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S3 D35 Back to the drawing board.

After a month of letting go Im still transitioning not wanting to do anything. Looking for a sign, a feeling or something to get excited about, to look forward to and today I decided to look at my goals and intentions to make sure my heart still resonates with them.

I erased a some and changed the wording to more specific on others.

I want to feel excited again.

My parents are visiting and I am so grateful, they are helping me immensely.

I'm also grateful my… Continue

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New update.

Hey guys,

I have to update. I have been watching the Lilou videos and they are amazing about Law of attraction and the people in your life.

Anyway, I really wanted to update this and show how I am doing and see how you are. I have had some exciting and potential life changing things happen.

First, here in the UK, we have a popular show called "Deal or no Deal". I know they have it in America, but it's a little more reserved here. Basically I have been asked to go to… Continue

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Season 4 - Wrapup!


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gratitude log

Today two paintings that i finished are going into a show, its the first show that i have ever entered. I started another painting and it is almost done. I have decided to work smaller, and do more. So size wise the paintings are 5x7 and 8x10 . It allows me to get more paintings done. It is much harder to work smaller but thats okay. I am planning on doing 10 to 15 paintings before the end of the year, so i will have enough to put in shows. So, yes i have been so busy, i also do need to find a… Continue

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The Purpose Of Our Being (In Our Space part 1)

("Tibetan Sand Mandala" by Mary Mueller)

The central theme of « In Our Space » is the idea of building, of perhaps finding or reaching, a space where one is free to simply be themselves and do as they feel they…


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s1 d6

I am manifesting into my life
good friends
tip top health

my relationship will last long
and be a good one
like i know it's supposed to be

and my life is a grand one
like i know it's supposed to be

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I found this article...

On Lori Deschene's blog and it sums up very well what's going on in my life right now.

I’m Homeless and Loving It

My furnishings, clothing, and household items are scattered all over–some in my car, some at the Salvation Army, some in trash bags,… Continue

Added by Annie Track on July 31, 2010 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments

Day 12 S4

The past 12 days have been astonishing to say the least - with a few hiccups. Here is what is manifesting so far:

  • The LOI was agreed to by the landlord with one tiny change. Overall, they are giving us such a great deal and I feel very comfortable working with these folks.

  • The plans for the buildings are beautiful - I just have to decide on where I want to go.
  • The landlord is also in construction so they said he will build it out for significantly cheaper…

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The days are flying like crazy, I believe since I am having a good time. Yesterday I did my usual morning routine - blogging, yoga and Louise Hay. I am still reading her thoughts about work. She says, that we should work in what we love to work and the money will come, that we shouldn´t choose something because of the money and hate what we are doing. I read a great thought - If life sends you lemons, make yourself a lemonade or let them get rotten and grow a new plant. Awesome thoughts, for…


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Day 5 and 6

Hello there

I missed my vid and blog post yesterday, the thing is i'm ok with that because i was out and about rather busy, I had coffee with an old friend who I havent seen for about 4 years and bumped into another friend i havent seen for even longer. I definately felt more confident and positive. I also managed to get the uni library to waver a £12 fine

(from when i was in france) the other week so I seem to have stopped leaking money. Also I have started to feel…


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To those who dare!

I was stuck on pause, i shut that door another one onpened immediatly, behind that door was love, surety and connection. i thought i would miss, stuck, but i forgot as soon as i opened the door. things are happening better and faster tahn i could have ever imagined. things are nice, sweeter and more compassionate. feel comfort, looked after and feel well at home, and it is only going to get better in every way. with each step we take, we move two, it becomes ten fold and before we know we are… Continue

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When things crytallise...

I told a close friend of mine last night about my plans to move to Nottingham. I got all their fears and insecurites dumped on me;

I'll be lonely.

What if I hate it?

I'll never make any friends.

What if I can't find somewhere to take my dog?

I've never lived in a big city.

My answers are as follows.

No I won't be lonely, as I'm a fairly solitary bod anyway. I'll take time out to find out what's on offer to join, clubs wise and hobbies etc.… Continue

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This post was inspired by a request from Martha-she wanted a few tips to help her handle high stress situations. Well, I can tell you a few things that have helped me with those types of situations, both in avoiding them, or…


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~The Purploptimims Radio Show: Join us Monday @ 10PM EST! CALL IN FOR A FREE READING w Purple Vintage Space Princess & Sister Sage


and join in the discussion of: The Clairvoyant Within All Of…

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gratitude log

Its been a long time since i last posted, i have been quite busy this summer with working and trying to get several paintings out for a show. I thought that i would stop by real quick and see how everyone is doing. I am grateful to be back momentarily on ccor, and i am grateful for the work that i have been doing. I am grateful for the friends that i have who help me when i really need the help, i am grateful that i have ac this summer and that we won't be needing it much longer, i am grateful… Continue

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Season 5 - Day 100 - Feels good to feel good. Great way to end a season :o)

*Shimmy & shaaaake* LOL

Day 100 of Season 5... Wooo *does another little unidentifed dance LMAO*

Today was a really good day to finish my Season. Its like the Universe helped me plan it soooo well. I'm on my way to creating even bigger things for myself. - And I'm enjoying the journey, focusing on whats truely behind the negitive that is sometimes thrown at me. I'm not fased by all the POSSIBLE negitive things that could come at me. Bcoz theres always…


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manifesting and web stuff

I have done a video but couldn't figure out how to edit it and save, post to this blog, etc.

What I really want to manifest is someone who lives close to me and can help me with the web stuff I have to do. So many things. Overwhelming so I tend to avoid them!!!

I did send out to universe about manifesting a business partner but I wasn't as specific as I should have been. But - I did manifest one!! So, that was cool. Just the issue that it is not exactly what I…


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How do I Change a bad day to a good day?

I'm emotionally drained and exhausted and have lost a lot of hop, I need to reverse this as I'm sending out so many negative vibrations, but how? I'm deeply depressed.

Added by Stephanie Alessandra on July 30, 2010 at 6:31pm — 3 Comments

Feeling Good!

Earlier this week, I posted what I want to accomplish. Some of my goals were a little high, but overall, I attained most of them, and all of the ones pertaining to my business! Okay, I have to work on the health ones next.

It feels so good to post them on here, and actually realize that I've accomplished what I set out to do. The web stuff is the stuff I seem to put off, particularly if it's a seemingly small detail. Finally, this week I've attended to that! Yay! I'm…

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