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Day 28/29

So I've had a great weekend. We have been visiting my wife's father for the first time in 3 years, which means that our son has not met his grandfather while he can still remember it, until this weekend- and what a delight for the eye to experience their meeting. Pure love! Love at first sight! Now we finally returned home, and what a bunch of experiences Leon has got. And great to be able to enjoy evenings and nights in the quiet northern Jutland. .. silence, out in no man's land - deep in the… Continue

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Season 3 day 7

Today, is a day of relaxation. Ive been takiny care of myself and drinkingg healthy tea. It keeps me calm and centred. 

I still feel I can spend more time using the tools to help me on my way, but the main thing for me is to relax. The last couple of years were very stressfull and instead of reminding myself of the tools. I lost myself in the stress and negativity. Its time to reverse that. I have some exciting things coming up. One, is a holiday in Thailand and the second is taking…


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Not much happening... but that is actually a good sign!

Not much today... 

I am working in my new website (An specialized Tourism Directory) and I cannot say there is somehting really going on... Not in appearance at least. 

I have only $10 left in the bank and payments that have to be made have not come yet... I guess that is the only sign that there is in terms of "Something is happening underground"... Something I am not seeing or hearing. 

But I know that there has to be a darker hour for the sun to start…


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Day 78 - Right moves, right place

I was absent for a while, but now I´m back again cause I could be online again after the relocation. My heart is sooooo happy now. I feel the moment so deep within me, that I could cry and laugh at the same time and a rainbow broke out out of my heart again. Bang...I stranded in the most beautiful town of Mexico, Tepoztlan, where my home is now. I feel so right here. Lot of ideas and inspirations overwhelmed me. I´m so right here. My heart feels home. I´m closer to myself, so far away from…


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Season 1, Day 8 - Making room for the new

My sister and my mom are traveling down to visit us today, so I've been trying to get my house picked up before they get here. While I've been doing this, I've been finding stuff that I don't really need in my life anymore. I put it up on craigslist and I'm giving it away to those who need them.

It feels good to give things away. It feel equally as good to live in a clean place.

I hope you all are enjoying your day and are manifesting wonderful things. Me? I'm…


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Hi everybody!!!!! :) I am new!!!!!

Hello friends!

I am Isabelle, I am new on this site :)

I began my challenge this month (it is my 17th day :) ) and I am so happy to be here with you!!!!

Have a beautiful day!!!


PS: I am French and I live in Canada (Montreal) so if you see some mistakes in my words, tell me! I love learning!!!!

Added by Isabelle on June 28, 2013 at 5:04pm — 4 Comments

Season 1, Day 7

Today has been absolutely wonderful so far. Summer is here! 

I got coffee this morning on my way to school, and the barista's bubbliness flowed over to me. I filled up my punch card too, so on my way home, I grabbed my husband a coffee for him and he, of course, was very happy to receive it.

At school, I found out my professor used to work at Lockheed (aerospace technology that is super interesting to me). He uses a lot of examples from his work, which inspires me. I get that…


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Today I am starting a new 100 Days Challenge.

I haven't been in this group for a while... you know how it is... at least on my path, beliefs come and go and things happen in and out... But somehting happened last week that totally caught my full attention: 

A very dear friend of mine who's dedicated her life to healing beliefs and that had been dealing in the past months with a very intense cleansing of mind blockings, got  $216000 in cash, unexpected totally! 

This has been a lesson for me... as I…


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Thank you ladies for your support!

Thank you all the lovely ladies for your support and comments to my last post!

I believe we all have gone through heart break and still that never stops us from falling in love over and over again. Every relationship brings to the forefront some more points about yourself. Just like they say every person is your mirror, I think your partners are the clearest possible mirrors. They show you the side you thought never existed. Just like sometime around last year I had lost faith in…


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Law of attraction already did wonders for me...

Most of my life I was focused on school, career and on people in my life. I was constantly planning my future (University, law school, corporate finance, good job, a lot of traveling, good relationships with family and friends). Some of my plans came true, some of them didn`t but I was never really happy. I thought that I need to be succesful to be respected and satisfied with myself.

But deep down I was dreaming about family. I really wanted twins. My mom told me a few months ago…


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The person who wants to forgive, do not necessarily have to forget but have to let go of the feeling of anger against the action they intend to forgive

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Season 1, Day 5

More encouragement and manifestations. I've been manifesting people that are encouraging me to do well in school. One of my classmates offered to start a study group with me and I discovered one of my peers in the same program I'm in is in two of my classes. I finally struck up a conversation with him today after a year of smiling at him to acknowledge his presence, and I think he could be a potential study buddy too. I try not to study with men, just because it puts me in a precarious…


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Hurts too much!

Dear Co creators,

I got to know sometime back that my ex is with someone else. And I can't tell you what it felt like from inside in that moment. But I somehow got myself together in a matter of few minutes and responded in a decent way. While it felt obvious to react you know with pain, I was like wait. If my happiness depend on me, why should I let this bother me. I responded in a matured way I think although for next few minutes again it was almost like my knees going weak, my head…


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Day 3

I Am not sure I want to video record each day. yesterday was hard. it seems like I take 2 steps forward and 1.8 steps back sometimes. 

yesterday we got bad news from the bank. Jesse is upset (understandablly) this business has drained us for several years. 

I went for my first run in 6 weeks yesterday due to a bad ankle, I cried, I tried to "surrender" everything to God. 

I mean I was really desperate. I decided i needed a journal on my phone to be able to type my…


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Let me be

There's no Way to make This right

There's no Way i'll take This fight

There's no place for you to be

In my life, let me be free

You have made my heart from scratch

Now you've broken it at last

Made me feel like junk and dirt

Thrown me like a dirty shirt

This is it, I'm not letting you in again

This is all, all you get, I'm not letting you through This Wall

I've build -it for you to stay on the other side,

Leave me here, where I… Continue

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Season 5- Week 4--Empowerment!!!!

This last week has been amazing! I have had the opportunity of sharing the joy of empowerment. I have had some very close friends make some very powerful transformations! I am excited to be a part of their journey. I continue to be blessed to be surrounded by positive people, who not only support me but are…


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Day 12: Another Route

As I listen and read all the resources I Am manifesting regarding creating and manifesting I Am beginning to realize that I must first embrace the creator in me if I want to intentionally continue to create my reality well after the 100 days. So I have decided to use the remaining days to soak my I Am essence into every fiber of my being so as never to wonder again whether or not my desires will come to pass.  I feel empowered and excited about it. I also remember that I once lived in this…


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Season 1, Day 4

I woke up this morning and asked God (infinite intelligence, source, I am, ...many names for the same thing) to speak to me today, and since I feel like things are starting to pop up everywhere in order to encourage me. I emailed my mentor the other day feeling down about my performance as a student, and she hit me right back with a wonderful word of encouragement. I also came across this article:…


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Prosperity mindset

Dear Co Creators,

This is going to be a quick post and what I would love knowing from anyone out here: How do you get in the prosperity mindset? I don't want to beat a drum here but will keep it simple: I really need to turn around all of this. I want to. Help me if someone out here has consciously managed to do that.



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