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July 2016 Blog Posts (26)

At the start

Today I realised I cannot ignore my inner voice any longer and I look intensively for a great change. I want to be back on the path of happiness where I feel at ease, centered, relaxed, at peace and concentrated. So I decided to jump into the change.

My intentions are on body level:

Every morning:

- stand up at  5 am

- drinking hot ginger water

- meditating at least 10 minutes

- doing Qui Quong exercises

During the…


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Achievement #317 - Silence is the best answer

My fiancé came home feeling very stressed yesterday, after a long day at work. To make things worse, we had to drive over to Ancaster that eventing for a 5-day dance camp. As she drove (her preference), I could tell she was still upset about the events of the day, and had withdrawn into herself. She wasn't asking for help, and trying to distract her with conversation didn't seem wise, so I decided to just stay silent and watchful. It was the right thing to do, for in due time, she relaxed,…


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Achievement #316 - Planning for the big day

Yesterday my fiancé and I sat down and went over the to-do list for the wedding. Not only did we separate what I could do to help and what she needed to do alone, but we came to an understanding on a wedding related misunderstanding we'd had about a month ago. Glad we did, because it's only one month away!

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Achievement #315 - Finding a better format

Recently I discovered that the studio website had dropped in popularity since it's reworking in December. So yesterday I started looking at competitors websites to see what I liked and didn't like. I found a lot of useful information about the appearance and navigation, which I recommended to my boss, but can also use in my own site in the future. And if she adopts a new format and it draws in more potential clients, it could mean a raise for me :)

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Achievement #314 - Rest first, teach later

Another healing day yesterday - I would have liked to have done more, but taking more time for myself allowed me to recharge and teach my 2 group classes at my best. It always feels wonderful knowing I kept a class interesting and fun for my students :)

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Achievement #313 - Creating a safe space

Last night my fiancé and I were relaxing on our balcony, and she confessed she was feeling 'stirred', her word for emotions arising that she didn't understand. Sometimes I'm not always able to be as present for her as I'd like to be, but this time I was sensitive enough to give her room to talk, without interrogating her. I'm glad I could give her the opportunity to speak her mind, and I think she felt a bit better talking about it.

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Achievement #312 - Best practice yet!

Working on my dancing yesterday, I finally felt a couple things I'd been trying start to click. For the first time, I maintained my balance through the range of my Cuban motion almost without effort, and achieved a smoother, more continuous feather step than I ever had before. Yay!

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Achievement #311 - I have the time

I'm behind on my blog writing, and my inbound marketing for the dance studio. But it's not because I've been procrastinating. I've been getting some much-needed work done for the wedding, and I've begun to learn a new kind of ballroom: wheelchair dancing. I trust that I have the time to catch up, because I know when I focus, I can do incredible things. I will not let the unchecked boxes on my list prevent me from doing the things that matter. I choose the important over the urgent. That is…


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Achievement #310 - Full moon cleansing

I participated in my first full moon cleansing last night, which in this case meant literally setting fire to old beliefs and fears that no longer served me. I wrote them out on a piece of paper, consulted a few tarot decks for thoughts on how to move forward with my life, then ignited the paper and said goodbye. As it burned up in the jar we'd placed to contain it, I let all thoughts relating to the beliefs drift from my mind. I felt stronger, more trusting of myself. Interestingly, a…


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Achievement #309 - Being there for my students

Yesterday was challenging to say the least, beginning with a call from the CRA informing me I was behind on an hst payment I' thought I'd made already. Despite a number of difficulties that left me so stressed I had trouble eating, I'm grateful that I was at least able to still give quality lessons to my students that day. My problems should never become their problems.

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Achievement #308 - Moving ahead with my business

Managed to get in several solid hours of study on online marketing for my business yesterday, despite feeling unwell that day. I've learned a lot about the pros and cons of setting my own website vs hiring a web developer to do it for me, and have started to get into data tracking so I can find out how well the site is doing.

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DAY 71, Season 7

How Jeni got her groove back...


Today is the first day since my sweetest pit bull boyfriend passed that I have given Gratitude, and I already feel so uplifted and purposeful! It's a game-changer!

Gratitude was a daily habit for me, until those last agonizing couple of days last month before my pit bull boyfriend passed and, since his passing, gratitude has been completely off my radar. Funny how easy it is to abandon one habit for another one, but it…


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Achievement #307 - Creating my own time

This Friday, I've finished all but about an hour of marketing work for the week. Last week, it was a lighter week, but I was working right up until Sunday to finish. The difference? I made my free time more important to me. Now I can relax and work on my business :)

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Achievement #306 - Wedding choreography finished!

Yesterday, my fiancé and I danced our first full run-throughs of our wedding choreo. It's a big relief to get it done now, so we can focus on polishing it until the big day. Now on to other wedding priorities...

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Achievement #305 - Letting my anger work for me

I wasn't REALLY angry mind you - but frustrated with getting stuck in the same patterns of procrastination yet again yesterday morning. And I was frustrated enough to make myself work all the harder for it. Got a lot of work done, so I felt no guilt when I went out dancing - and proceeded to have one of the best dance nights I've ever had. I doubt it's a coincidence :)

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Achievement #304 - Start with productivity

Yesterday, I managed to get a lot more work done than is normal for a Monday. How? I started the day working instead of surfing and playing online. It set the tone for the day, so I could stay focused.

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Achievement #303 - Wheelchair dancing

Recently I contacted a long-term healthcare centre to offer a dance course for their patients, and they agreed to let me come in for a trial lesson. The catch? 60% of their patients are in wheelchairs, and I've no experience with that kind of dancing. So yesterday I rolled up my sleeves and started researching, looking at different videos to see what was possible. I've now got a growing list of modified steps I can teach, and the task feels much less daunting than it did 24 hrs ago.

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Achievement #302 - Choosing, not fighting

I had a vision of where I wanted to be yesterday. I saw myself taking a wide view of everything, looking at the big picture with every action. As a result, I had a full understanding of what each action could mean days or weeks from now. Naturally, that would cause me to make fewer short-sighted decisions. They say it's okay, no matter how you want to live your life, that even if you never try anything new, it's okay. I don't wish to live by that standard, but forgiving myself those…


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Achievement #301 - The most stressful tasks first

Wedding planning has been very stressful on my partner, and I've been looking for ways to lighten her load. One of the most stressful things still to do is to finish choreographing our wedding dance. Yesterday, we delayed dinner in order to work out a number of steps, so we could get into dancing faster with the space we'd rented for for today. It went great - we choreographed everything but the very last move! She was looking visibly more relaxed by the end, and I'm happy to know we've…


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Day 40 Season 18 Affirmations and work

So my manuscript for a documentary went well, the director was really happy and liked it very much, I was also then happy because I had been writing it for almost a year and putting almost all other work aside. Anyway, since I have been writing a lot I havent been doing a lot of affirmations, but I have noticed that the once I have done carried me a long way...

now I have to catch up. I need to start doing them again. Have you noticed something similar? That your life is going forward in a… Continue

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