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Achievement #74 - An important revelation

Sometimes we bury things we are ashamed of for so long we get used to them staying buried. Then, if you're like me, you omit those things when you talk about them to those you love, until some future day when you feel comfortable enough around the person to reveal them. One such secret caused a difficult conversation between me and my g/f yesterday. The fear is, if I lie by omission about things from the past, might I lie about things in the present as well? I think not, but I have to admit…


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season 13 day 101!

hey everyone! woot! feeling jubilant that I made it! ive completed all of my goals except 1, which I will finish when I return from Florida. I planned a vacation right at the end of my season without really realizing it haha, a coincidental reward? haha I think synchronicity! haha... so for this season, I feel like ive realized a bunch of things. it is so important to have interim goals that lead to satisfying bigger goals because it breaks down larger, more difficult to comprehend how they…


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End of season 5: I made it! \o/

 "Finish line: where grimace meets smile". - Anonymous

Hello Radiant, Sagacious and Transcendent Co-Creators!

     I am here to share the end of another nice season on the site! Wohoo!! *celebratory dance*

     I do feel changed. But more than anything I feel strength where before there was lack of energy and no shine. I…


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Day 23 Season 6

What cool day! I am all packed and ready for our trip to the moutains...I manifested some cool coustumes for us to wear at our 1920 party,, I found some beautiful tarot type cards new little gift to myself by Doreen virture,,,I have her goddess cards and today I bought the ascended masters cards...seem cool, bought some other spiritual gifts for my self today...and I got my mani/pedi brows and lip I am looking fly for the party :) Also....I applied to three new jobs…


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season 13 day 98 goal completed

yay! just completed reading another book on entrepreneurship that was really great! had a lot of inspiring stories. 2 days left in my season, and I'm feeling great about everything, only 1 goal left, albeit it may take a lot of focus tonight and tomorrow, much love!

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Day 22 season 6

Im, here is a cool manifestation...on my vision board I have some luxury pics, one is of a 1920s couple living the high life....I didn't think much of it, but this weekend we are attending a flapper themed wedding and we had to go rent costumes. Man, we do look cute in the costumes. I just know that it is something that will be tons of fun! Just thinking about it is fun! :) We are heading off for a mini vaca soon, just for  a few days to the mountains. That's a cool…


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Day 82 Season 14 happiness and contentment

Happiness and contentment are here!

Spring time for me always means more sun and more energy.

I simply feel great, no more moodswings; it was probably the shift from

wintertime to spring. I usually get tired from that shift.

So I had my two performances, made a edit and cut version of the performance. I wasnt satisfied

though with the result so I am going to record the show again. the dvd is important as it will show my

work to a numerous people.

I am…


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Day 60 - one more month!

Day 60 - one more month!

Wow my 90 day challenge is almost up! I have stuck with it, with a few bumps on the road as I haven't met my original goal, but it's ok. Slowly. I'm taking my time and allowing myself to make mistakes along the way. I've come to a point in my life to let go of fear, let go of anger, let go of feeling unwanted. I need to allow myself to feel ok in my own skin! I'm still working on that. Today feels like one of those days. I sure don't feel good in my own skin!… Continue

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50 to 59

50 to 59

Day 51 - when it hits u, it hits u!

So today started off amazing! Had a bit of time to connect w/ a friend & even got a card for my day! And it was a card that was telling me that my cycle is over & I'm on to a new one. But that really turned around when I started getting dizzy half way through the day. How come? How did that happen! How is it possible that my great day turned into a not so good day! I listened to my body, left work early and went home to relax. Is it… Continue

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Achievement #73 - Feeling okay with not feeling okay

Sometimes, you just feel lousy. I suppose I felt that way yesterday because I knew I missed a chance to get to know someone better who's long been a mystery to me, because I was trying to get more work done. The best I could do for myself is acknowledge I had traded down by trying to get work done that could have waited. I tried and am trying to accept that I would like to do better next time. Honesty is painful, but not nearly as painful, or persistent, as lying to yourself.

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season 13 day 96 goal completed

sweet! completed two books in two days! just finished Think and Grow Rich, that one had some real interesting stuff going on towards the end. put me in a real interesting mood lol, I definitely want to make some positive changes in my life :) also did some writing today to get more specific goals for next season, since I kind of have broad ones already. feeling the crunch and it feels good! 4 days to go, 2 more books to finish! cya!

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Achievement #72 - Staying Productive

I work best if I have weekly lists of things to do. Sometimes though, I still run into trouble because I don't manage my time well for the first half of the week, then get stuck with more then I can keep up with for the second. So this week I've been organizing which tasks on the list I'm going to do every day, and when. Just adding that bit of structure has allowed me to get well over half of my chores done already. Which of course means I can spend more time enjoying the weekend :)

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season 13 day 95 goal completed

hey there! just finished another book I was reading that was one of my season's goals. feeling good and really down into crunch time now! lol. I have 5 days to finish the other 3 books I'm reading. no problem! hahaha it's totally doable at this point, since I've adjusted my time blocks to make it happen. speaking of time blocks, the book I was reading today talked about the importance of maximizing use of time and efficiency by using time blocks, and starting with ourselves first before…


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Hi friends! I created three new about receiving, one about gathering 50,000, and one about trusting the universe.  I think you can just add yourself but if you have a problem, leave a comment on my wall and I will "invite" you.


Image result for celebration


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Day 19 Season 6

Trusting the process...may be the name of the game! So first a silly story:  I have had two sessions of EMDR which is a therapy that is good for PTSD because it can make the feelings that come back less intense so they do not effect your life. It is good for erasing bad memories.  I am pretty in tune, I can FEEL things ALOT and  when I had this therapy done  ( just two sessions in the last three days...a lot of the system)  it released lots of stuff, some just below consciousness that I…


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In Between Season 3 & 4

So... I'm in between seasons. The problem with this is that I FEEL like I'm "in between." 

In Season 3, I learned that there is a Season for Everything. I just happen to be in the Season of burning the candle at both ends and I'm really looking forward to the Season of Balance and Progress, which for me begins on May 18th. I hate to wish my life away though, so I am taking everything one day at a time, one minute at a time. One thing I have discovered is that looking at my calender…


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I co-creators!

I have had a beautiful start to my season. I feel and see that this season for me is so much about refinement, refining my energy, my intentions and my focus because I have EVERYTHING that I was working towards on the past seasons. I have had lots of experiences  in real life and in dreams about sorting and revitalizing, I have been helping my mom my sorting a bunch of her stuff as she is looking to move out of one of the houses that I grew up in so there is lots of old…


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Achievement #71 - A walk in the park

I've been refocusing on enjoying each day more, to spread out the stress and take time for me. Yesterday was a wonderful warm day in Toronto, so when my g/f suggested we read in the park, I went with it and we had a great time. It would have been just as easy to miss out on it getting chores done at home, but there will always be something to get done. How many perfect days do we get in a life?

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