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Day 18 S1 To invite friends over to create our own inspiration cards

Day 18 S1

There are a lot of pictures with phrases and inspiring quotes we can find on the internet. It is very nice but it's even better to find in ourselves what we need to read.

We gathered together to create our own inspiration cards. It was fun. Each person created totally different things for herself: writing, cutting images, drawing, ...  It was a great afternoon learning from each others' enlightenments and statements. These little cards are…


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Achievement #95 - Not letting life get the best of me

Yesterday was a hard day. I was late for work, almost forgot I my last lesson, and only one person showed up for my group class - and she told me she probably couldn't make it again. I could have let those things put me in a crappy mood, which would have wrecked things for my students too, but instead, I decided to put in EXTRA energy into my classes. My students had fun, and who knows? Maybe next time they'll bring some friends.

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30 June, day 10

so, here's why not much exercising - I am quite sore at the minute, between arthritis and fibromyalgia, I am in the third week of a three week experimental treatment program for the fibromyalgia right now, I had started it earlier in the year but had to stop when my mum had that awful thing happen and I spent most of the year since in UK. I'll be back there again asap, mum is improving and since last thursday she can eat and drink ! YAY ! no more tube feeding ! :) Also, weekends clearing and…


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Day 17 S1 painting on walls away from home: the power of transmission :-)

Day 17 S1

As I said earlier,  painting on walls and doors helped me healing and getting my life back.  In the present, I've been happily busy on this project with a friend's daughter. I'm thankful that her mom  let us play with a wall. I admire her  for raising her daughter on her own and for overcoming health issues. She is strong willed and inspiring.

Her daughter wanted a jungle for her room. So here we are, creating together. The most important…


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Post Season 7 - Start date 1st July 2015, end date 8th October 2015

My Intention for this season is to manifest a better more joyful and balanced life over the next 100 days.

These are the areas I will be working on and the goals I am setting

Finances - financial stability

A safe and reliable car of my own

Debt Free

In credit for my bills

Independent income of $1000 a week minimum consistently, working from home around my kids


Happy and healthy…


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Achievement #94 - Taking a mind AND body break

How many of us take time off with our bodies, but our minds are still at work, planning and fretting? I'd heard before that refusing to even think about anything relating to your money-making activities was very recharging, so I decided to give it a try. It made for a much less stressful weekend, especially Sunday, when I'm normally already thinking ahead to what's going to happen Monday. If you have time off, remember to take it with body AND mind, or you're not really giving yourself a…


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6-29: Sunday review

1-Zumba/Walking: I did zumba today in the morning. 20 minutes. I kinda gave up in the last song, gotta work or resistance and persistence.

2-Company: It was a nice week for this one! 1- I presented for 2 people; 2- went to weekly meeting ( I had to fight myself on this one, because I didn't want to go and thought about not going. I got late but did not…


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6-12 to 26: Sleep.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'll whisper this post to you...

Hello Dear Adventurous Brilliant Co-Creators,

Today I'll be addressing a big one this week: SLEEP.

     This week I've been feeling some sleep issues. I spent the whole week sleeping badly or not sleeping and I feel the need to establish the hour to sleep and wake up...…


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Day 16 S1... to write birthday cards and letters to myself in advance... @ being my best friend

Day 16 S1

It has been a few years since I started this and although it may seem strange, it feels great! Few months earlier, I write a birthday card to myself. I congratulate what I dared to do, what I have achieved,... I send good vibes to myself and wish myself the best for the following year. After a while I totally forget what I wrote and rediscover this on my birthday.

Believe it or not, it has the same…


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DAY 42, Season 4

Just Being

What does living from the Heart mean for me? 

It means...

Epic gardening :) Yoga practice every day :) playing the piano every day :) a gig or two every now and then, so getting to sing with and be with my amazing musical colleagues :) No stress, no worries :) Going to Blue Bell Park with my doggy a few times a week :) Talking to and hanging out with my dear friends A LOT :) Practicing cuing the Journey Into Power sequence A LOT :) Feeling inspired by yoga :)…


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Day 15 S1 ... a great happy day

Day 15 S1

Yeay! I have attracted a new project  and it's on going  \O/ *joy* ...  I'll be away for the week-end.

Wishing you a great happy day <3

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Day 14 S1... What I love about art cocreation with teenagers: they discover the: "Hey, I did it!"

Day 14 S 1

This  was the most awesome kind of moment about co creating with teenagers. That happened with the opportunity to help a friend in a Senior trip about "discovering oneself". 

At first, there was this girl who would have loved to create a dolphin with clay but she gave up after few minutes, really frustrated, and decided to create a cat.

Then I asked her: "but is this really what you want to create?". She said: "no but I…


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Day 13 Season 15 Heartiness

I watched The Shift for the third time in my life. It was nice to get some repeated knowledge. I am fine. I am on a roll. Small bumps are brushed off with immediate affirmations and new insights what not to do or how not to do something. I am basically fine. The captain of my ship. Other people are so helpful and I am grateful everyday! I help others as well as I can since I am now swamped with work, but in a positive way :). I am going to be in two theatre festivals program with my play that I… Continue

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I sooo love manifesting!


Soooo when The Secret first came out, I was fortunate enough to see the original version.  The version with Esther Hicks (at the time I had no idea who she was and what she did or Abraham etc).  The 2nd time I wanted to see it, someone lent me a copy and it did not have Esther Hicks in it...and it 'felt' different.  So I started 'hoping' to find the one with that lady in…


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Day 13 S1 Feeling new "butterflies in my belly"... need to keep focused on my goal

Day 13 S1

Since I've started the challenge, it has helped me to focus on reminding myself of all creative art things that help(ed) me along the way, that I was inspired or that helped others. It is bringing a feeling of happiness and love to me despite all "contrasts"  I live around. I've been feeling "butterflies in my belly" like when we fall in love... I might be falling in love  with life. It  really is helping me because it helps me to focus on where I …


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Achievement #93 - Balancing work life and home life

It's easy to get caught up in the money-making side of your life. Especially when you're not feeling well, like I am, and don't have much energy to start with. On the way home last night, I was worried I wouldn't be able to stay present for my g/f that evening. Then, I called out a challenge to life, saying 'you're not going to get the best of me!' Just declaring my determination helped me realize I had more strength left then I was aware of. It wasn't exactly a high-energy evening, but at…


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Intuition is the ability to see what is unseen by the naked eye."

--jd quinitchette, engendered by the 100 Day Challenge.

Day 6 of the #100DayCoCreationRealityChallenge  !  In order to thrive and in order to flourish.  I need to raise my intuition.  Now, my intuition in relation to another human…


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Day 90

Day 90 - complete!

Time to reflect! My 90 days complete! I made it. Wow, although I didn't keep track of my last 10days, it had help me realized that to reflect each day is important. My last day to treat myself was a day in Squamish. I decided to get away. Get out of the city. Get to explore a new town. Be a tourist. But ultimately, explore me! Really reflect on my feelings, my thought process, my love and passion in each way. I really love exploring new adventures. I realized wind… Continue

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Day 79 to 81

79 to 81 - slow & steady!

My time keeps tickin away! I haven't been stopping. So much I want to do but little time. Is it because I'm ready for love!!!! I've been on a few dates this week through online dating. The idea is great! Am I a fan of it, not ideally. But worth a try. How hard can it be!!?! Hahhaa really hard. So many men to look at...yet nothing seems to suit my needs! Oh needs! What are my needs? This is a big question. I sure got a lot done today, but I need me! I need me… Continue

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