searching has consist of most of my 20s. I feel like I haven't had a real life because I'm constantly looking for work and looking for…


Added by Stacey P. on April 4, 2017 at 10:33am — 2 Comments

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