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June 2008 Blog Posts (634)

Day 44 & 45 ~ Season 1

Hello ~ Today I am partnering with God to bring abundance into my life. I am envisioning amazing things happening in business - from my book being a best seller to a successful practice as a sales coach. Oh, and of course, more and more success for the television studio that I manage. I will be manifesting health and fitness. I am manifesting a more professional and stylish wardrobe, as I will need it for my meetings with clients and for my television appearances. I am magnificent in my ability… Continue

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Day 93: A productive day:)

This morning I had another driving lesson. I tried not thinking about it so I wouldn't get nervous. I meditated, asked my angels for help and wore my angel pendant again. The driving lesson went really well and I'm feeling more confident the more I drive. I can image myself loving it now! I felt so good when I came home and decided that there is no need to get nervous anymore, I can drive!

I did a lot of de-cluttering today even though the house doesn't look any different I know it… Continue

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Peace Pleeeezzzze - Day 56/100

Chaos has come into being and I can't think. I am intending clarity from this moment on. My mom is here and will be for the next 3 months. This causes discord in our relationship and it takes an ajustment period. I will be gone on Wenesday and they will have to deal with each other with me in Irvine. Our new apt should be a little easier for us to manage. This place in the desert is small and the energy between everyone right now is wierd. I am intending for peace in the transition. After 3… Continue

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Day 7: Everybody now say AYE!

I am grateful for pavements. That is to say, I am grateful for those few pavements that actually exist round my way. It's pretty dangerous just trying to go for a walk around here at times, being out in the sticks there's very few pavements and a sober health benefit analysis would probably conclude that the risk of being mowed down outweighs the benefit of the aerobic exercise. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the whole walking/jogging/running programme and I'm sticking with it. I'm not sure… Continue

Added by Alexander on June 1, 2008 at 2:30pm — 1 Comment

Day 77 Fresh Start..

As it gets warmer outside and school is letting out, time has been moving a lil slower..I have been able to notice the lil things that make having children now great..I am learning a lot about them and their personalities..

Gratitude for My Husband

My hubby and I are coming up on our birthdays and I see the wonderful changes in him..I am going to make a stronger effort to let him know how much he is appreciated because he works hard and he is so loved..We have journeyed through… Continue

Added by Vibe Williams on June 1, 2008 at 2:28pm — 1 Comment

Day 93 : it's a new day!

So much has happened the past few weeks and so many shifts, ... so much of the past that I have been able to let go off and move forward from. It feels great now but it has been a challenging ride I must say.

I have been able to have open heart conversations that has totally and fully freed up my heart. I am now in a loving place and ready for my soul mate and life partner. I needed to have this conversation with my first and significant love. He now lives in London and it was… Continue

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Day 40

At the end of this day.

I bless the beautiful clouds I saw today.

I bless my beautiful child.

I bless my mum & dad

I bless my brother sister in law & niece

I bless Deb Darrell Rebecca nathan & Brendan

I bless Nick Pat & Tim

I bless Lizz Charlie Molly Olivia Abbie Mitch

I bless Mary jazz Bella sunshine Bill Tigga Benny

I bless my beautiful house

I bless Me

I bless my fab car

I bless Alan & Georgie

i bless… Continue

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Lopen op het Water - Walking on Water with the Living, Loving Universe!

In één seconde kwam zonlicht door de wolken heen

Een tel met jou is mooier dan

Een eeuwigheid alleen

Ik was bang om lief te hebben

En mijn hart heeft stil gestaan

Maar met jouw ....

Kan ik de wereld aan

Dansen op de sterren

Vier seizoenen in één nacht

Dit is één seconde

Los zijn van de zwaartekracht

Lopen op het water

Zonlicht zien voor dag en dauw

Vliegen zonder… Continue

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Day 92/100, Season 1 - Loving the Tokyo vibe

Hello Co-Creators! I arrived in Tokyo today and being the hugest fan of Japanese food, had some lovely (and healthy food today!


• I slept most of the 11+ hour journey but didn't get deep sleep so am pretty tired now. For this leg of the trip its just me and 2 senior executives from my company so I was geared for some awkward conversational moments, but its been pretty good so far. They have been really nice to me and treated me as a member of their team. -… Continue

Added by PJ on June 1, 2008 at 8:15am — 2 Comments

Habit forming

I think it was Ruth who started a lively discussion a few months ago about how long it would take to form new positive habits and whether it could be done in less than 100 days. The concensus was under a month and Sue, if I remember rightly, cited some NASA research with astronauts that it could be done in 21 days. Well I just looked at my calendar this weekend and discovered I have 21 days of my season 2 left to go and wanted to focus on something useful for the time that I've never really got… Continue

Added by Chris on June 1, 2008 at 7:45am — 5 Comments

D28: Chronicly "In trouble"

I felt weird today, and yesterday I think, I am trying my best to remember clearly.. I have this strange chronic feeling of unworthiness and I am realizing again and again how I feel it all the time but I feel like I am coming close to understanding it in the appropriate moment I am ready. I feel like I am always "In trouble" (the way the phrase is used with or by children when they have done something bad and are facing the consequences for it, like punishment) and also like I am not allowed… Continue

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Day 6: Get fresh at the weekend

There's so much stuff to think about on this challenge! I tried a bit of visualization today, and I've been putting together a list of affirmations. I have about 30 and would like to get it down to maybe ten that I can really concentrate on. And I'm going to buy a few notebooks and do a lot of the journaling/writing exercises from the squillions of emails I've signed up for. I haven't really done anything on developing gratitude yet, and I think it would really help me to do that... along with… Continue

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Day 56 of the 100 Day Challenge- Season 1

Kia ora this is a picture of a New Zealand site the " Milford Sounds" at the top of the North Island lovely aye!!! Last night myself & my husband made a decision to start the master cleanse together YEAH!!! This morning he is not feeling well at all the flu is going around and he has all the symptoms this a.m DDDDDDDDDDDan!!! We will see how he is feeling tomorrow if he is ok we will start the MC as planned if not we will start next weekend the… Continue

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Day 1 - Master Cleanse

Wow - I was so ready for this day to come... I have survived the first of many day. I had the figure of 21 in my head the first day I read the book. Have no idea why??? So I'm preparing to do this for 21 days!! AArrrrhhh

I have had a lot of different reactions regarding this cleansing process - some negative but most positive. After doing my own research - I knew I had to do this. Just recently I noticed my digestion wasn't doing too well. I got alot of heartburn at night and my… Continue

Added by Cathy - AussieCoolGurl on June 1, 2008 at 12:33am — 3 Comments

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