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July 2017 Blog Posts (15)

if anyone can help me

It's taking me a lot to do this but I really need help. I am single mother of a special needs child and I have no family support or friends right now that I can go to. I am veteran but they are only helping me partially. I am short 200$ on my rent and we need groceries for the week too. I was wondering if I could ask for any kind hearted donations from you all. I know you don't know me but if you decide to give anything I will offer you a free tarot reading or subconscious release session…


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Achievement #473 - Beginner Salsa vids filmed

Yesterday my wife and I filmed our next set of instructional videos. It was a bit rushed and we didn't get done as much as we wanted to, but made significant progress with at least one dance. And we're learning how to get faster and more consistent with the videos, which is far more important.

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Day 1

Got up at what I thought was 6am only to discover later that my watch was on French time still. (Just back from holiday). So I was up at 5am actually. Was bit knackered when I got home but still went out for a swim and that really picked me up. Didn't drink as much water as I intended as I need a new water bottle. Did the TR primer but found myself wondering a bit at the end. Going to create a new vision board tomorrow. 

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Achievement #472 - New stretch for sleeping!

I have very tight hip flexors, which can cause pain and recently have made it difficult to sleep. My trainer recently recommended foam rolling after applying heat to the affected areas. I gave it a shot yesterday, and managed to get a 2 hr nap in! And I still felt good when I woke up :)

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Achievement #471 - The best of a bad situation

Very hard day yesterday - received some bad news, had some difficulty with a peer, and got confused about the time of a lesson. What I can say is at the end of it all, I still gave my students the very best I had to give. I didn't let the hardships of the day affect my lesson, and I'm proud of myself for that.

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Achievement #470 - Remembering the little things

I've been working hard at connecting faces to names at Chester Village, where I teach chair dancing. It's great to see people's faces light up when they hear their name, but yesterday had an additional payoff: One woman asked if I would dance at another venue that has weekly events! I need to talk to the coordinator of course, but I've got better chances now that one of the members is vouching for me :)

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Open to the Universe

I am open to the Universe, the Universe is open to me. I've started a journey of gratitude recently and my goal is to just reprogram my mind towards seeking the good out of every moment. I am writing this process down in order to positively reflect with myself about all the things I can be grateful for. Like free "nurse ginger green" smoothies to showing gratitude to the people around me.

Life is a lot easier when you can replace complaints with gratitude. So instead of me…


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Achievement #469 - Expanding the business

I teach chair lessons at a long-term healthcare centre, and it's going so well I recently decided to expand my operations. I've been compiling a list of different places to contact, combined with other ideas a friend of mine who is involved in the health industry. It makes me nervous thinking about cold-calling or emailing these people, but I feel more confident than I've been in ages. 

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Achievement #468 - Spreading out the work

One of the challenges I face is having to divide my time amoung multiple kinds of work, when I tend to prefer some kinds over others. Yesterday was a good one for this: I completed a large amount of marketing for the studio, got in some research for my business, and acquired a new reference contact for teaching dance at retirement homes and healthcare centres. Looking forward to repeating that today.

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Achievement #467 - New recording space!

It took some negotiating, but I've managed to secure recording time at an event hall at a fraction of it's original asking price. It's better lit than where I was previously, and looks nicer in many ways. And it's practically right next to home!

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Achievement #466 - Monitoring Success

Yesterday, I taught two different lessons. One went better than the other. BUT I've much better idea of how I can improve because I've started to include more detail about this in my notes. It sucks feeling I could have done better, but it's gratifying to know I WILL be better, because I'm finally paying more attention to it.

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Achievement #465 - Best lesson ever!

I've been reviewing how to make a lesson more enjoyable, while allowing myself to get to know the student better and present opportunities for them to get what they're looking for through dance. Yesterday I applied what I'd learned so far, and had possibly the best lesson I'd ever taught! The couple had a fantastic time, and I felt I maintained the flow throughout the lesson, far better than I had before. They didn't purchase a program, but they were very enthusiastic at the end and said…


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Achievement #464 - Youtube page set up

The Youtube page for my business is now (mostly) set up, so I can draw more users back to my website, or connect to the next video in my vlog series. Plus, I've confirmed two more people to be interviewed in future monthly themes! Step by step...

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REDO SEASON 10 ~ Days 1 - 4


Season 10 begins on a sluggish note.  

I am excited because I KNOW when focused things happen.  The key is to make sure I STAY IN FOCUS.  Sometimes it feels like there are so many things to do, I get stuck in the process.  So here is to clarity...every moment.  To stopping and re-evaluating that I am EXACTLY on the path that will lead to the…


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Achievement #463 - Turning a day around

I had a really rough night's sleep the night before last, and felt pretty grumpy the next morning. Instead of getting to work like I originally wanted to, I frittered the morning away watching Youtube videos. It took spending a bit of time playing outside with the bunny to help me reset and focus, but once it happened, I was back on track! Got a lot of inbound marketing research done for the studio, and made some important progress on my own site as well. Having a difficult start is hard,…


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