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Season 2 - Day 21 - insecurities

I missed 3 days! Wow didn't even realize. I'm so grateful for what happened to me. I am truly on my life path and I know it's true because I'm not afraid. There is no doubts. It's just pure intention and focus and excitement. I am growing so much this Season. I have this new way of thinking thats becoming more and more "normal" for me. Now that most of my days are spent enjoying the moment for what it is and not expecting anything but expecting everything at the same time. I feel like I have…


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Season 1, Day 3: EFT and meditation transform a challenging day

Rising to my soul purpose is fraught with facing so many of my own limiting behaviours, beliefs and habits!

Looking around at the life I have manifested is reassuring, in that all of my negative patterns and beliefs, and the strong emotions that I have had, manifested rapidly, that which I did not want!  So, I know like I know like I know that I am a fabulous manifester, now to harness those skills for good!

Yesterday, I collected some old magazines for my visionboards, I did…


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Season one , day 41 : Coming out of the closet. The email I sent to my boss about what my REAL job is

Dear everyone,

After I found out that I was ashamed of what job I was really doing and wrote it down in my last blog post , some of you gave me huge support and I realised how awesome we all are here and how valuable we are to the world . WE ARE AWESOME AND WE NOW NEED TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO WE ARE.

So I wrote the following email to my boss ( who is also my friend). I am still shaking as I just sent it and all my fears are coming up. But I did it. I did it not only for me,…


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S2-D58, My journey, my Love...

Yesterday night was the last encounter with my third group of LoA. They were all very happy and so was I ! They want to do other workshops with me... It's beautiful to feel the connections, that's what I l so appreciate doing these workshops... when you speak the "same language" with the same goal to improve your life... They let me show them how open the doors, I'm honoured for that !

I'm so happy for a simple reason : I am myself.

I didn't prepare too much the workshops, I…


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Season 2 Day 61 - Allowing

Good evening fellow co-creators, this is a very busy season and I haven't been writing here but I am meeting my other commitments of this season.  It's amazing to observe the difference in my life between this season and the last.  The last few years were tough for me and I fought life so hard, I resisted what life was presenting to me because I wanted it to be different, it didn't meet what I had planned for myself.  Season 1 was about transformation, about letting go old habits and…


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S1D1 Restraints

I have a lot of energy, as long as I can remember. At the same time I have a problem not many people seem to have: I don't see them. Don't see what, you might ask. I don't see problems. The only thing I see are obstacles that only exist in a narrow-minded view. Obstacles that, once you see the broad picture, are non-existing or, as seen from a isolated point of view, opportunities to leave behind the fear of not being able to respond to a challenge. I decided to fit in, be part of the…


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Season one day 40 : ashamed to be a Life Coach ...

A lot of issues have come up today and I found out that I AM a Spiritual healer / life coach but cannot take responsibility for it.

What I think :

I am a Life coach but noone should know about it because that will scare them away and they ll think I'm weird and avoid me . I cannot take responsibiity for my spiritual side.

What I feel :

I feel I need to hide and talk about it with people whom I'm sure share the same interests as me. like here on CCOR. I usually…


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loving this!


So many wonderful manifestations have come in to my reality lately; I got myself a life coach for FREE!! that is going to help me to outline and move towards some amazing inspiring goals that i have for myself, that used to be just dreams, but they are forming in to do able goals, My friends are coming from costa rica to visit me and they are going to stay for 1 month!! I am so super excited i…


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Season 2, Day 80

Happy Weekend Beautiful Beings. To all who need this re-minder :

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Season one day 40 Feel all you can feel today. That's what we 're here for...

Yesterday I kept having hints about ''experience'' . I could see the word everywhere and could tell that I needed to pay more attention . It was like a finger pointed in that direction! I did and I had more insight to share!

My boss asked me to look after the new intern who has been here for a few days and is still a bit nervous.

He said to me '' Annabelle, show her that she needs to enjoy the experience to work here, she has to understand that it's not about rushing to get the…


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Day 100 of Season 5

It is a very melancholy end to my season. I experienced the deepest love of my life, but it was also taken from me in the most sudden and hurtful way. I know my job now is to heal and put the experience in a positive light so that I can hold on to all that I gained and move towards finding an even greater love. 

I am grateful for the gifts that my last lover gave to…


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Organising and planing 100 day challenge.

Ok 100 days = aprox 3 month so : July,august,september.

3 most important things I want to manifest create or attract

1More income,a really cool job i love,

2find perfect flat mate for flat in france.That really gets on with my mom and is a really…


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quick appreciation

grateful for gold light morning, leafy trees, little birds, day 25 of season one, so many beauteous manifestations. Learning acceptance, letting be (more peace on inside) I accept more things actually manifest Faster !! just believing and trusting reality as-is is just right right now and the universe is taking care of itself, wow


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S2: Day 86

The way all of my closest relationships have been changing I have a feeling major change is embarking on me. I'm ready

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New Season

Things have been going really well. I completed the course I wanted to do (with funding)and since got a job in that field. So this is really great news for me. My new season will be about being fantastic in my new job and creating more opportunities to grow on a career level. Also I intend to have some great travel opportunities, I have two planned so far, and am open to more :). I will enjoy relationships with friends and family that are filled with love and laughter with lots…


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If you are upset for somethings.

This is great movie.

If you are upset for somethings.

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Season 1 day 39 If our dreams happened over night , would we enjoy them as much without the experience that goes with it ?

Like everytime I get out of the dark place , my light shines birghter.

I suddenly had friends to go out for coffee with , new experiences to live. I could get on with my Life.

I met my friend B last September at the hostel. He was a customer and I checked him in. I knew there was a connection between us and we needed to dig into that.

So I started talking to him and was curious where we could help each other.

He was a nurse in France and his dream was to move to…


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Feathers, friends and effortless synchronicities!


Today flowed, felt the loving universe guiding.... I listened, saw feathers numbers, and everything clicked.

I have been meditating, using affirmations and EFT slong with a special diet and breathing.  Magical, I can feel the shift of vibration already!  Can't wait to see how the path shows itself.

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1 of 100

Today marks day 1 of a new 100

I have never felt so good

After years of seeking I found that if I simply follow my heart and make feeling good and peaceful and alive a priority; then I will thrive.

Life is truly wonderful.

Added by Greg Alan Reese on June 28, 2012 at 2:44am — 2 Comments

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