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Achievement #447 - Research

I just want to say that after hours of research yesterday, I know a whole lot more about video hosting solutions than I did, and should have one of them hosting my instructional dance videos by the end of the week. And I'm feeling pretty good about that.

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Achievement #446 - Keeping the pace

One challenge I face teaching dance is I pause frequently to gather my thoughts. While in my earlier years I needed to do this more to make sure I hadn't missed anything, increasingly this has become a kind of paranoid double-checking. In recent days, I've become better at going with my gut and knowing I can always make a quick correction if I need to, and yesterday's class was the best yet. The result was a much more continuous experience of enjoyment from the student and a lot less fear…


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Working Out

A good mind clearing work out to start my day. Sweat dripping down my face and my focus is on not falling of the elliptical machine, I am at ease. Zero junk ideas. 

Lately, I have been letting go of pointless stuff so now my tension in my body seems to go away much quicker. I believe we all can carry emotions and baggage in our body. My back and shoulders are where I keep a lot of tension. Going to manifest a good deep tissue back massage from Lush. Treat yo-self 2017 in full…


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Letting Go.

How do you let go of something you want so bad? Daily visualizations to putting a pictures on my vision board that I pass by multiple times a day. Talk about the desire to manifest your dream with almost anyone who will listen. Create an intention and do small to big rituals to achieve your goal. Nothing.

Now I am giving up and letting go. Frankly, I have been obsessed with manifesting a new opportunity. I won't be nitpicking my LOA process. I am moving on to focus on whole…


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Season 15 Day 2

Ah the highs and lows of starting on a new journey. I did not want to get up and meditate this morning, finally did but way later than I had planned.

Did you ever feel like you are on someone else's journey?  I just have no motivation to get anything done.  Like I'm waiting for something to happen before I take action, but I don't know what.  Purgatory.

So, I did work on my business.  I went to work, were rumor has it, I might not be working much longer.  It's…


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Season 15 Day 1

Starting a new season because the last 5 years have just not been very creative.  I guess I'm stuck in a rut of complacency.  I always enjoyed posting vlogs back when the 100 Day Reality Challenge first started.  There was a lot of comradery.  

Anyway, to the point, my intentions this season are to build my business to a leadership level, connect with 100 clients,…


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Achievement #445 - Going at my student's pace

It's easy to get impatient with my students, to want them to improve faster than they are able to. I've gradually learned that pushing them this way means putting my agenda ahead of theirs. Yesterday I was teaching one of my toughest couples, but I decided to teach a bit slower. The result was a more relaxed lesson, with more laughs throughout. After all, isn't that the point of dancing in the first place?

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Achievement #444 - Planning the day

As I lay awake in bed yesterday, I visualized how I wanted the day to go, when I would get different parts of work done, and so on. It's amazing how big a difference a little preplanning can make. Some things took longer, but the beautiful part of having the plan was I knew how much time I could afford to deviate from it. Not only did I get my work done, I was far more relaxed doing it, and connected much more with the people around me. 

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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 100! Living in the Now!!! I made it!

I'm so thankful to complete my season 11 day challenge. Looking back I have been happy most of the time and I love it! I love waking up knowing everything is always working out and life just gets better and better! Abraham Hicks, meditation and positive videos has done wonders in my life. I will continue to focus on staying happy and in a joyful place. I'm looking forward to my next 100 Day Challenge! : )

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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 99! Living in the Now!!!

I had the great experience challenging myself this season on being in a positive state more and live for this moment. I love listening to meditation videos in the mornings to get my in that happy space. I'm so thankful to be apart of CCOR! I will continue to work on staying more in the now and create the things I desire. I feel so much love and joy! Thank you so much universe and CCOR! Have a wonderful fun day! : )

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Achievement #443 - Last video filmed!

It's getting close now... My wife and I finished filming the last video we need to create the promo offer for my dance website yesterday. Now I just need to edit it and get the mail service setup, should be ready to go in a week or two :)

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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 98! Living in the Now!!!

I'm almost done with my season 11 challenge and I feel so good. Overall my mood and the way I feel most of the time has been amazing. The most important thing to me now is that I feel good. I've watched more positive and meditation videos. I will focus on having more fun activities to do since we are having beautiful weather. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Sent paper work for the buying of the flat

been working on my lecturer and exhibition:...

carried on with websites

been walking dog and helping friends with their woes

been looking at websites for finding a date but once again dating websites don't do it for me

and contacted a life coach for my love life ...something is amiss and dont seem to know why 

even a psychic says they dont  know what they have in front of them when you are meeting…


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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 95! Living in the Now!!!

I'm so happy for this beautiful Friday afternoon! It's so beautiful outside. I'm happy the work day is almost done. I feel so good. I been listening to Abraham Hicks, meditating videos and music! I feel like I hope everyone has a wonderful fun weekend! : )

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Achievement #442 - Penultimate video complete!

I've finished my second-last video for my promotional offer yesterday. One more to go, and plan to get it done by the end of next week.

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Massage Therapy

Therapy is good and is not always in an office sitting on a couch. I absolutely love massage therapy to release my mind and treat myself. The power of touch really has helped me to release built up tension.

I really believe that the body can hold onto stress and emotions. Getting my tensed up muscles a relief is so refreshing. Lush Spa is the absolute best and even the corner massage place has been a nice visit. I am grateful to the Universe for giving me access to alternative…


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Achievement #441 - Teaching different levels

Yesterday I faced a unique challenge in my salsa class: a student who's danced for a long time, a student with only a little experience, and a student with no experience at all. I got around it by teaching more fundamental steps, but giving more styling tips to the more experienced dancer. Everyone seemed to learn and enjoy themselves as a result.

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Summer Loving

Going to be my first summer in the big city. I hope that the summer heat is kind this year. I have plans to ride the train to the beach on my own once I find a big beach towel. The city will be so alive during the summer. 

Today, I took a leap of faith and contacted a dude who currently works at my dream job. A response would be nice. Networking with people can be quite funny especially when you haven't ever seen the person you are emailing. Maybe I have passed him on the streets and…


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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 91! Living in the Now!!!

I feel great! Listening to Abraham Hicks always puts me into a great mood. I'm so thankful for my good smelling candles and a body spray my son got me for Mother's Day. I'm also thankful for a bottle of wine my friend got me to. I'm thankful for the wonderful changes coming into my experience. Life is getting better and better! I feel loved!!!

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Achievement #440 - Seeing the story

I've had a run of cancellations from various students lately, from sickness, procrastination, and work obligations. After the latest one yesterday, I was tempted to validate myself with thoughts about unfairness and being a victim. Instead, I watched those thoughts and feelings, without judgement. I recognize this is a pattern, one that ultimately does not serve me. But I knew resisting it would only make it stronger. So, I simply watched, and in time the feelings subsided. I went to bed…


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