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Day 92: Fun day and a red feather:)

Last night I watched some of chapter 9 A New Earth webcast before going to bed and I really missed hearing Eckharts voice. I haven't been thinking about A New Earth lately and realised that my ego is definitely still running my life! Anyway is was good to hear him again so I felt good going to sleep. I will finish the webcasts as it reminds me what our purpose is in life.

Today we went to a fun day at the new children's centre. Before we went I meditated for about 10 minutes and… Continue

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Day 90: A deal coming together

So, I have been negotiating over the new house from the developer. I have a good deal already, and it got even better during the course of the conversation. Largely because I kept my mouth shut, and that I will only settle for exactly the right deal. I have been very clear about that. I have got most of the things on my list - stamp duty, carpets, tiling, grass in the garden, £2k for "legal fees", electric garage doors and I have already knocked off £75k from the value of their… Continue

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DAY 89: it's all happening

Well, today the estate agents called up. They offered something lower than I expected for our house. So I counteroffered with a really low offer for theirs. After tooing and froing, I sent the negotiator back to get authoritisation for a good deal. I imagine I will be negotiating all weekend on the house :-)

Come dine with me was tonight- it is the last one. It was absolutely fantastic. Really enjoyed it and it has been great hanging out with the guys from work. There… Continue

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Fear, Get Thee Behind Me! 55/100

I AM starting my new job on Wednesday. I need some new clothes and some money. I have to commute for a few weeks from Belmont Shores to Irvine and stay with my cousin while my family is left in the Desert to do their thing until we move into the new apt. We went on the audition for the TV show yesterday for the Entertainment channels style portion. We had fun and will see if we get on. If we do Chuck gets a transformation and I get a few hundred bucks. I am intending it to be… Continue

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Day 92 Season 2 June 1,2008 Saturday

Wow, I can't believe how the days are flying by. My computer has been whacky lately and of course that is not good for blogging. So here I am now ready to go. I spent the day doing hypnotherapy training to facilitate Stress Reduction hypnotherapy.My husband and I will be certified hypnotherapists ready to help people with stress, smoking, weight loss, self-esteem and whatever they want to work on. I also am nominating 2 of my friends for an award from the American Business women's Association… Continue

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Super Manifestation

A student of mine bought a print copy of my book a couple days ago - that officially makes me a self-published author. I was squealing and jumping around all that evening! He called at 8:30 pm to let me know he read the book from front to back and is ready to get started on his 1-on-1 credit analysis. We scheduled it for Monday.

This purchase is extremely important. I needed to set up my class so that it would perpetuate the motion for my book sales. It has certainly worked! I am so… Continue

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Day 46_ good news!

I woke up today with a phone call from my old boss Janet. I got a job at the Bakery at Waldbuams!! I am so excited, I cannot wait to start working!

Little baby turtle is still alive!! I decided to name him cutie, because he is so damn cute!!

I finally finished my visionboard. It looks great, I'll post a picture once I figure out how to. I must have looked at dozens of magazines to find the perfect pictures. I put it right next to my mirror so I'll be sure to look at it… Continue

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The Reason for all this! - Der Grund für dies alles!

Der Grund für das alles: „Ich glaube, dass das Leben existiert, damit man es genießt. Das Wichtigste ist, mit sich selbst im Reinen zu sein. Jeder Mensch hat seine eigenen Methoden, diese beiden Ziele zu erreichen, und die können sich im Lauf der Zeit verändern. Für den einen ist es Arbeit mit Weisenkindern, ein anderer komponiert Musik. Ich habe meine persönliche Antwort auf beide Anforderungen gefunden: lieben, geliebt werden und nie mit dem Lernen… Continue

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Storms/ Tornados

May is a significant month for me, because I am a teacher. Teachers are wired differently than most people. We have this internal clock that sounds an alarm in middle May and August. Kind of like the tornado sirens last night.

When we here those tornado sirens, we get our dogs, candles, flashlights, blankets, spare clothes, food and other necessities and head to the basement with our battery operated televsion and radio. Sometimes the power goes out, sometimes not. Sometimes there is… Continue

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I am reminded every time I blog on this site that this stuff happens because of co creating. There's some things that I can influence by my actions. Some think I need to ask for from the universe or from God.

I had a shift yesterday partly because of the timing. It was the last day of work for the school year. I felt a little sad, but I also feel so proud of the year. I think I had a good year. The class developed into a wonderful community that everyone felt a part of. I still… Continue

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Day 55 of the 100 day Challenge - Season 1

HHHHello my fellow co-creators I just sooo love dolphins I always feel really connected to them in a spiritual way just GORGEOUS!!! I'm relaxing today and making the most of our long weekend, my throat is on the mend but now my husband is coming down with a virus we are managing (even though its not easy when your'e not feeling that well physically to remain ok with each other 24/7 ) but both of us are doing our best to focus on the lovely things in… Continue

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Day 33

Hello to all the beautiful co-creators, I have become so aware of my feelings when I now start to feel triggered that my thoughts are created this for me and that I have to lift my emotional vibration. I have also become aware that when my actions are not aligned with my inner being, which is what I felt like this morning. I was withholding my love and support for someone because I was scared.

I allow myself to feel my feelings knowing that this too shall pass.

i know that I… Continue

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day 69 - always taken care of

This is a thought I am obsessing on lately: essentially, that whether we know it or not, we are always being taken care of by something greater than ourselves. Oftentimes in the middle of our own head trips, it's hard to see this. Especially if you're someone who likes to have their way (me!).

I remember going out with someone in February on one magical date. I beamed and glowed. He called me the very next day. I was sure this was going somewhere. I had made a pact not to make any… Continue

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Day 59/100 ~ Season 1 - I need to "come back to the middle"

A bright new Saturday, with beautiful weather to be thankful for. I plan to do a bit of cleaning and later on I'll see what's next. No definite plans yet but just moving on as the day blossoms. what can i say, its been a journey on the 100 day challenge, mostly ups and very minor lows which are not worth mentioning cos i can't even remember them..hehehe

still pursuing my intentions and trying to keep on track with them, a challenge it is but I'm sure by the end of season one I'd have… Continue

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Day 8 has been great!

Fabulous news, I actually studied today! I did feel alot of internal resistance again and most definately did not want to because I'm still internally in "I'll do it tomorrow" mode but I sat my butt down and studied for about 45 min. Then after dinner I continued for another hour so not bad. I'm feeling great about it and hoping to continue the momentum over the next few weeks till one by one all my exams are aced, because that's what i'm visualizing will happen so it is going to… Continue

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Days 44 & 45- Turtle!!

I found a baby turtle!!! My friend Pierce called me today and I went to Baldwin Park with him and Scott. While we were walking I noticed the little baby turtle on the ground. Its so small, just a tad bit bigger then a quater. I picked him up and decided to keep him. The mortality rate of wild turtles is 99% so I figured the little guy would last longer with me. I AM SO EXCITED, turtles are my favorite animals (or should I say reptiles). I must admit I felt a bit guilty takng him away from… Continue

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Day 91/100, Season 1 - C'est la vie....

Hello friends! Today was another long day in Paris...


• I did a presentation today and it went down quite well, so I'm thrilled with that. - I am grateful for getting a great response to my presentation.

• He and I spoke again tonight albeit briefly and it was nice - I am grateful to have him in my life.

• I also spoke with my cousin tonight and she and I talked about where to go on vacation this winter. Heading into one vacation and planning yet… Continue

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Day 91: Sending gifts and making decisions:)

Today I woke up very positive and refreshed. I think its because I held my amethyst stone all night. I've been finding it hard to sleep lately as my mind goes on overdrive when lying in bed and I've noticed if I hold my amethyst stone I fall asleep really quickly and wake up refreshed so I'll be doing that every night from now on!

My kids cold's are going so I went to the town centre today. We've been stuck in doors all week and I really wanted to send some gifts I have for some… Continue

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Day 40 Season 5 Having fun in Seattle

Hi everyone,

I have been having a great couple of days in Seattle, the weather has been fine and is picking up today, the sun is shining and i'm about to head off to the gym (that ties into my new intention).

First, i am so grateful for the great flight i had and for being able to have a night staying in downtown seattle in the only 5 star hotel in washington state. It was sooo great and very luxurious.…


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Season 1, Day 91

Things are awesome. I haven't been updating a lot but a lot has been going on. It has been a very introverted 100 days for me and it's been a good thing for once. I have been manifesting everything from parking spots to fixing my car to having the startings of a savings account. Even though these things have seemed like they took a while to come to fruition I sit here writing and realizing that it hasn't even been 100 days. All I can say to that is WHOA!!!!!!!!!

One funny… Continue

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