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Tonight I'm winning because...

I keep saying it, but I hit my targets for the month, go me.

I love what I do.

I'm a creative badass.

I love working on my own projects.

I'm finally doing instead of just saying.

I have the best pets in the universe.

I love life.

There's so much fun paid work coming my way that it's mindblowing.  For real.

I'm safe and protected.

I have faith.

There are 10,000 angels guarding my ass.

I keep finding loose change and…


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On Channeling + The Issue of Using External Channels ~ Joshua David Stone



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Was it real,or did she fake it?

I kinda pride myself on being sincere... to the extreme.  I can't stand acting happy with people's actions that I disagree with, and I really get a bad feeling when people act like they like others then talk behing their backs. I hate feeling like a hypocrite... so I just feel like in order to not LIE, I need to always be honest.  OHHHH this is not so, though.  Through introspection, self acceptance and tolerance for others, I am learning to zip my lip. To hold my feelings in suspension…


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Season 8 Day 100 (Living In Joy!)

I'm in a happy and joyful state. I have seen so many opportunities that opened up for me, my boyfriend and the kids. I am truly blessed!!!

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Season one day 67 . Suffering is just another form of passion

I just realised what the suffering about people NOT understanding my lifestyle was all about.All these weeks I was devastated because people did not get me , did not get my vision of life, my best friend no longer trusted my work.......... It was ALL for a higher purpose.


It was fuel for thoughts! It was turning it to an asset. Writing a blog ( or is THE book I ve always wanted to write????) ABOUT my lifestyle so people can get it and have a good laugh too!



Added by Annabelle Satori on July 31, 2012 at 5:35am — No Comments

season 7 day 16 more alternative backinggggsss

Yes I am. I love the changes that are occurring. I love the shifts to financial openness I have now! I am opening the golden streams inside me! I believe, and all things are possible! I love the monies that are on their way for my creativity! Some more ideas I have as back up plans for making more money and saving more as I am alive today and everyday is playing music in different parts of the city and beach as I attract the right band! I love what appears possible! I see more possibilities…


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season 7 day 16 the band in my dreams

attracting dream job and envisioning what that looks like: to me, it's waking up in the morning, looking good, feeling good, getting to do a variety of awesome things like band meetings, work on vocal tracks in the studio, go to interviews, perform a show at night, be on the road, have fun with friends, share awesome culture, books, writings, movies, music, be healthy, go for hikes, climb tall mountains, swim in the oceans, and get paid for all of it. perform amazing, inspiring concerts for…


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Season 13 Day 18

First day of really eating healthier, and it's working great. My body is still craving foods I was used to, but I am going to overwrite my old programming. I feel pleasantly exhausted today, and tomorrow I will begin my new habit of going to the gym. Together with this diet, I am going to purge my spirit, mind and body. Release the old me and bring in the healthy…


Added by Shaman Kanowa on July 30, 2012 at 11:09pm — 1 Comment

Cloud Atlas Trailer

Has anyone heard of this book....heard of this movie coming out in October.

Cloud Atlas Trailer - You Tube


Am on the hunt for the book now.


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My mother's administrative assistant and receptionist gave her notice today.  My mother is very sad and distressed about it.  I am feeling a little guilty, as this was a job that I once held and would normally jump in and fix the situation.  But I don't feel called to.  Even more than that, I don't  feel I have enough energy to.  I'm struggling to do what I do with the energy I have...I can't imagine dividing it between 2 places.  I'm going to have to trust that "the manager" or "The Law of…


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Season 10 Day 9

Have had a hugely trying weekend and was so insightful. It's amazing how family functions sometimes take me back to when I was younger and more unsure of myself. This weekends was one of those times. I looked around and took notice of what others were comparing me to and I admit felt a little inadequate for moments but luckily for me I had people and things that made me snap out of it and recognise all I have and who I am.

The function I was attending was held in a temple and this… Continue

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'Season 1 day 66 ' I love and respect every aspect of me within myself and within others ''

'' I know what's best for people and I want to change them. I cannot tolerate any mistake in others. They have to be good enough for me ''

 That's one of the thoughts I uncovered yesterday. Wow.

It's crazy to think that when All we ever needed is to be loved for who we really are. That's what I think I ve been missing for that long. With people thinking I'm lazy , I'm crazy for being Spiritual I lost all my confidence and my feeling of security within myself

I just…


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Getting Started

 I Signed up for this a while back and did not start. I now feel like My mind is free and clear and ready to go. I'm looking forward to a positive 100 days and making new friends  with a mindset like me :):) Excited to start today.

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high on love

In my quest to be high frequency on a more consistent basis,I have made a committment to myself to NOT complain at all, about anything for this entire business week.  This challenge is about aligning w my soul and healing my inner child, so I am hoping that I will be able to work through all the clutter in my emotional closet without complaining, blaming or gossiping. hmmmm. Sounds like a task, but one I believe will encourage me to take full responsibility for my life, creating my past, and…


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Season 8 Day 99 (Living In Joy!)

I had a great season. Tomorrow I will be finishing my season 8. I lived more in the moment this season. I kept my mind on positive and the good things that's currently happening in my life and around me. This season I went to Arkansas with my boyfriend and met his family and friends, made money and my oldest son moved back home from college. I had a few setbacks but I saw something good that came out of them. I'm also having a great time this summer. I'm excited to start season 9!

Added by Theresa Laura Morgan on July 30, 2012 at 8:07am — 2 Comments

Week 4 Day 26 : 'Something good about it' - attitude

 Let me start by completing last week first. Apart from other good things that took place. Something absolutely awesome happened. I met someone ! *Blush Blush*

This guy was like an instant click, i met him in a flight and we could not stop chatting. We're still chatting, all day, haha.. Sad part, he has a serious galfriend :( 

           Happy Part: I don't care! Haha, I just love the energy and the connection we have, and i desire for nothing more. I also wish he stays happily…


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How to reach your goals dear co creators!

Hello dear co creators, i copy pasted a mail i sent to

a dear member of our community, i think this letter would 

be good for many of us that experience changes…


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Season 13 Day 17

Starting my diet tomorrow. Also reading into my Shamanism right now. I'd say there's a great big change happenign right now and I love it!

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Sunday July 29th 2012 -- a GREAT day, postive attraction energy

This is going to be a long post because it was a long say and a lot happened.

I started the day going to Kristi's open yoga class from 10a, - 11:30am.  I was fighting real hard on the way there to rid myself of negative self thoughts and relax.  As is usually the case, the open class was too advanced for me, but bless Kristi for her patience and coming over to adjust and correct my poses.  I tried keeping up, but I didn't kill myself doing it.  Several times I just went into…


Added by Jason Harland on July 29, 2012 at 11:50pm — 1 Comment

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