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Day 85 of the 100 Day Challenge- Season 1 YYYYYYes!!!

HHHHi there fellow co-creators I am sending you all lots of warm thoughts and bbbig hugs, I have been busy travelling & studying so I haven't been able to post my daily blogs but here I am on my day 85 isn't that amazing?? I think that its amazing time just flies, I have had the priviledge to help people in our community who have been having tough times spiritually emotionally finacially & physically Gosh I am blessed with the LOA I continue… Continue

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Todays Prayer/Affirmation

I relax and cast aside all mental burdens,
allowing God to express through me
His perfect love, peace, and wisdom.

— from Scientific Healing Affirmations
by Paramahansa Yogananda

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Day 11 & 12 Season 2:)

I have been so busy this weekend that I wasn't able to blog. Saturday was my partners cousins birthday so we took her out to Greenwich Park in London. My partners Mums ashes were scattered in the flower gardens there and also their grandparents ashes too. We had a lovely day walking round the park, I took some video footage so I might put it on here later. In the evening we took my partners cousin to our favourite Thai restaurant in Greenwich which was delicious.

Yesterday we had… Continue

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Day Fifteen - Hopeful for today!

Okay so i wasnt gonna post a blog today because i thought i have no plans for today, nothing exciting will happen and it's gonna be a boring day. Then i realised that me thinking that is laying out the exact type of day im going to have. I thought of all the small things that i can achieve today, going out walking, tidying my roo reading writing and the weather is good today which is always a bonus!

I still havent heard back from the assement day yet but i am hopeful that i am going… Continue

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Day 12/100, Season 2 - Resolving to carry the sunshine throughout the week


• We woke up this afternoon and talked about things in a very calm way. He was still incredibly angry with me for no real reason other than the fact that he wanted to be. We ended up spending the rest of the day together outside since it was boiling hot. We got a couple of sandwiches and ate at the waterfront in front of his place and took a long walk, had snow cones and iced tea to cool us down, relaxed back at his place for another half an hour and I then headed… Continue

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Day 11/100, Season 2 - Emotional evening

Hi Friends. I got home really late last night and wasn't able to blog, so am making up for it in this blog post.


• I drove back home today and had a long wait at the border as I'd forgotten its Canada Day next week and a lot of people had taken a long weekend and were headed to the US. I took the border route with teh shortest wait time though and the remainder of my journey was pleasant. - I am grateful for my wonderful family and that they live close… Continue

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I think I manifested strawberries yesterday. :)

I took my children to the farmers market and there really isn't many fresh veggies to choose from yet. Pretty much every booth has strawberries though. I was going to buy some but then I thought to myself, "well I do have some growing in my yard and I do have some frozen ones in the fridge. I really don't need to spend money on them." I kept passing by them thinking.. "maybe I should get some." In the end I ended up not getting any. I went… Continue

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82/100 I think- July's goals and peace!!!!!

I had desperate energy this week. July I intend to go with the flow, have the same persistance as I have had, have fun and sell 100,000 credits by loving my customers. If I ask the right questions, slow down and breathe I won't feel desperate for success. My boss say's win or learn and I intend to do both. It is so beautiful here and I feel like I have so much to do. Richard Bach has a quote about leaning into fear. I am leaning and must march forward with faith in my abilities. I tend to… Continue

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Day 73- all caught up!!

I realized I have really lost touch with the 100 day challenge. I have not meditated in week, I have not been saying daily affirmations. I have not reached any goals and I have fallen behind with blogging.

Never the less I feel vast improvements in the quality of my life [which is the basic point!!]

-Although I do not say affirmations everyday, when I am feeling really shitty I will say an affirmation to boast my confidence.

- I also enjoy life's little pleasures more fully… Continue

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My Second Maifestation

Hi everyone,

I start my water aerobics class today at 7:30am. I am very excited. Excited cause I am well on my way to my goal weight of 130 and secondly I am going to be in a pool again. I sure have miss swimming. Best thing ever to cross my path. I feel so at ease when I am in the water. Do any of you feel this way?

I want to thank all of you who have welcomed me to CCOR on my first day. I so appreciate the warm welcomes from… Continue

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Technically this is supposed to be the 10th day of my challenge, but I'm feeling as if I have to start from scratch. I don't think I've really been devoting myself to the practices as I should be. The most frustrating thing I've been encountering is my apparent inability to meditate. I don't feel like it's coming easy to me for some reason...almost as if I am incapable of relaxing...not sure what that's about. I've also had a not-so-happy couple of days and am feeling as if things are not… Continue

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Day 10/ Season 1 - Two things The Secret doesn't mention about manifesting

Hi everbody!

Y' know, I've been studying Law of Attraction and MANIFESTING – but it just hasn't worked out as I planned. I've watched “The Secret” hundreds of times, really. I have it on in the background as I work or do housework hoping something clicked. I've read those guides to “Cosmic Ordering.” I learned about Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction. I even watched “What the Bleep Do We Know?” (and while it was cool, I really didn't "get it".) I've been looking for "the… Continue

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Day 61 - Ebbing and flowing, ups and downs, help requested from my wonderful CCOR-ers.

Dear all,

I have a weight in my chest at present, and a fullness behind my eyes. My breathing is heavy and laboured and my heart is stressed. I dont know how to close the gap between who i am now and who i want to be. I dont even know who i want to be but its not this person. I want to run away from everything and everyone. Even though really i have no one.

On sunday (yesterday) I had such a positive attitude. And then it went. Then I was crying on the phone to my mom who is a world… Continue

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Day 84 S1 - Opening the door

Yesterdy I released some anger and tensions. Today, my closet door is now opening smoothly. It has been sticking for months, and when I just put my laundry away this evening - I was shocked when the closet door opened so smoothly. (One of those folding type doors on a track).

An egret flew right in front of me as I was driving today. It was glorious.

I had several errands to take care of today. the second one had a huge line. I left, went on to the next stop. Two bags of… Continue

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I had a WONDERFUL day!!

I woke up early, got in the shower and headed off to the city to pick up an old friend and take her to a Buddhist study meeting. I had been hooked up with these people via email through a mutual friend and was pleasantly surprised to find out that these people knew my good friends very well and in some cases for a very long time. There was a man there who I found very attractive and he asked me to come back on July 4th for a party, which I intend to do. He and the woman of the house both… Continue

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day 8/100_season_1_of_unlimited; challenge and solution

I am singing the yes, we can song, because day 8 has a fresh challenge for me; but every challenge, comes with a built-in successful solution.

My gratitude is keeping me upbeat and focused on the universe's abundance and my alignment to it. One of my intentions is relationships that are based on namaste and agape love.

I am probably going to be attracting this in the coming week. Also for the upcoming week I will be attracting completing my world class product.

God is good.… Continue

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Day 2 Season 1Yay!

Well I had a great Day one of the challenge. I spent the whole day trying to wrap my head around the whole concept of Co-Creating Our Reality. It has been a long time coming (maybe my whole life) trying to understand what the meaning of life is so to speak. I feel like this challenge is going to get me one step closer to figuring out who I am and How to manifest my trueness.

These are my intentions for Season 1:

1. I want to Producing positive vibrations to the universe, and… Continue

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Positive Affirmations from A to Z


I have everything I need right now to accomplish everything I want.

I am competent

I can handle my own problems

I can succeed

I can show others a good example.

My possibilities are endless.

I can handle all changes that come my way.

I can have relationships

I get good grades

I can do anything I set my mind to.

I am always expecting the best for myself

I treat others as I would like to be… Continue

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Day 8

Day 8: Daily goals-Want to keep where I live cleaned and… Continue

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Reading Day-Rain Day

Today it finally rained for more than 10 minutes in Houston. We needed the rain because the heat has been horrible to bear. So, I decided to read for one hour. I went to the bookstore on yesterday and picked up several books of interest to me.

I started today The Tao of Abundance by Laurence G. Boldt. Very good read to start for an hour. It starts off about The Five Fingers of the Tao and then goes on to speak about the nature, ease, flow, power, harmony, leisure and beauty of… Continue

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