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Season Two is almost here

June 28, 2011


Season two is almost here. But im not quite ready to start it. Season One I think was a success. I moved out like I wanted to, and even though I found a job one month after my season one, I still found a new job in great timing. Actually not just in great timing, but within the precise timing I wanted to find a job. I said I'd have a job by this week, and I did.


But Season Two is going to be so much harder for me, so much more challenging and…


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Day 3 S1

FANTASTIC!!!!! Today was absolutely amazing...I'm focused on my goals...I already have them I can feel them...I'm living my life in a way that I believe that I have my goals reached, I'm feeling happy, joyful and very thankful...grateful for everything that I've been blessed!! Thanks...

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Manifesting is more a way of life than an occasional focus on believing something just to get it

If you continue to desire greater ability along a certain line and expect the subconscious to produce greater mental power along that line, your ability will increase as expected, but it is necessary in this connection to be persistent and persevering. To become enthusiastic about these things for a few days is not sufficient. It is when we apply these laws persistently for weeks, months and years that we find the results to be, not only what we expected, but frequently far…


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Day 10: Respecting myself & deal breakers

Hi folks, Wow what a strange few days. I found myself in a situation where I felt bullied and a bit abused actually, however this was done with smiles and banter. I came away feeling shocked and a bit stunned. Also disappointed and generally quite confused. I still don't know what to do with this, but it might turn out to be a deal breaker. I think I'm going to have to move out of that situation, as staying in it is like an affirmation that I don't deserve respect.




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Life is good...

Life is REALLY good.

Once we let go and say "I am willing to destroy all previous creations of lack, I am willing to destroy the belief that __________________ and uncreate this belief" and then ask "How could things get BETTER than this?"

Even if they are bad you must ask that question...because things can ALWAYS get better, right? Once we do this, things start to appear. It can take a long time to break down the barriers of our minds that say we can't…


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Season 10 Day 21- I moved into my dream house!

It all started one week ago. June 20th I finished the closing to my dream house. It is now in my possession! Tuesday I went back to Alabama, Wednesday I continued to pack, THursday we loaded up and moved out. By late Friday night, on June 24th I arrived in my new home! I cannot even express into words how wonderful it feels to be permanently in my new home. I have space for everything, gardens everywhere, stability that I have been looking for.. I have been working very hard at this goal since… Continue

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Day 57/S2- I did it!

Yay!! I did it! I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks :) I have continued to eat healthier. This time I am not fooling myself and trying some kind of quick diet. Just smaller portions, healthier choices, and regular exercise (aerobic only since I can't do anything else currently due to my injury)....but I already feel so much healthier and empowered :) I also got my passport in hands! Now I am just waiting to finalize my vacation decisions..... Puerto Vallarta…


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Goddess Transformation

Magic, transformation, clarity, gifts of spirit.

Bringing awareness back into my daily life. Removing relationships that no longer serve for my highest good. Finding bravery and strength in times of facing my fears, worry, and doubts. I do what needs to be done in order to progress down my spiritual path. I remove obstacles from out of my way. I release tension that creates pain through negative trapped energy blockages. I find…


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For those struggling with the Law of Attraction

Are you having troubles understanding the LOA or metaphysics or one of the other names it is called?


You are not alone. In fact MOST people do not understand it the way you would THINK they understand it. Me included. Although I have devoted myself to studying, reading, learning and comprehending  more than many others I know there is room for growth ALTHOUGH I know enough to claim it FIRST and then allow myself to grow into it.


But there were MANY TIMES I got…


Added by David on June 28, 2011 at 11:00am — 2 Comments


This is my absolute favourite new song!!!!! it is fantastic!! Imagine if we all carried this tune within us every day!! Have a beautiful day!! :-)


Added by Jennie on June 28, 2011 at 7:36am — 1 Comment

MUST READ Day44 Season 4 (cool; 444 Mean anything?)

So I realize what happend!! This is the best thing. NOW I CAN CHANGE IT, please help guys! Remember I was fired, me and JK broke up, and still talk now but not how we were... And the client and I stoppend getting OKay THOSE WERE MY HIDDEN BIGGEST FEARS! I was afraid I was gonna be left out and ended up beng exactly that. So how do I UN-DO this…


Added by Finally Famous, No Ceilings on June 28, 2011 at 5:52am — 14 Comments

Barely started and synchronicities are everywhere!

Just wanted to comment on something that's hilarious; as I was doing my 20 minute intro video blog and literally had just said, <i>I want to manifest $3000</i> the alert I had set came up.  That alert was to let me know an arts grant application is available for the amount of $3000.



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Manifesting Money

I allow $750 to come to me this week in whatever form it appears.  I am open to receiving $750 this week.  I am worthy of receiving $750 this week and for the rest of the coming weeks.  I will do what I love and love what I do and in whatever way it's supposed to happen I will receive $750 this week.


I believe that and I don't believe it.  I want to believe it.  I just don't see how it's possible. 


Maybe I can suspend my beliefs for a week.  Just for this week…


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day 7!

  On my 7th day, I have no idea if my money is coming.. but I know that my relationship with my husband is getting more and more wonderful.

 Is this blog miraculous? I complained about my husband and he got better. The Loa in action? Well, I have no idea. The only thing I know is that my life is better!

 Also, thanks for comments I received, I decided to choose many desires for me. And now I´m asking for my relationship with my little boy to get better! And more money for…


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Day 5 (part deux) - dessert and cruciferous veggies

I had a lovely second half of my day as well.  More high energy yummy food, another walk on warm evening, some silly tv,  and a great email from a blogger that I found.  According to blood work, my thyroid is under functioning.  I am taking a supplement that my naturopath recommended and it seems to be helping me get back some of the energy I lost which is helping me get back to the things that bring me more energy.  :)  I really like to eat kale, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables…


Added by Megan on June 27, 2011 at 11:05pm — 1 Comment

season 1 Day 4

so its day 4 and im seriously struggling to stay focussed on the positive and to just stay focussed at all. i really feel i need help in this area, so im saving up for a camera to visualy document every step of the challange which i think will motivate me further.

Im also going to print out a bunch of my resumes and go to the closest mall and hand out as many as i can so that i can get closer to achieving the goal of getting a job.

There have been a couple set backs this weeks…


Added by Harsharon Mann on June 27, 2011 at 9:46pm — 1 Comment

She was killed - POEM - conspiracy about Lady D's death!

Hello there!

A few days ago I went to the stationary to new pencils when I spotted this fountain pen. I had to get it :)) I was hooked :))  

So afterwards I started taking notes and wrote a few poem in the past few days afterwards. Here's one I wrote 2…


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Day 3: living my life how I want it to be

I had a good journey in - the train was delayed - and so that meant that I spent more time with my lovely partner on the way to work. 


I had a lovely walk across the park in the morning. That was nice. 


I had a good day at work. I was able to get plenty of things done. I am feeling a bit more positive about things there. It is getting better. 


I ate healthily today. That was really good. I had three bananas. Egg sandwiches and some wasabi peas.…


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thank you!

Thank you universe, thank you love-space within!


thank you for always being available to me, just waiting for me to open my heart and receive the love thats on its way!!!




thank you thank you thank you :-)

Added by Ethan sisser on June 27, 2011 at 5:08pm — No Comments

I Manifested ELK

After my two cups of coffee and reading the blogs this morning on Co-Creators I looked out my kitchen window.

A herd of ELK walked by.

I have known for quite sometime that elk are in my totem.

Here is what the elk totem says:

Stamina, Strength, Nobility…


Added by Jill on June 27, 2011 at 4:51pm — 3 Comments

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