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DAY 6 - How it is going so far

Hello co-creators!

     Today is day 6 of my journey and I feel something is changing inside of me. At the beginning of the year I felt weak and with no direction, and now I feel more commited to making my life better everyday.

     There was sth that had an impact on my life this week, which was Panache Desai's interview on The Aware Show,…


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Season 3 (Lifestyle: Food) - day 55

Hello all,

Here I am!

I have decided to readjust my goals and I want to be focusing on getting into a healthy life style. Now, I know I have been there before, but after the doctor told me that I kind of have to in order to remain a healthy woman, I decided to make it my new priority. Now, you gotta know that changing your lifestyle is a challenge indeed for me!

I decided to tell the people around me and hoping to get support and they all are supporting me in their own…


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27&28/100 (Sunday 29 & Monday 30 June 2014)

-To be more positive.

Sunday was a recovery day. My delightful son gave me his vomiting bug so I wasn't feeling my best this day. Being positive was hard when you feel weak, dehydrated and aching all over. Today (Monday) is much better. I was able to eat and keep down food the night before and have alot more energy today. It wasn't as busy or stressful either as I only have one child at home. 

-To keep on track with my health and fitness…


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DAYS 13 & 14 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge

DAY 13

More new experiences, cultivating old & new friendships, cultivating kindness to everyone, especially strangers. Learning more and more. Getting better and better. Becoming more humble. Humbling myself. Om Namah Shavaya. The more confident I feel, and the more I learn, the more humility I have. Beautiful, long day. Qigong and 45 minute meditation sit at Springboard Studio (, sang mass at Church of the…


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Day 24 Season 3

Feeling great about this season. Been meditating every day, and running, practicing yoga, and lifting weights. I feel strong and healthy. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful for my house. I am grateful to be motivated to work and study. I'm grateful for my great job. I'm grateful for my license and my car. I'm grateful and excited to start my internship in the autumn and to graduate university in December. I attract money, and opportunities for travel and adventure and luxury.

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change the way you think

Let go of any negative feeling you have, let let go as they poison your body  with toxins, and corrupt your mind and disease your heart, leaving you feeling uneasy and unwell, a bit sick to say the least, it changes your looks and makes you look ugly and miserable, because whatever is going on inside always transpires on the outside, for people who can see with their hearts.…


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DAYS 11 & 12 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge

DAY 11

Moving forward with goals with due diligence feels good. Keeping focused on moving forward. I've been really Present lately and it feels right. 

Grateful for Poppy, Mom & Dad, beautiful weather, getting paid in cash, new experiences and opportunities for new experiences, friends, and fresh summer fruit

DAY 12

Tomorrow I will enjoy every moment, I will enjoy all the music I make, I will enjoy all the learning experiences I am given. I will approach…


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25&26/100 (Friday 27 & Saturday 28 June 2014)

-To be more positive.

Being positive was a must this last few days. My son was sick and unable to keep anything down for hours late Thursday night. Which meant a very sleep deprived me on Friday. I wasn't feeling 100% myself and I had to keep myself on the positive side for both myself and my family. I tend to get negative when I am not well and it ends in a downward spiral until at some point I pull myself out of it. Today (Saturday) he is much better, I am still not 100%…


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Season 4 - June 27 - Day 18 - Feel good

I just did a meditation and it feels sooo good. I did a chakra meditation and I feel so calm and centered and grounded. So good. I'm on the lookout for a job. It's coming to me! In fact, it's already here. I can feel it!

Higher self, I want love and laughter today. Fun times with friends and a new job! 

Grateful for:

1. meditation

2. Friends

3. Health

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Creating my Reality by Reaching my GOALS in LIFE 100day Challenge DAY 040

#Today is #dayFORTY of my 100 day challenge. This is my #fortysecondUPDATE #video for the…

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Season 4 - June 26 - Day 17 - Ideas

Hello! I have ANOTHER day off today. It's so sunny out and nice, I'm going to head outside and catch some rays. And maybe do some writing. I've been keeping up with my workout regimen and it feels so good! I have some cool plans for the weekend. I'm seeing my friend's band tomorrow night with some of my other friends and...yeah I'll find something else to do I'm sure. I can't stay inside any longer I gotta go out!

Thank you universe for bringing me fun and friends and all…


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DAYS 9 & 10 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge

DAYS 9 & 10 

I have kept the inspiration going for getting done what I can get done right now, given my circumstances, Which leaves me creating content for a blog/website for the Well-Being Center. It's so easy to write one's thoughts down for oneself, but writing a blog for mass consumption is a completely different ballgame. I currently have writer's block (again) which is why I am taking a break to update here.

Gratitude for Poppy, Mom & Dad, new experiences, this…


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This is DAY 2.

Day 1 was a little bit stressful because unplanned things emerged.I realized I have this pattern of feeling stressful and it does not help me in accomplishing any deadlines or goals.

I stopped 2 times in the course of some tasks to do something else instead of "fighting" my way through them. The result was impressive! I found the things I needed to find and the answers I was looking for.

Do you know when you lose something…


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Made my first Vblog

On my half birthday I asked myself what do I really want to do? To which I found myself going to one on my favourite places Richmond Park in London, for sunset. It was magical, the long grass with loads of birds singing and playing. The deers with their young jumping and playing. Then to top it all a rainbow clouds high up and all around also playing. So this is when I made my first Vblog, to join in all this playing.…


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