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5 after 5 and a beautiful melody

It's funny how the human mind works.  This afternoon on my way home, I noticed that the clock in my car read 5:05pm and I remembered that, that was the time my father would come home from work everyday right on time.


As I was remembering waiting for him to walk up the steps of our family home, I started humming a tune and realized that that too was a…


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Shes..BAAACK!!!! Day 30 Season 2




Is it a coincidence that once I got on CCOR last night..some good things started to happen. My friend burned me some CDS of the book The seat of the soul, and I am now able to listen to those words while driving. I went jogging for the first time since I left my old spot, and my energy is up. upsets or not..I always bounce back stronger J I feel my energy and my mind focusing more and more. Blessings ccor. Love you guys!




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Season 1 Day 39 - Mountains and Valleys


I have to say that I am in a valley right now (as opposed to a mountain) But who's to say that a mountain is any better than a valley? Valley's are green and lush and there are usually little lambs running about. When you're on top of a mountain, you feel like you can rule the world and powerful and like there's nothing that can touch you. When you're in a valley, you think and figure out how to get back up to the top (and play with the lambs ;) 


I feel like I've…


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My First Blog on CCOR! :)

My friend Steffie Kay (who is also on here), told me about this amazing website. I actually signed up a few weeks ago and am now trying to fill in my info on here.

Not long ago I finished reading "The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav (recommended to me by Steffie Kay) and I just cannot say enough how much reading that book has changed already so much how I view things. It is a great book, I loved it so much I also got the audiobook.

Added by Daniel Gomez on May 31, 2011 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

Season 5 May 31—Day 10


It's been a few days since I have updated my challenge. I feel like the last few days have gone by very fast; I've had some slothful moments where I've just watched tv which I'm trying very hard to avoid.


Yesterday was horrible. I got in a huge argument with my husband in the morning over nothing. Really, the whole thing was my fault, and it completely thew…


Added by Lori on May 31, 2011 at 11:12am — 7 Comments

100 Day Drawing Challenge

Hello !!!

I'm back sort of :) It's been a while. I'm still writing poetry here and there.. I'm satisfied with it. I've missed drawing ... when I was younger I used to draw a lot and now I want to go back to that old - lost hobby...  so a few days ago I started to draw again and I want to draw each day a picture. I want to see if I can improve this way, if my drawing…


Added by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on May 31, 2011 at 10:14am — 1 Comment

S4 D52 - more than half way past

Wow, I can't believe i'm more than half way through this season!  It's been over a week since i've last written a blog, and it feels like time has slipped away.  I'm just blown away!  I feel like i still haven't settled into this season.... that's funny isn't it, esp now that I realise i'm more than half way through it.  


well, it hasn't been the best week for me.  I've been pretty emotional (don't you hate being a women n our hormones sometimes?).  My hubby has been…


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Less on my mind.


    Its been a while since i wrote about such emtional nonscence, at least nonscence is what it seems. I guess we all need to write down our thoughts to help maintain a worry free mind, believe me for me it has been a while and i think it is showing how much i have forgotten how i need to write. Aside from this, ive had a fair share of good and bad experiences i know i wont be forgetting in a hurry, in time they may need to be addressed in order to understand my…


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The day before… 4th season

 Today is day zero, I’ll prepare for my fourth season what will start tomorrow, the first of june.


I’ll reset and clean my goals, I’ll be more specific, that would be better.


I see results, I get better ideas to do with my life, get thinner and healthier and I’m happy!


I like to learn from others, from big speakers/writers, like Deepak, Oprah, Rhonda, Joe Vitale, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and of course Lilou Mace!!! I like to learn from my…


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Honesty. Day 29 Season 2


Honesty on day 29

I feel I need to start with…what should I say?! Is there anything to say…looking at the path..I am making progress. Is that what this is all about…I heard it was about the journey. I am trying to learn right now, but it has been challenging to not get stuck and remember to learn…don’t run away..but be patient as with any student.  It feels like everything brings with it so much resistance. Maybe on some level I am thankful for this resistance as it shows me…


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Day 2 & 3 - Season 8

I have been spending more time with my family the last two days which has been fun. I have so much on my mind at the moment and I really need to relax and go with the flow. I do believe that everything will work out but part of me worries.

I am reading a book by Brian Tracy called "Goals" that was my late Mum's book. She has underlined words so in a way I feel she is communicating with me. For example she underlined the sentence "You often create complex ways of putting yourself in… Continue

Added by Zara on May 30, 2011 at 7:20pm — 9 Comments

season 2

In these days of my season 2  I want to be strong, healthy ,balanced and i know that i am always well guided, enlightened and protected. LOVE . stand by me <3 <3 <3

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International House Hunters Australia and advice

Ive been wondering if i should move to australia after college. Today a commercial for house hunters international came on and it was about australia. im  pretty excited to watch tonight. i saw a few houses in the preview that looked similar to the houses ive been visualizing.








Even though my sister constantly uses me for babysitting purposes when im not in class, today she made a really rude comment about me being…


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Share some POWER words with you all. ENJOY!!

While doing a very powerful invocation of healing, loving, and forgiving energy to the client I ran across this. I am glad I have. Thought I would share, if you have not seen this before here you are:


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Lets get started

Today I took a decision. I decided to go back to work tomorrow! I've had problem with my boss at work since I asked her to reduce my working hours because I want to spend more time with my 10 month old baby. In Spain it is by law my right to do so but my boss doesnt want to give me the approval of my request and ignore me. So I went to the doctor and got some days off to think about what I should do. After a week I came accross the CCOR and you all gave me the strengh to take that decision.…


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Season 1 Day 38 - Accepting Others

It took me a couple of years to really understand this law of attraction thing. When I first heard about it it sounded too good to be true. "Just think really hard about something you want and you will get it". So I would do exactly that. I would think and visualize and wish for that thing I wanted, but that only attracted more wishing and thinking. I then read the book "The Power of Now" and started thinking. "Hey! This goes against everything the law of attraction is about! The power of…


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Feeling Grateful

I am so blessed to be alive. That is reason enough to be happy. Really.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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Day 100!!!!!! season 3


So I finished my day 100!!!

And it was a good season, I finished a lot of goals!! For example:


-         My relationship is very good!!!

-         starting my new stylist study, I ll love it!

-         read a lot of good books (like Deepak Chopra and so on!)

-         learn a lot of my reiki lessons

-         have a great gucci glasses

-         get money to do my studies (reiki and stylist)

-          I loose some…


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Day 20: It's gonna be a great day!

Yesterday night I went out into the city for a drink.

The first time in a long time that I've done that alone

I like going out by myself, but lately I've always done it with the same person. I didn't realise how much I needed it to do it alone again sometime. I ended up having a lovely conversation with a guy that was there alone as well with the same reason.

Sometimes I just like to go out, and it doesn't even matter if I'll see anyone I know I'll still…


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Over a year later I'm back! :)

So it's been a while, but I'm back. I'm feeling clear headed and needed to express myself. I had an epiphany today on some things that have really been weighing me down. I've made a choice on some major decisions in my life. On Thursday I officially graduated High School. I wasn't expecting much from the night but it turned out to be extremely significant to me. Something about that night changed me. It was by far one of the best nights of my life and I feel like even more are in store. I…


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