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D31 S4

So today I spent time cutting out and cutting out and cutting out and then pasting it all in my vision book lol...

I have a few full pages of manifestations in the works. Mostly it is career. I also made a vision board for career. I LOVE cocreating this way. I love getting into that right brain space where time slips away and I just keep going to the place I want to be.

100,000.00 in my own personal earnings for 2009 was my goal for this year so I have until Dec for the deliverance of… Continue

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The last week I have reviewed my life as how I really want it to be and what I should and shouldn't be focusing upon and as much as I am not a math person, numbers are often a sign that jumps out to me. As of late, I see my birthday (11/13) and 4s. So I finally looked up to see what the 4s meant:

44, 444 or 44:44 A foundation of light is being cemented for you. New opportunity comes without being asked. Build your future thought by thought, brick by brick. Do not allow those of too… Continue

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Life changes in a heartbeat!

Well, Thursday I was made redundant from my job! I had only been there 6 months, but I am really sad that now I have to go through the hassle of finding a new job. I guess its the universe saying to me....there is something out there for you and this just isnt it. I applied for four new jobs yesterday, all better paid and more challlenging so sending it out there that one comes through which is terrific with great people who I really like. The place where I was working was just so emotionally… Continue

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It was a really good day

Wow, I just can't stop noticing my “signs from the future”

just look at what was happening today - I enjoyed:

Receiving a confirmation that people pay attention to my advertisement materials

Translating a nice, somewhat poetic, piece from Italian to Russian

Working out at home – by the way, my home gym starts to fill with equipment, simple and very useful!!

Working on my videos – writing a script, putting together a story board, sound and video registration,… Continue

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August 1, 2009 Looking forward to a new year

August and September are always the beginning of the year for me, since that is when school begins. So even though I have been retired going on eight years, I still get the feeling of newness at this time. I am looking forward to being more active and proactive in my life. I want to continue to teach in a religious school and maybe even Hebrew after school. I want to work with kids this year. I might increase my volunteering while I look for a paying job.

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The Miracle of Mindfulness

When I have time, I like to peruse Amazon's books. If I find a book that I like, I'll go to my local library's website and see if the book is available. Many times, I will find the book at the library but it will be an earlier version. An example is the book, The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thick Nhat Hanh. (library version 1976, Amazon version 1997)

Yesterday afternoon, I read the first few pages of this book on Amazon (as they allow you to peek into the book). The author explains… Continue

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S3 begins tomorrow!

TGIF people!

It's been an awesome morning already and I am only going to focus on the positive as well as my S3 wish list!

My S3 list will be short, sweet and to the point. I just need to look over my list one more time before I present it to the Universe and here online making it official.

Today I am thankful for:

Working out my 7am client

Doing my own weight training workout

The beautiful SoCaL day

My family

My family's continued… Continue

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Can Affirmations Help the Pain?

So, I've been meditating more lately to clear my mind of obsessive thoughts about my back pain. It wasn't easy, but meditation is usually the road to clarity for me. However, it can be difficult to meditate when you don't feel well. So, I took a couple of the affirmations from the Health Affirmations page on my site.

I wrote "My body heals quickly and easily" over and over. I was amazed at the relief that I felt… Continue

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Day 100, Season 3 - Thank you so much Universe for giving me a kick in the butt!

Hi all,

It has truly been a wild ride this season. Soooo many changes, some great others a learning experience. But I have definitely moved forward. So let's see, the main points this season:

1. I finally made a huge change and quit my job and moved to another company one month ago. More money, more prestige and more opportunities. Actually, I have had a huge does of contrast with this change so thank you for showing me what I really want!

2. I finally figured… Continue

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Hit a plateau

Well the past few days I've been feeling like I want new material to expand this even further but I'm just not finding it. I remember when I started LOA work I used to feel so expansive and pure positive energy. Its almost as though this has become so much my set energy level now that I've grown used to it and I want to feel that expansiveness again. I want to learn another next level to this and I'm not sure where there is a next level. I would think that we just keep becoming more of the… Continue

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Day1/100: Review

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I went to my office and had a complete full work. I also started to slay three monsters around my personal and business finances. And as I slayed one after the other, gifts of the universe were right away handed to me. I think the most difficult thing about our fears is all that mental concoctions we imagine about them, because each time we face them, they tend to disappear quite fast and give space to marvelous other things that were hidden behind them. I have… Continue

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The Power of Words

The mouth is a dangerous weapon, which can work for or against you, depending on how it is used. Your mouth is not meant for eating alone it is also an instrument for charting the course of your life. The Bible says in Proverbs 18:20-21, “A man is filled with what comes from his mouth and is nourished by what his lips provide. The tongue has power over life and death, those who like speaking will eat its fruit” But how many people understand this principle? How… Continue

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Tut...Notes from the Universe.

I've subscribed to this after reading it about it over on Gala Darling's website. It's a nugget of wisdom delivered five days a week into my inbox. And strangely enough, they're often eerily on the mark.

One of the things I forget on a regular basis with manifesting what I want is, 'acting as if.' With that in mind, here's this morning's installment...

Playing make-believe, Annie, is always the start of believing.

Where shall we go today, Annie?

The… Continue

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Season 3 Day 61- My Relationship Sucks= I Have Got Issues to Deal With.

Big fight with hubby, same old bullshit. I know i'm focused on all I don't like about him. In reality it's really stuff I don't like about myself. Maybe not excatly the same things per se but I know they're a reflection of something about me I don't like.

Been struggling with this for a while and pray the universe will allow me to get clear enough to see the problem and thus courageous enough to follow through on the solution.

I know this is not about anyone but me despite my… Continue

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The soft beginning of season 1

Well, first I have to say how nice it is to enter a community where everybody is just happy! Of course, small things here and there, but the happiness and bliss are stronger,

so any problems there might be doesn't seem so big after all:)

Where there's HOPE, there's LIFE! And this saying really fits this community.

I always thought hope should feel positive, but we learn to add hope a negative context, in a way, but with all you,… Continue

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Who Needs Sleep?!

I have woken up really early again this morning despite going to bed quite late.

It is amazing how much energy one has when focussed on a bigger goal and a goal beyond us!

Getting 20,000 subscribers to my blog by end October will mean that my message will finally be out there big time. It really is happening!

Thank you:-)

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Following the heart

Finding a soul mate, partner and true love is a very important goal of mine and has been since my first challenge over a year ago. Now I have my ex boyfriend back in my life and crazy in love with me and I am not even really sure how I feel about it.

I will start out stating some positive things about my bf so I can make sure this is fair:

-He is handsome, kind, considerate, patient, hardworking, funny, and creative.

-He knows my children and does whatever he… Continue

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Day 79 - Update! Home, and more...


It looks like my visualizations are right on. I pictured myself living in a place with white walls that looked pretty to me and felt like a good location. I kept affirming, thank you for my beautiful home! So I got one. Less than 30 mins from DC by bus, 10-15 by car. While often I think of a new place, I still want to be close to my family. I acknowledge this conflict and accept myself and resolve to stay open to other places. I am also month-to-month here should a new place… Continue

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day 38 season1

today??? good things

om mani padme hum chant that i found on david the dudes you tube, good stuff..go check it out

sign from god that i can speed up progress....yes!! i LOVE signs from the gods!!! thye make me feel alive and remembered...they also remind me of things that i think i forget or that i intentionally foget or that i forget to forget?? any way, makes sense to me! (i needed to remember that i can speed up, and tomorrow i am intending… Continue

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day 38 season 1

got a sign while running, i didnt finish my run completely becausei dont htink ireally wanted to but i did give myself a goal during that run and i got to it...thank god. i am feeling very upset right now for no imparticular reason.......

i found a snail...this is actually kind of funny...i found a snail on my run and saw it and thought wow how cool how random how beautiful theres a snail in teh middle of the road, nature meets oncrete cool....obvious, for me, sign form the… Continue

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