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Season 4, DAY 14

So very Grateful for a day off yesterday. I was able to get to a full day of Yoga Teacher Training :) 6 hours towards my certification! After 3 weeks of no yoga, because I was too swamped with my singing gigs, it felt amazing! I really wanted to have an intense practice and challenge myself. I thought the 95 degree room would make my back and hamstring feel less ouch-y, but I had to take it easy, because my really intense 500 rep butt workout last Tuesday left me with a tight hamstring and a…


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Season 4, DAY 9

First Anniversary of The Dark Night of The Soul

It was Memorial Day 2014 when my partner of 14 years informed me he was leaving and moving to Vermont. It took me a couple of months to find out about the other woman, which I suspected, anyway. I actually forgave him a week or two later, in late July. Because the Unforgiveness was eating me alive. The self-pity, the jealousy, the feelings of abandonment and betrayal... As soon as I forgave him, all those bad feelings…


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Day 1 season 2

Hi everyone I'm here again wanting new things this time firstly I need to find enough money to pay for my holiday, also I'm wanting an unlimited amount of money in my bank account also I'm wanting my husband to get a new car and I'm wanting a very happy life no worrys, lots of travel and amazing experiences.

Does anyone have any advice firstly on the money one that's the most important one needing enough money to pay for my family holiday I'm needing £700 to finish paying for my holiday… Continue

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 I am sending lots of love to all those people who have served others and sacrificed their own good, sometimes their own life for others. Today in the United States we remember and honor the people that served our country. I remember them and send my respects. I did reiki today for the whole universe, just sent love and gratitude to anyone in the world who needs it.

I am so grateful, so thankful for what this season has brought me so far. I started this season feeling like I…


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season 14 day 1 goals and intentions + journal

hey everyone! back for another go!

this season will last through the summer here, and so I've made a decidedly spiritually focused set of goals and intentions for the next 100 days :)


1. daily practice of my doshic ayurveda diet + lifestyle

2. daily journal + write your future - be open to and write personal messages from the universe

3. daily practice of affirmations, positive self-talk

4. get a gym membership w. sauna +…


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Getting in to the vortex tonight:

Sometimes, I admit...I push a little to get  my grid to fill in. This push creates a tension…that rubs on my ribs and slows my breathe.

I know the grid of where I am going is filling in, I know that it is a perfect balance of all the necessary elements: Fun, doing good karma in the world, collaboration, celebration, luxury, creative expression,

I know its time to get my hours in and I will do so in a super easy relaxed and creative way that is lucrative and conducive to…


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Remember This??

Added by Steffie Kay on May 24, 2015 at 4:24am — 2 Comments

Achievement #79 - Catching myself

Speaking my mind when I'm not used to it is hard work! The biggest achievement I can post from yesterday - and it's considerable - is watching for the part of myself that likes to shut down what I would have said, and shut that down instead. Not everyone may like it, but I love this freedom of expressing myself. 'There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others do not feel insecure around you.'

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Challenge for the next season (All creators included!) - Read it :D

Hello Dear, Dear Stunning, Stupendous, Shining Co-Creators!!!!

I found yet another tool for us all so we can achieve our greatest potential! Isn't it awesome news?

What about when you feel you "don't know"...Who knows?

Your heart. It is the you that sees completely. The best part is that it is yours for every breath you take, every…


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Achievement #78 - Letting myself enjoy the conversations

I've always been a bit of a loner, preferring solitude to small talk. This is not very beneficial for the career of a dance instructor however, so I've been working on changing that. Yesterday, I made a point of enjoying conversations more, as though everyone was talking about something that interested me. Definitely felt good doing it, and people were much friendlier around me too :)

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DAY 33 Season 6

moving right along.. I have been on VACATION!!! which has felt AMAZING...I feel like I found an old friend, MYSELF! Man am I cool....especially when I get time to give myself. So even through I need to go back to work today I am going to remember to love myself first, do all the self care I can and let other stuff go so my light can be bright. I am grateful for so many moments and times and laughs that I have enjoyed over the last two weeks....and not only that but the INSPIRATION that has…


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Achievement #77 - Uncensoring myself

I've always been careful about what I say, mainly because I always assumed people would run screaming if they heard what I sounded like uncensored. Yesterday I decided 'what the heck', and gave it a try anyway. Not only was it liberating, a lot more people responded and enjoyed my presence! It may have been useful to think more before I spoke as an adolescent (I wasn't as glib back then), but perhaps I can get away with being more 'me' around others then I thought.

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season 13 day 108 all goals completed!

hey! I made it! thanks for all your support and blessings. its funny, things have really started to take off this week! I was in florida spoiling myself on vacation, taking it easy, and doing a lot of meditation, affirmations, and writing, and I manifested a trip to california to visit my brother, some great conversations, a lot of friendly encounters, some really funny compliments from an elder lady, very flattering complements from a group of women from spain, a birthday celebration, a…


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Opportunities abound...Day 4

Yesterday I went to a local networking meeting that was, to say the least, AWFUL!

The speaker was horrendous and the information beyond basic although the truly horrifying part was that most of the group found it cutting edge!!

I had been to these events before so knew what I was in for but the reality of it frustrated the hell out of me. wasn't a total loss.

I did my 60 second pitch and the end result was:

It looks as though 2 of the members will…


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Achievement #76 - Accepting the unexpected

Well, I got locked out of the studio yesterday. I guess I should have checked with the owner to make sure there would be someone there to let me in for the holiday. Managed to think through what to do next without freaking out, and got the owner to come by and let me in (with my profuse apologies!) And even got a bit of research done in the meantime!

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Season 4, DAY 1

My goals:

1) Get my yoga teacher certification. 

2) By Day 100, I WILL quit my cashier job at Whole Foods. Period. 

This means that, as well as getting more work as a yoga instructor and personal trainer, I'm going to have to step up my singing career. 

This is my game plan for accomplishing both of these goals: 

Yoga Teacher Cert

Last June, when I began the yoga teacher trainer, my studio had a branch in West Philly, 12 minutes from my house. They…


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Let's get this show on the road! - Day 1

I obviously got sidetracked after I signed up to do my last season!

This tends to happen when things take off for me :-)

Soooo much good stuff has happened!

I had the idea for this book in Sept and starting writing it in October.

It was written by mid Nov but I procrastinated over the cover (long story) and it took me until April to…


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Achievement #75 - Coming clean

Well, I previously mentioned an issue I had with being honest about previous things I was ashamed of. Yesterday I had a revelation: It's actually due to a previous fear that others would laugh at and leave me if they knew the real me. I'M the one with trusting issues! So I've committed to making myself as transparent as possible, by searching my past for experiences in which I did not act in full integrity to myself, admit them to myself, and when I'm done, disclose everything to my g/f.…


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New Name

Okay, let's go with 'DarknessCannotDriveOutDarkness'.

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