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I allow myself to speak positively - D.17 W.2 S.7


  • I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully.
  • I am always in touch with my creative source.
  • I create easily and effortlessly when I let my thoughts come from the loving space of my own heart
  • I do something new or at least different everyday
  • There is ample time and opportunity for creative expression in whatever area I choose 
  • My family totally supports me in fulfilling my dreams 
  • all of my creative…

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Feeling much better, was healing old wounds and pushing through the fear, step by step with love, I am abundant, I am love, I am here xxx love to all xxx

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Day 2

I feel most comfortable making videos when I'm alone. and today my wife is sick and bedridden, that itself requires patience. it requires of me that I take some specific considerations. For example, to speak less, be more like reluctant, dwell in the background. I'm surposed to be caring and supportive and put my own needs aside. Fair enough. I can handle that...I can just feel that it affects me, and that I am sort og in a waiting position - and forget to listen to myself.



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Anyone About to Start A New Season?

Looking for challenge buddy...

Added by Sunny Side Up on May 30, 2013 at 11:30pm — 4 Comments

Day 51 - All is in flow many things manifistated in the last week. I´ve found a house excatly the way I wanted to have with a large garden. I´m really thankful for that.

New friends are about to come into my life. The life turns to be magical. Then I continue working as a German teacher for all range of people and earn a lot of money, so that we are able to pay all of our fix costs (rent, water, gas, electricity, food for us all) and we have money for travelling around, hobbies (Taekwondo,…


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Day 33

Im a little confused.

Should opening your heart to someone be so difficult? There is such a thick wall between me and a man who is a great person.

Why is it easier for me to be myself around negative people?

I wonder if this uncertainty and fear is a necessary part of the process...or maybe Im just not ready to be with someone…


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Day 45, Season 11, Craziest synchronocities!

Dear Co creators,

And so I lay in bed for most of the day today. Missed office too. But by lunch time, I was out of my crazy mood or lets say I was making an attempt to. So I ordered my favorite food today, had that, got back to searching Abraham's videos to help me reach that feeling good place. Got back to some good uplifting music. Got back to reading stories on The Secret website. And I have to tell you about one of the first stories I was inspired to click on under the…


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Keep loving even when in when in low passes

Had a swirl of lows at mo from highs, I feel its all coming up in layers and  am asking honest questions to my self and being honest with them.  

I realized they still go to what other people might think, but then we are all connected.

So am currently aware of the grit, the real here and what has passed is shown to me.

But it seems to me that  the good was always there, I just allowed others with different opinions to weaken my faith in me, but as nothing is lost it has…


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season 9 day 27 p.2 manifestations


i had put my apartment search aside for a bit to contact some friends about the whole thing.

one of my friends invited me to stay with them in the interim if i need a place to stay before i find a place.

another friend said she knows someone who knows someone who owns buildings in the areas I am looking for.

ahhhhhh i'm stoked to see the signs, things are moving forward!

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thought exercise

i wanted to try this thought exercise out and share it with you as a technique, i forget where i found it now, but i had it written down a while back to try out (for the law of allowing):

identify which thoughts make you feel emotionally & physically good; which ones make your shoulders drop or stomach unclench; and which thoughts yield feelings of joy, contentment & peace.

about moving to nyc for the long term: the thoughts that make me feel emotionally +…


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A quick post

Hello you wonderful Co Creators, I dont often do blog posts I am more a video blogger. But I wanted to say I am loving this journey the impact it has had so far on my life is wonderful, looking forward to much more.

Happy Joyous creations 


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season 9 day 27

hello co-creators!

staying strong on the path today! how art you?

yesterday was the first "vacation" day I allowed myself from everything all year, and it was really great. I meditated a lot, lots of guided meditations and visualizations, lots of down time to chill out and feel high vibes. time in the sun. just took a break and let go of everything and i'm feeling great. i'm really excited to see what the universe brings! i have all kinds of things to do to move things forward…


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Day 44, Season 11, Love and faith!

Dear Co creators,

I came back home today, had a lot of wine. I met my lover today and he'll be off today far far away. And I have no idea where we go from this point. I have had a really really good time with him. I love him like crazy but what do you from this point. My life changed since the day he approached me. We fought in between and I guess the turning point began from that point I was determined to turn things around when we fought. I was like if I attracted this fight and…


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Greetings beautiful CCORs!

Just wanted to drop by let you know that I will resume blogging again. Dropped off due to crazy schedules and time commitments that just left me exhausted. (PHEW) Thank God got passed that phase... I'm affirming the summer will be smooth sailing and relaxing, and so will allow me to write and get some beautiful creative work done. Feels so nice to be back on here, can't wait to get reading within the next couple of days to see what you all have been up…


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Question about moving on...

Dear Co Creators,

I have a question that's been bugging me and I thought I might as well ask it here. Is it ok to leave some people behind when you discover what you eventually want and what they want is something totally different? Well, in this case I am talking about friends. In the past one year my greatest realisation has been that I want this, this n that. Which I would say is ambitious enough considering where I stand today but I totally believe its possible.



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At A Crossroads And Feeling Hopeful

Day 99 of Season 8. I have been very stressed. The father of my children moved out of state today. I have had much fear concerning my ability to care for my boys alone, finances, and also figuring out how I will have a social life. I still don't have answers to these questions but I do have hope that it will all work out ok. Today we took a day trip and had a good time. Today I feel a little closer to my boys which was one of my goals for the season :). I also achieved my goal of maintaining…


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Not Backwards . . . Onward

Most people would consider the events that are happening to be a set back or some sort of hell being raised, but I read a quote somewhere that instead of looking at things as a problem, but as a positive makes me ask the question: "What is the lesson in this experience?"

With legal and financial issues. I am not as stressed out as I thought I would be. Instead, the big girl panties are on and I'm checking out all my options before jumping. Money has always been an issue for me and I…


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"Law of Attraction" is really the Reticualr Activating System (RAS) in the brain


There is a bundle of neurons about the size of a quarter that filters out everything that you don't put on your "important list" (like setting a goal in the 100 day challenge).

It is part of your unconscious mind and is therefore much faster and much more powerful than your conscious mind.

When I first came to this website I had an experience that made me believe in LOA.

After taking up an interest in bird watching, I saw a hawk scoop up a smaller bird in center…


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season 9 day 24

hey everyone!

today was a bit challenging for me for some reason. i feel like it was a mixture of finding potential places and doing some things i've never done before, it was exciting and a little unnerving.

for my different goals let's see, i didn't do the next thing i wanted to for my moving goals, which is fine, i'll get to it tomorrow. i did find 5 new places i want to apply to in the city, to work, that are similar to my wants list, i'm excited! i know something will pan…


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