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Season 1 Day 63 - Size DOESN"T matter!

Truckin' along! I'm really beginning to manifest things to the minute. Just little things like a treat, a friendly person, a situation I want to happen. Now if only I could take that sureness and belief and put it into manifesting big things like 24,000$!


We seem to think that theres a difference between 1 million dollars and 1 dollar. But to the universe, there isn't! The only reason why big things don't manifest is because we have that underlying feeling that we need more…


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A new start

Getting back to my seasons. I'm starting a new one. I need to reestablish direction in my life. 


My intentions are:


To enjoy the countryside

Enjoy every minute with my partner 

Appreciate everything in my life 100%

Be a great son and fiance and brother and uncle

Make the most of every minute

To be centred and enjoy my working life

To enjoy fabulous achievements in my running

to be fit and…


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Good Day, and Great Food Tracking Website

Hi Everyone! I found a great place where you can track your food and water intake. It calculates nutritional information for you as well, so you can see how much protein, fat, etc. you are eating. It tells you how many calories you can have to maintain or reach your goal weight. It has many other features too that I haven't used yet. And it's free!    NutriMirror

I am feeling really good right now because I finally made…


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Day 4

 As yesterday was holiday, my son's school has closed today. Humm much more time to sleep, many time to play and laught, kisses and hugs!

 We had a wonderful party! Many new toys! Oh.. soooo many toys! We have a huge space only for toys, and my 5 year old son is getting more! Where we are going to put them away? OH MY DEAR! I remember that when I was a child, I haven't have not even 1/2 of what this boy has. Is that normal to nowadays? Sooo many toys! Almost putting away under the…


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Season 1, Day 2

So I've been trying to figure out how I can break my overall goals and intentions into a daily goal.  I suppose I want my daily actions and thoughts to help me get closer to my main goal.  Especially my thoughts.  So, I feel good about my choices today.  Ate loads of yummy veggies, whole grains, egg, fish and fruit.  Took a walk and did yoga.  Said positive things about myself.  Listened to affirmations.  Got some inspiration from other co-creators.  Still working on increasing confidence but… Continue

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Check it out! Joy in a bottle!!! Well not really a bottle, more like a recording. Anyway, if you want to upgrade your mood, listen to this! 



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new challenges

Hello everyone I have not posted a blog in a long time. Thing have been really busy so I am going to start a new 100 day challenge or my second one really soon. I just want to tell you what has happen in my first one. When i started the 100 day challenge i was in a really bad place in my life i did not have a job i did not have any confidence in my self and wanted to improve that to get my self a better life. so when i started this challenge my goal was to get a job and get more confidence…


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nothing to do with..

 This post is nothing to do with the 100 day challenges, but I´m posting, because I love to start my day writing.

 The 100 days challenge is so exciting! Mainly because I can read many blogs and stories from people who are getting closer to their desires! It seems that mine is getting closer too!!  

 Ahn! Today is also my son's birthday! 5 yeas since you were born! I hope that you grow up seing and feeling that this Universe is wonderful. Know that I'm greatful that u make part…


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day 3

Today was a Corpus Christi holiday here in Brazil and was not a productive day. No meditation, no affirmation. Only the blog post and Gratitude journal.

 On the other hand. I could be very nice to my little boy. Many hugs, many kisses and many laughtings! My husband was also awsome today. Very loving and caring, soo many things to post on my Gratitude Journal!

 So, I'm very very greatful for this loving and harmonious day!

 Ahn! And I know that tomorrow I'm doing…


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Season 1, Day 1 - fit and healthy

So I listed my goals and intentions in my profile.  I want to attract health and fitness into my life.  I do not want to focus on weight but I intend to become lighter in body and mind as a result of my thin thoughts and my healthy choices.  I have to remind myself that it is not the weight loss that I am after but the feelings that I think this will create:  confidence, sexiness, passion, energy etc.  The great thing is that I can focus on attracting those feelings right away.  I am going to… Continue

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Health Coach in the making!

Hi fellow Co-Creators!

Bet you thought I had disappeared forever! I am back now after a long break on here and will be filling in what I've been up to ;o)


I've actually been studying to become a Holistic Health coach and it has been the best decision I have ever made in life. I get to learn all about nutrition and how to live and help others have a wonderful, satisfying and healthy the mind, body and soul.


My website will be up soon so keep…


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Day 5: Remembering what is real

For the last day or two I've been as kind to myself as possible, lots of sleep and rest. The theme for the last few days has been remembering what is real, or rather noticing what isn't. I keep getting caught up in work stress and deadlines, buying into the rat race. Then I remember, all this stuff isn't real. A job is just a job at the end of the day, and while I can enjoy it, it really isn't worth getting so stressed over. In the grand scheme, if I'm so stressed I can't enjoy my friends…


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How much do we trust our senses and reasoning mind?



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My first local poetry reading in Salzburg - Austria

Hey Hey, I am back!!! Back with lots of exciting things to share! :) I'll start first by telling you that I'll have my first public poetry reading at a local bookstore here in Salzburg - Austria, July 1st :)))

Wohooo :))  I look forward to this. I
'll recite some of…


Added by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on June 23, 2011 at 10:55am — 2 Comments

Season 8 Day 1; I'm super excited and was really inspired by Lilou's swimming w/dolphins

I am just so happy to be starting a new season after a couple of months of not really doing it. I was truly inspired by Lilou's video, they all do but this one really just did, I'm grateful for that.  This season I want to just let everything flow easily and naturally and stop listening to my doubt voice. I love you guys for being an inspiration and looking forward to share my journey, ciao.

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Be YOU Be Unique - Be YOUnique - To Be or not to Be that is the question..... OUT Yourself!

Embrace ALL of YOU and Shining Like the Star YOU Are....!

How does this statement make you feel?  Comfortable of UNcomfortable?  Be honest now.....

If you are still feeling comfortable then well done you, I expect you are already on a journey of awakening, taking the steps to be the authentic beautiful you, whoever that means to you.

Now, if you are feeling a… Continue

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Can Life Really BE a Wonderful BUZZ ALL the Time? The HIGHs The LOWs & Finding Balance.....

I woke up with a BEE in my Bonnet today and it wasn't just my usual sort of BUZZ!......

Over these last couple of weeks I have been trying to decipher my experiences in life both pre-PERU & since returning home.  I know what I experienced created a HUGE life shift for me, I also know its brought up some HUGE Personal shifts (and shit!) to deal with.

I want… Continue

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Re-Birthing & Breath-Work Helping me Play the MuSiC from Within.....

I am ready to share! OMGosh its taken some wrapping my head around (the mind part of my head that is) I know in my heart that I have to share more about what I experienced during the Breath-work and Re-Birthing I experienced recently over in CuZcO Peru.  It truly WAS out of this world, a completely new and eye opening experience which has left me with a mixed bag of feelings and… Continue

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Day 2!

Today was my day two!!!

 I'm really proud of me for being in good mood even in the 3 hr traffic jam. I don´t know why, but I coud jump out of the car joyfully, decided to cook a cupcake for me as a gift! I know that I was present when i was eating that. I enjoyed every second to eat! And was the best cupcake ever that I cooked! yammy!!

 Well, but I realized that when I'm alone, I can stay happy, joyful, and get power from the Universe to keep in good mood. But when I see my…


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Season 1 Day 60 - Random Rambles

I haven't written here in a while and I kinda felt like writing! I don't really have something specific to talk about, but maybe as I write this I will. I'm just gonna keep writing and just see what comes out. That's the best way to do these blogs right? Uncensored? Haha. Not in an inapropriate way of course. (Lame jokes also happen).


I guess since my last post I've been starting to see the value in negative situations and how quickly they can change if you keep an open mind…


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