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VERY happy with my pictures! Day 37 of Season 8


My pictures were taken by a very talented, up-and-coming artist, graphic illustrator, musician, and all around great young man by the name of Jason Tate. He has a natural talent for photography and art that he is cultivating, and I asked him to take my pictures for me. Here are his various websites and and social network… Continue

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Season 3-Day 35. I had an amazing weekend and feel I've made leaps and strides towards my season 3 goals!

I've been thinking. I've been affirming that I am photogenic in a lot of my affirmations as of late in the 3 basics group. Really focusing on working on creating wonderful headshots and PR shots (which I manifested btw out of the blue with a photographer I've been wanting to work with for a loooong time). I have this weird thing happen to me when I take photos, where to the naked eye I look like I could take an awesome shot. However, when the shot happens it just doesn't look right. So hence my… Continue

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Season 2 - Day 70 - Enjoying my life! :)

So my journey has been going great, alot of great stuff has been happing for me! :)

And I look forward to it continuing that way.

Over the last few weeks I have been listening to alot of Abraham's teachings and they have definately been helping me. I've actually been spending hours, just listening to Abraham on YouTube, going from video to video. And having fun and enjoying every minute of it all. :)

I'm seeing/getting alot of signs to let me know that all is well and… Continue

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I have allowed myself to go through ups and downs but I'm kinda beginning my journey over starting from yesterday. I desire to have great relationships with those close to me, especially Marcus, I me…

I have allowed myself to go through ups and downs but I'm kinda beginning my journey over starting from yesterday. I desire to have great relationships with those close to me, especially Marcus, I mean he's the father of my children and I still love him. I've been feeling really good and keeping myself in a positive mind frame. I am so excited I get to work with my life coach tomorrow, I think, She hasn't e-mailed me back to confirm but either way we will be talking this week. I am excited… Continue

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Eve of season 3 start!!!

Hi!!! It has been a lovely day, sunny all day!! Just a quick check in before bed. I can't wait for season 3 to start. Totally motivated. I have not yet posted my goals as you can see, planning to post again on my first day. I will journal tonight and I have loads of inspiring texts to read. Just bought The Power of Now and The Secret, The secret just totally inspired me.I saw a clip of the film on You Tube and was totally transfixed with it. like having a motivational coach right at the side of… Continue

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S2 D61

Today I am thankful for:

Not being overdrawn in my bank account

The You Tube link that Kay gave me on Abraham-Hicks


Completing my weekend chores

Mercury going direct

A TVK sale to welcome Mercury going direct

My health as well as my family's health

That today is perfect and I am supposed to be where I am at this very moment

Food in the fridge


Running water

I was… Continue

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Season 1 Day 63

Hello all,

What a wonderful Sunday... I don't think you hear a lot of people say that often (including me), but I woke up today and did my daily meditation and now I feel pretty good.

What else? Yes, I got me a ticket to a dinner party, where many prospects employers I want to work for are attending. So, I got my fingers crosses for that.

Other than that, nothing else to report.

Have a great day!

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season 1 day 2

hello my mitschöpfer,

well it is one day later and i am tuning in to yesterday.

i was faced with alot of frustrating emotions, starting the day

it seems i couldn t get in the flow or feel the timing of the day.

finding a solution to unblock it, i descover sonia choquettes

great videos about how to stay in the flow and how to snap out

the super inspired by this...i followed the

chose one thing for today: "i am clearly me.i am powerfully happy… Continue

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season 1 day 3


realizing that through starting these 100days

i am opening to a great flow...

no need to explain or justify me to others why

i am playing the first and main violin and roll in my life!!

yesterday i had a moment of still a slight echo

i imagine like opening a big tap after along is coming in

alot and nothing and rust..for a while untill it starts flowing.

i am willingly and joyfully letting go of old patterns!!!

i… Continue

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THG #40 – SEASON 1 - DAY 92 – "THG Beach Buddies – Mini series”

Listed below are all 9 mini episodes of our recent “THG Beach Buddies” series which was our video diary of our first day out at the Beach (part of one of our goals for our first season of the 100 day go to the beach twice).

"The Journey Begins" - THG Beach Buddies - Ep 1 / 9

"The Castle On The Horizon" - THG Beach Buddies - Ep 2 / 9…


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I met with Kevin today. Day 36 of Season 8

And it went very well. Read about it here:


And I have my photoshoot for my bookcover tomorrow!! I am so excited!! More details here:



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Angel Therapy™ with Dr. Doreen Virtue Every Wednesday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT

Angel Therapy™

with Dr. Doreen Virtue

Every Wednesday

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT

What are your angels trying to tell you?

Doreen Virtue, clairvoyant doctor of psychology and the author of 25 books, begins each show by drawing an angel oracle card and giving the entire listening audience a reading.

Join her each week as she discusses ways to get in touch with your angels, as well as the angels’ messages… Continue

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"Ask and it's given" Day 13 Season 1 :)

Well, this is wonderful. Being new on Co-creating my life, sometimes I wonder if it's coincidence Or did I really attract it?....But I know it's not coincidence

I have been reading"ask and it is given" by Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks. I love it, first I listened and then I read it in my language to have a better understanding. And I think it's all logic!. In our entire life we know we have eyes to see, ears to listen, nose to smell, etc. And also we know we have thoughts and… Continue

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S4D31- Drum

Today is great day. I had a wonderful time outside and went to several places. I got some great deals at a garage sale and picked up a drum and alot of wonderful things. I wanted a drum, but my want for it was very light. I was happy to come and find they where saleing one. I also wanted a print and got one. And a wonderful mixer which I was eyeing on the Food channel. I am came across a stone that I knew was a crystal but I did not know… Continue

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Inspired thoughts!! - Day 36 of Season 8

This morning was VERY productive, and in the face of perceived negativity that I refuse to acknowledge.

I saw the commissioner of Wayne County who was very happy to see me and excited about the changes he is making in that neighborhood. I am going to focus on getting recommendations and endorsements from these individuals because I think it would work better in my favor versus meeting with them for these classes and meetings that are not getting clients yet.

I had a… Continue

Added by Tamara Rasheed on May 30, 2009 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

S2 D60

60 down.

40 to go!

My weekend is off to a great start. I set my alarm early enough to get my cardio workout out of the way before work so I can sleep in tomorrow. Yay!

Work has been going by pretty quick as well. I also slept well last night so I can’t complain about anything, really.

Today I am thankful for:

A good night of sleep

My cardio workout

That today is Saturday

My family

My daughter having an A+ in her Algebra II… Continue

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Season 1 Day 60....4 Day Challenge and Crying

This is my 3rd attempt at the 4 day manifestation's one good thing about me: I'm persistent!

My negative thoughts are so ingrained in me; I think it's something that I grew up with. I'm actually a positive person, but the actions and thoughts of my parents and my grandparents have really taken their toll on my mind. But, let me create a new story.

So, I"m going into day 2 of the 4 day manifestation. My goals: $5000.00 lump sum, bring 2 new writing… Continue

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Season 1 Day 62

Hello all,

Well the last few days have been interesting. Today, I spilled out over the internet something that have been bothering me for quite sometime. Hopefully, this won't stagger my employment opportunities. Hopefully the old adage, the truth will set you free will pan out to be true

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Hello Fellow Co-creators I'm Having A Lovely Weekend Filled With Gratitude

Hi there fellow co-creators just thought that I need to touch base with you all I've been making the most of the past 2 weeks relaxing as I had mentioned previously I have been given special time with pay off work and its been simply the best I've sooo appreciated it I thank the universe for taking care of me as I've been learning in my affirmations over the past few years ( I am always taken care of ) and its wonderful well I must get off the… Continue

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