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Day 9 - July 31

A slower day today. A day to remind myself to stay calm, relax and allow the flow. It is a day to remind myself to expect miracles and incredible magic to happen. Just expect it. It is a day to remind myself to stop the pushing, and let in the allowing. It is a day to love, give hugs, give kisses and reach out to those that inspire you and make you feel strong. It is a day to breathe. It is a day to let go of any thoughts that niggle at you, to let go of any old habits that pinch you and any…


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The Universe Always Knows What You Need

This may end up being a long post, so I'll try to be as concise as possible. I left my job a month ago to move in with my partner and to take time off before school started, to write. He makes good money, fortunately, and I have good savings, so we're fine. But, I still wanted a little extra, so I began applying around. Because of LOA and this beautiful process I've discovered through the incomparable Lilou, I knew I would get hired at the café near our home. I wasn't surprised when…


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My fun LOA game while driving to work.

Dear Co creators,

I have been away for a while. Although I so want to start off my new season, for some reason, I still haven't been able to due to work, then I was sick. But now, I am dying to just kick right in. I thought I'll escape a blog today too since I am really tired, but I just had to write about this here before I forget it. So, you know this see saw going on in my head bt my lover. So nyways, I haven't been obsessing about it lately but I am still confused in my head. And…


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Hello.. here I am!

I really want to do the challenge but Im a little confused by the website...  I am going to explore today and the start the challenge tomorrow, August 1st.

I am grateful to have found this way of working on myself and creating my own reality, but I would be lying if I didn't also mention how much resistance I have towards this as well. I spent a long time in India in my 20's, with various fun people as well as a couple of gurus and when I decided to leave I think I built a pretty…


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Season 11 Day 1 dealing with others & staying grateful

It can be very difficult to see any goodness in a situation when someone is deliberately going out of their way to be difficult and at times have caught myself saying "I'm sick of being nice" when I get hurt. Time is however a great healer and eye opener.

I have secret shifters which aid me when I get into these situations. These shifters are photos, memories and I have some special pieces of jewellery I wear everyday. With these it's very difficult to stay on that negative downward… Continue

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Season 1, Day 36 IT WORKS!!

Wow!! It really works!! Not even an hour after I posted, I went to go help my son pick up his things from outside and as I was bringing in the trash, I found a skateboard that someone had put in there! It was in great shape! I gave it to my son, who was SO ecstatic to receive it! Thank you!

Then, as I'm going through our night routine and being grateful for this and that, my neighbor came by with twice as many peaches as she gave us last time! These are the BEST peaches, grown on…


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Shinnyo Meditation Center

Knew that I was in the right place from the moment I walked through the door. One of the teachers spoke a word over me that could have only come from God. This is the beginning of understanding the many spiritual events in my life. I have not left Christianity but I believe I was led to this type of Buddhist thought and teachings as a compliment to my Christian faith. Amazing!

Attended a Guided Meditation at: Shinnyo


Shinnyo Meditation Center

19 West…


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Season 1, Day 36 - The Magic

I've decided to add "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne and document my 28 days here.

For Day 1, I write ten things I'm very grateful for (that's such a small number compared to how much I'm truly grateful for):

1. I'm so grateful for the people around me: my family, my friends, my peers, my mentors, my CCOR community, my neighbors... Everyone I have come into contact with has been so kind and have helped me tremendously. I love being with them and I love how I can support them…


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Day 88 Season 7

So...some exciting new developments.

Friends have come to me with interest in starting a collectively run community center. 

Synchronicity is everywhere and each step feels more and more exciting.

Following my heart and taking these leaps of faith seems strange.

Sometimes I wonder if i am getting ahead of myself or being reckless but at this point in the game it's all for fun anyway so worse case, I'm back where I started with a wealth of new information and…


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Processes, updates, a closing and so on

General update on how things are going.

Hypnosis tracks are going well.  Overall I definitely see the benefits & I've gone a bit hypnosis mad in that I have planned what tracks I'm going to be focusing on when ha ha.

One CD (the rest is MP3s) arrived today & it wasn't due till the 10th or 26th of August!  I squealed with delight when I saw it!

I have caught up with two of my LOA friends and had lovely times with them both - Japanese expo…


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I HAVE to tell him how I feel!

Calmwind sharing her experiences kinda encourages me to share some of mine!

Well, I hung out with a good friend today & she asked about my love life.  I kinda didn't want her too ha ha & I joked that everyone knows I like (guy I like) except him!!  

We were saying I need to tell him how I feel.  

It feels scary though.  We are in a few of the same groups so I may see him around no matter WHAT happens!

I was telling her how i gave my…


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Day 7 and 8 - july 29/30

Incredible how time flies by. Had a fabulous day yeterday at the beach, recuperating from the busyness of the last few weeks. It was so rejuvenating. The beaches in Vancouver are really lovely especially this one beach called Wreck Beach where clothing is optional. The people that go there are also a much more open, fun, relaxed group. Being on the west coast however the water is pretty damn cold, even the warmest sun can not heat it up. Yesterday however, as it was hot and my skin was…


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Season 10 Roundup

Busiest season so far... I've had the best pregnancy so far with the best care and I am absolutely loving this time. I have two healthy babies growing and kicking and feel blessed everyday.

Manifestations occur faster and I truly believe its all due to me feeling so complete that I no longer CLOCK WATCH in effect and by turning things over to the universe everything has started to flow easier.

Business has increased ten fold and so many new avenues are constantly popping… Continue

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Season 1, Day 35 - Ask and it is given

I feel so much gratitude now. Everything has a glow. I have all that I have ever needed and I'm so alive in this moment. My husband made my heart melt this morning as he told me he loved me in his way. I see my children in a new light that is much more bright and brilliant than it ever has been before. Surely the Kingdom of Heaven is within us all, and if we will only acknowledge it's existence within us, we will see that we have all of the joy, love, peace, and fulfillment that we have ever…


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An Abundance of Gratitude


I have the absolute world's greatest partner and love waking up to him every morning. I have a wonderful family and friends. I have health and wellness and the ability to participate in something like this! I'm grateful for having recently travelled to South Africa and for an upcoming holiday to Mexico and the Caribbean. I'm grateful to be back enrolled in school with my favourite professors and fantastic classes. I feel a new job coming on, which I am grateful for. I've…


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season 9 day 89 update

hey everyone! what's up?!

i just wanted to post an update here, it's been a little over two weeks since my last update. yesterday I was sitting in my new apartment. my last two goals I have for this season that are in progress are moving to the city (completely) and starting a new job there. some successes are that it's pretty much up to me when I can move now! so it's just a matter of when the time is right, I'll be there! which is really positive :) I love the neighborhood and it's…


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Day... errm.... 6, or something?

So It's day 5 or 6... I'm not sure... but great things are happening in my life.

One of my intentions is to have a successful Teaching business, where I work as an educator.

My best friend has just started a job as a Community Development Officer for a disability service. She wants to hire ME to teach Computer Literacy to their service clients. This would be an amazing, ongoing, career move for me.

I am so incredibly excited!!

In love and abundance,…


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July Wrap up

So July has been interesting!  Although I haven't managed to blog very much here I have kept a journal of events and how days are coming along.  July has been awesome so far!

I've managed to manifest a little over $100 in Amazon gift certificates by participating in a few blog tour hops and won them.  It's been interesting to say the least because it was unexpected.  As much as I'd prefer the cash, one can't be picky about how the universe delivers funds.  Also right as I was…


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Day 6 - July 28

What a whirlwind the past day has been. Our show had a second performance but before the show as friend of mine texted me that he saw a piece about the play in the national paper. I ran to the closest gas station and purchased it and there is was, the theatre critics pick for the week! What a huge and amazing surprise.My intentions are to keep the flow of abundance coming. Knowing that this is the direction I can go because I love it, its fun, its where I have passion -hey I said it, looking…


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I love you my darling dream man!

I just had this sort of slightly weird experience I still am.

I said to myself dream man whoever you are - whether the one I like now or someone else - I just, I love you, I love you, I love you!  and I burst into tears!

But not sad tears, not at all.  Kinda like happy tears but rather than excitement it feels like peace, calm, LOVE.  Like my heart is so full of love for him that it is overflowing out of me! 

I love you - whoever you are and I AM really…


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