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Not much going on here right at the moment. Ok I admit I have been backsliding. I have gotten away from my meditations. (mainly cause getting used to my new job I am so tired I kept falling asleep) I noticed though that when I am undisturbed at work I tend to do a form of meditation (or something like meditation). Picture this I am running around tying string to huge spools of yarn and thinking the main thoughts I do when meditating. The factory id LOUD but the only thing that disturbs my… Continue

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Day 85 S1 - Be true to yourself, and the doors will open!

I'm really recognizing subtle messages, or perhaps they are not so subtle. Throughout my spiritual journey, I have always tried to stay positive, be kind & generous, respect all, etc. etc. I realize that throughout this, I have been denying my true emotions in some respects. Being happy and positive is wonderful! I love it! Yet I know that in doing so, I have suppressed some negative emotions rather than allowing them.

I got angry on Saturday, and let it out. It felt GREAT! A… Continue

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Day 11/ Season 1

Today was one of those "in limbo" days. At the point where I bottomed out and thought "enough...enough..." an email came. Today's lesson was about widening the scope of vision.
How good can it get? How great can it be? That's the new mantra. Just as an experiment.

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All right friends, this is a DECLARATION moment; my real life story is the trip from fairly mainstream paradigm through experiences (given by teachers who NEVER identified themselves as teachers), who brought me through extraordinary (and deeply mundane) experiences so rooted in the joy of my senses that I could never forget them...and could never go back to my former way of seeing the world or our future.

The world they took me from was beautiful, full of material wealth,… Continue

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Feeling a bit spacy...

Is that my ego trying to put a vail over my aware conscientiousness?

It feels a bit like that sometimes.

Especially after I had such an amazing spiritual breakthrough last week and was on cloud nine - all of a sudden I am so tired and my brain is slow and commitment is low.

Its the eb and flow of awareness - that's how I am seeing it.

And I am just riding it to the next level in some way and in another way really trying to push to be… Continue

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Day 12: A revelation Went out cycling this morning. I made extra effort because I did hardly any exercise over the weekend. I am still to ma my route to work out the distance, but was pleased with w…

Day 12: A revelation

Went out cycling this morning. I made extra effort because I did hardly any exercise over the weekend. I am still to ma my route to work out the distance, but was pleased with what I did. The indicator that used is how good I feel when I get back and I think it felt like an 8 / 10 exercise. I weighed myself on wii-fit, and after yesterdays blip.... I am down to 16t 6lb. Still downward trend, but clearly a pause for breath!

Hey, after talking to soe… Continue

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S2Day 11: Enjoying time with friends

Fantastic day at friends place. They live in Milton Keynes. We had a fair bit to drink last night had a barbecue last nght and this morning too. It is really nice where they live. Though I love where we live.

I was really good with my eating - normally i would have carried on, but I did stop before I was full. I made a lovely curry this morning, though I could have eaten a little less!!

Was fun meeting some new people too, and chatting. Fun. My friends know lots of… Continue

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Day 29 Tuesday 01.07.08

I tried to do blog yesterday, but wasnt able to get on to this site for some reason.

I have again flown up to Auckland and back. Today have written out my goals list for this year and next year in my written journal.

I am wanting to buy myself a compass as I am a believer in feng shui and in the influence of the sun and its energy on our lives.

Im impressed with myself for my routine so far and have been more relaxed at allowing the changes to become a natural thing that I do,… Continue

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Follow Your Bliss

Follow your bliss.

"If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while

waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to

meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open the doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and

dont be afraid... and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. If you… Continue

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Day 30

Nothing to is good:-) All good!


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Day 13 Season 2:)

Yesterday I had a driving lesson and I really enjoyed it! Its amazing how much I have changed since I started doing this challenge. I was so scared of driving and now I'm laughing while driving. I also wanted to give up smoking for ages and thought I couldn't do it. Now I'm a non-smoker! I have noticed that I'm eating more so I plan to start exercising everyday so I don't put on weight.

Today I went shopping with my partners cousin and the kids. I intended to buy some new summer… Continue

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Regrouping in a more positive frame of mind

Well after yesterdays meltdown I have regrouped as I always do and am back into my own writing class, where i find books to teach me. I just realized there is more than one way to learn something and my way is just going to be a little different than most and that is perfectly fine. I am back to reading and studying Writing Fiction" a guide to narrative craft by Jane Burroway, Its used as a textbook in many colleges so it really is good.

The other conclusion I came to was that all… Continue

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Life is so wonderful to live. I am very grafetul.

Last days I was very confused and a little depressed. I argued with my husband and I was feeling down. I don't know what happened today but I see everything diferent. In those days, in spite of being depressed I continued saying my affirmations and trying to feel better. I guess it worked because now I can say I want to shout and I say "I alive and I want to be better than I was yesterday".

Life is so good and I feel blessed I have a wonderful husband and two children who are my treasure.… Continue

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Day 21 Season 3 June 30, Monday

I am waiting to work on my goDaddy website. I am looking to get help to create it. I will let you know how that goes when it is up and running. Today I am manifesting connections with my family, friends and networking for business. I am focussing on creating more Women of Wonder Workshops. I have several conerence calls this week. I am going to be on The Passion Test with Chris Atwood tomorrow and Ask Jack Canfield on Wednesday.

I want to manifest reconnecting with my mentor Jack Canfield.… Continue

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Day 11 - And Thus Begins a New Week

Monday represents a new beginning and I'm going to take advantage of it. As fitness is one of my goals this season I am going to adhere to some of my basics. Hydration, biking, swiming and smoking less. The last week has been very difficult but I am believing that this one will be better. It's taking some fight today. Upon waking up I didn't want to do anything but I biked down to the hospital for a blood draw and got my body moving. At 11:30 I'm going to hit the pool. Also changed my focus… Continue

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day 9 - the Universe has everything for us ready to come into our lives...

Hi everybody,

thank you so much for all your support, I am really rally grateful and I believe there is so much love out there.

Today is my day 9, season one, I've manifested some little things already. It's silly like a t-shirt I wanted for a long time, I imagined it being on sale and guess what?? when I went to the shop that top was on sale!!! That's great. if it works for that it works for everything in the universe. its just that for bigger things we have to believe we deserve… Continue

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day 9, season 1; knockin on heaven's door and namaste

I am starting this week, day 9 with a deep sense of being deeply connected to God, as God is in me, my skin reflects a mortal, but through my eyes there is a God and God. This makes for gratitude. This makes supposed rejections, or human challenges trivial and unworthy distractions. This make unleashing creative power and birthing energy and products, natural and inevitable. This is my meditation today.

Also I am pondering on namaste's varied meanings. Below is a wikipedia… Continue

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June 30, 2008

It goes with your everywhere you go. It is on display at work and at home. People around you are affected by it. It has no shape, color, or size, yet its impact on your life is profound.
What is it?

Your attitude!

Lucy MacDonald

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I've lost...

I just got back from my first water aerobics class and man was it fun and hard. While there I was tempted to get on the scale and so I did. To my EXTREME surprise, I have LOST 5 pounds since June 19th.

That's all for now.

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Day 60 - International Conference of Interfaith and Globalization

For the next few days I will be attending this amazing conference. Academics from all over the world are coming to Melbourne to talk about: Peace, Acceptance, Compassion, Respect and saying no to: nuclear weapons, intolerance, bigotry, etc. There is such a sense of love in the room as people from all faiths and no faith tradition, gather to talk about this amazing desire for change for the common good!

This is all a part of the new direction I feel that is being opened up to me and I… Continue

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