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Day 20 Season 1 (July 31)

I finally figured out windows movie maker. I've been playing around with it and made a funny little movie with my youngest. Now if I can ever muster up the guts to post a blog I can make it more interesting. Or really busy :)

I think today I realized that I no longer want to focus on the news. It was really hard for me to convert my thoughts back to being positive after hearing about the greyhound incident by Winnipeg. I was really upset. I have to remember that I can only control… Continue

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Day 40, Season 1

Day 40: Daily Goals- Have a pleasurable and efficient rest of the week with energy to spare afterwards. Transform and harness more energy and focus towards improving, strengthening and acting on my conscious foreshadowing, instinct and intuition. Take what I learn and naturally factor it into what I do. Consistently keep my place clean, maintained and guest-friendly.

25 Day Goals- Workout efficiently and consistently causing me to change my shape, increase my… Continue

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Season 1 | Day 24 | Scarcity Thinking

What a great learning experience I had today. I meet with my Life Coach and she was on her game today! I talked to her about my money issues and she started exploring with me. After just a few minutes she got to the core of the issue. I have this "scarcity " problem. This deep fear that I won't have enough, or I don't deserve it and that I will always struggle around money. Working with the law of attraction - that kind of belief is only going to get me more of the same - feelings of scarcity.… Continue

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Day nineteen and I got a lot accomplished

I applied for college courses yesterday. Today i applied for financial aid, and picked out some classes. Tommorow i'm going to take a placement test. Its been quite a while since I had to use algebra and chemistry so I think those are the classes i'll be taking this fall. Well anyway these are things I hadn't even thought of prior to starting this challenge. So i'm grateful to all the creators of this site for giving me a new outlook on life which has turned from a thought to a actual new life… Continue

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It works!

I worry a lot, even on small things.. but when I challenged myself and said to myself that I'm going to start a 100 day challenge and make a vision board... I FELT GOOD at that very moment like tons of weight lifted from my shoulders. After work I went out and bought supplies for my vision board and I feel happy, excited and positive about it.

Then I started making my vision board.. putting pictures of the things I want... then it hit me.. and started to realize...hey, the law of… Continue

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Day 66, detemined to get a reliable car.

So it has been about 2 or so weeks since my car bit the dust and it's still sitting in the driveway because Ryan & I keep flipping back & forth between selling it for parts or fixing it and selling it hopefully for a bit of a profit. The mechanic fellow I met a while back never did come over to look at it like he said, so that's a shame, but I'm sure we'll reach a decision soon. So after many discussions and budget crunching we've decided to do our best to find a reliable car for $8,000… Continue

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Day 43 Season 2:)

Yesterday I had a bit of a stressful day. My kids had their immunisations yesterday, my daughter was so brave until she felt the needle and then she cried her heart out. It was so painful to watch plus I'm scared of needles so I felt her pain. She had to have two so for the second one someone had to come and hold her down. Then my son had his and cried. It was so traumatic for us all!

Later that day we went food shopping and I took the wrong card but didn't realise until we packed… Continue

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My Day 100!!! Season 5 Complete!!!!

Wow what a journey it has been , a great 100 days as always!!!

I guess i should first list all of the notable things that have occured during season 5

Meeting Lilou and the other 100 day challengers in May

Attending the Abraham Hicks workshop

Attracting a great direct flight, having a fabulous holiday and attracting an upgrade

Attracting my perfect job for the moment, with a great pay

Being able to give back in many more ways than… Continue

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starting day, August 1!

Ok, so I do have time to do this, getting a stomach bug last night made me realize how much time I was waisting lying there, getting sick, had to go to bed at 7pm, what a waste of an eventing (uncontrolable but a waste none the less) So instead of writing how the day went I plan to write WHAT I PLAN TO DO, then see how well it went. I plan NOT to beat myself up on things that did not get done, but plan better tomorrow, ..

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Day 46: Nope.

I don't think I achieved anything much today. Summer really gets me down. I did go cycling, but it's just such straight roads, it gets boring going to the same places all the time, and it feels like everything to the west of the village is out of bounds because going that way means risking exposure to The Dog that some cretin at that end of the village thinks it's alright to just allow to wander the streets unsupervised (I don't even know whose beast it is, there's never in the two years I've… Continue

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Getting ready

Well tomorrow is D day and I thought I would be all prepared to hit the ground running but looks like it will have to start with typing on this fantastic website and affirmations but hey its a start and in the coming days I will commit to all all the other practices as well! My list is using postive statements in the present tense so I am starting as I mean to go on! Today I am confident I found two associates who we can work with (in the field of training) to all our benefits. I am very… Continue

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DAY 25?

I can't believe I am a quarter way through this already! My intention for the week is to start blogging every day again. I asked my spirit guides for some general guidance last night and got a little whisper that I need more time alone to relax and work on the LoA, one hour a day it said. Totally makes sense and sounds just right then my mind started saying, well I don't have a sitter, bla bla bla excuse excuse excuse. But I know better than that now! I decided that The TV goes off right when… Continue

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Day 10 - Wednesday WIP

Day 10 - Wednesday is also a WIP.

I was super lazy yesterday. I did manage to get in 5 or 6 hours of work by telecommuting to my office. So woohoo there.

I'll write this one later. I'm keeping accountable to myself though.

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Day 11 - Thursday Intention

My intentions for today are:

To manifest $500 per day I leave it to the universe to decide HOW.

I found the new Daily Quotation by Abraham so I'm posting it below. This is my super intention for today to find a renewed joy in my career and follow the path that makes me feel best!

I've been wishy washy with my career and my business lately because I have been ill.

Then I hear Mark Hughes in my head.... Oh poor pitiful me! Why does it always happen to… Continue

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Day 1 Season 1

Hi There all. Have just tried to make a video by the audio didnt come out well so im blogging instead. I am really really excited about the challenge and am raring to go....

I was introduced to the secret in Nov 07 so not too long ago. At that time i had just left my job and was looking for a new path so the secret dropped into my life. Since then im havent worked for anyone else instead me and my husband have been buying and developing more properties and using the law of attraction… Continue

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Day 20 / July 31 2008

Hello Co-Creators!

I am writing after 5 long days..mostly because I wasn't feeling very well and was busy shopping for clothes (My new Job starts soon :) ). I am overall happy and very positive which is great!!

Until next time........take care and think positive.

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July 31, 2008

"You do not determine your success by comparing yourself to others, rather you determine your success by comparing your accomplishments to your capabilities. You are "number one" when you do the best you can with what you have, every day."

Zig Ziglar

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Day 2 ~ Season 2 - How Fortunate Are We?

How amazing is it that we live in such incredible times of transformation? At 45, I clearly recall when books like "The Celestine Prophecy" were first arriving on the charts and they were considered to be a bunch of blah-blah-blah by most people. Now, there are so many spiritual leaders who are teaching the LoA and other transformational principles. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Esther Hicks..even Joel Osteen, a Southern style "preacher" in the U.S., has a ton of books on the… Continue

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The "bits and pieces" and "whole" of my 40th day

so this is day 40 and I have to be blunt, open, and honest, with you all...I have been a slacker and haven't been creating too much. I have been reading up on the books I have and learning as much as I can and I have been walking but I haven't been meditating and I think it's an integral part of this challenge for me because I need to be put into that meditative mind frame to focus and gain strength. I have to be honest it's laziness that's been putting the meditation off. For this reason, I… Continue

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Day 2 (s4) Moving Along

I have had a lot of clarity lately in my old relationship, with my ex-husband. I won't go into details but a few months ago I discovered he did terrible, frankly illegal, things involving my credit and his own highly important needs (which--his perspective--trump my rights). (<----sarcasm there)

Two nights ago, my burglar alarm went off at 3:30 AM. It wound up being a low battery in one of the monitors. In the commotion, the alarm… Continue

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