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So things weren't totally smooth today. My rehearsal was very frustrating. I tried to maintain the image of who I want to be in my mind, but I focused on our lack of focus and we all faltered a bit. It would be easy for me to blame the others (which is what I REALLY want to do!!!). But I DO create my own reality and even within the practice I let myself get sucked into the Doldrums. I chose my path. I chose what I focused on. I am responsible not only for what happened but for how I feel…


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Letting Go, Finding Things, and Manifestations: Day 10 of Season 2

Dear Beautiful Co-creators/Friends:

Yesterday was another moving day (back to my parents house) with my dad. I think 90% of my stuff is now gone. I had to let go of my small tv & my 2 couches to my roomate. At first it felt weird to let it go. However, I just don't have space in my parents house. Plus I have too many tv's. I have 3, so I let one go to my friend who desperately needed one, and the couch. It felt really bizarre clearing out my apartment. It feels like we just moved… Continue

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Just a link...

...showed up while i've been surfing the internet. Not trying to advertise the product, or sell it. But it does have some useful words on the page about allowing and asking! hope this helps!

Love from Haley!!!

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just some thoughts

I've been afraid to post a blog, so im just going to keep doing it until im not anymore! My intentions are to radiate harmony, joy, and awareness. I have a hard time communicating what i really deep down want to sometimes, mostly by talking. but i think we communicate on many other levels like vibrational energy, we can communicate through art, or just simply gestures and movement. So i'll just keep on radiating my truth and allow it to be received by other means than just saying it in…


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Season 6: Day 76- I am reclaiming my life

Enough is enough! Struggles have immobilized me enough in my life and I am not going to remain in a state of paralysis anymore! I am reclaiming my life, one step at a time. Time is not going to slip away from me anymore and I am going to keep taking steps every moment of the day instead of procrastinating and letting life overtake me. Even this blog is an effective step toward my goal, this is the first step to fire me off on my journey. Sleep will not come for me tonight. I have reached the… Continue

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53 never too late - day before day 1

why do I feel nervous is it that old familiar sense of failure, one diet, two diets, one thousand diets never quite finished or was it the one step forward two steps backward. Is it the sense of dread of being so exhausted from having to fight myself, battle the exercise, battle the food temptations, battle the alcohol deprivation, battle the mind games, the only just a little bit and just one day off exercise. How defeatist I am and already getting mentally tired on the day before day 1,…


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In 2 more days I will Start season 1 of my 100 day challenge to eating healthy and exercising to lose weight. I'm excited and at the same time nervous.

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This guy is an inspiration for anyone who thinks they cannot do something!

I finally got to watch the entire show "Excuses Be Gone", with Wayne Dyer on PBS last night. He introduced someone that literally blew me away. I could go on and on about him but I would rather give you the link so you can check him out for yourself.

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Season 1 Day 100--Reflections

I can’t believe that 100 days have passed since I have started this challenge. The last 3+ months have been full of ups and downs, and I feel like I have grown immensely. I always sit in awe of other people who have finished 100 days, and I love reading what they write and how they have grown and change, and now I guess it’s time to be in awe of myself.



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Day 7

Well our test results came back 'normal' so just waiting to start our 3rd & final cycle of IVF. Really need my messenger angels to hep me out though as the clinic are v slow at getting back to me with treatment dates even though ive left messages via phone & email!!!! Please help!

Bought a mother & baby magazine whilst out shopping today. Feel a bit silly doing it as I'm not even pregnant yet & have no idea if I ever will be but I want to believe that it will…


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Well I'm on Season 3 Day 52 I feel like i back slid put on a few pounds.. I want to feel enthusiastic,Healthy,organized.. and Hopeful for Today & Tomorrow... I still have a Little faith... and if I just keep Trying, Maybe change my attitude or my approach somthing will turn around and i'll get a positive Breakthrough..

things to Accomplish Clean My Place;…


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Day 2 - Already Using LOA!

Good morning, world!

I'm back here trying again to go through my 1st season of the 100-Day Reality Challenge. The first time I tried it I let life get in the way, and didn't get past week 1. This time I'm starting it out and this time I'm going to finish it!

I was just thinking about the Law of Attraction via The Secret book [yep - got the book] as well as through reading a paperback called "Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction". It…

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day 3, season 3

All is WELL in my world!

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Day 2

Day 2 * 100 Day Challenge

1.I am slender and I glow with health.…


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first blog

Hi guys, gem here. Firgured I would do my first post. This is my 2nd day of the 100 day challenge on my first season. My goals are listed n my page to try and lose weight, basically try and become my positive old self. To attract 50 thousand pounds into my life. To be able to go on holiday with my boyfriend whos currently away in the army and I havent seen him in nearly four months. To spend more time socialising with my friends and having new ones aswell. To go swimming with dolphins as…


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WalMart card application through this site?

WalMart? SERIOUSLY?!!! I have a new Intention. To delete my account. This is horsehooey. Best of luck for all of you in the near future, but not for WalMart. Take people for fools. Shame on you!

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Reading, writing, walking! Walking, writing, reading! All though I am just playing the cards right now to see where they fall, I think the pattern of my day is showing me my path, quite clearly. I'm very excited about the new book I'm reading... "Kill the Indian, Save the Man". Only a few pages into it and all ready have pages of notes. The native amerian history is so devestatingly inspiring (I think you have to do as much research as I have done lately to fully comprehend what I mean by… Continue

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Heart Guided Meditation

I have listened to the heart guided meditiation that Lilou recomended twice and each time I find myself crying through most of it. I don't judge it (sometimes a challenge) or try to figure out why, I just go with it like the instructions say. I am hoping I will eventually stop crying and feel a positive emotion... but for now that is what is coming up. I know in my daily routine I work on staying happy and push away what I call negative emotions because I don't want to…


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Our words are powerful. Our word is our wand. Words are magic because in order for them to make sense they have to be 'spelled' correctly. Words create vibrations. Vibrations shape matter. That's why it's called

'spelling'. It's a verb. An action. As John 1:1 states: "In the

beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was…


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Be still my beating heart.

I stopped, became still and I listened in silence to my heart, it told me everything I needed to know, It reassured me, it guided me, it made it so simple for me, on how to be, just flowing, drifting and gliding and moving with the wind, my breath is sufficient. My heart sent me love, that I have never experienced before. words are not pure enough or gentle enough to express the love in my heart for myself. I cant believe my heart truly loves me. What more could I want, except to love it back… Continue

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