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I co-create delivering an interview so impressive,so perfect,professional, and polished that I'm asked to come on as a manager, I am trained, I receive a salary of 18.00 an hr. I co-create a system of support so tight and so strong that my fitness and sobriety goals easily came to fruition. I create a self love and self appreciation so strong that I feel bliss in my own company,that simply being alive on any given day is fun,delicious,charged,aligned, satisfying,anointed. I proclaim my body…


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Zen and the Art of Mushroom Cultivation : An Inquiry into Morels

once, there was a guy named Gus. and although Gus was without a passion, Gus's head liked to think that Gus was a passionate guy. Gus's head also liked to think that it was bright. in fact, Gus's head just liked to…


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Day 2

just like training in the gym to shape your bode this is as much training but 24/7. To relax and go by your day makes you fall asleep and the thinking pattern takes you over. To stay awake and to be aware of what's happening inside of you constant even if you just manage to keep the mind clear 30sec at the time it's a progress. Because this 30sec will grow and eventually become your natural state instead of mind clutter (obsessive thinking). 

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Day 1

Today i just am and things unfold naturally. No stress, no worry, ease and harmony flows though me and effects every one I meet or interact with. I blessed and thankful for this day.

Yesterday I came over a documentary that's on my path, thank you for hearing me, thank you for helping me help my self. 

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Inspiring documentary

I came over a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism, I strongly recommend it, incredibly inspiring! A have always been questioning the stuff including social media in ower life's. always had a feeling that there's something not right or missing in the picture regarding this hunt for happiness in stuff. Enjoy!

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Prestart season 2

sense season 1 I have repeatedly tried to start and complete a mother season but life got in the whay. Now I have desited to give it another try. This season presence is the main goal and as a consequence I believe joy and harmony is a fact which is my second and third goals this season. And as a bonus I whant to be financially independent to be able to spend more time with my family and help other people by living a contusions life, a role model to how you can be when you are determine to…


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Finding Divine

my bigget longing is to have a deep, alive, loving and powerful relationship with, connection to, and experience of the Divine.

a big struggle for me is to understand who i am in relationship with - i.e. Who is the Divine?

yet the Divine finds ways to show up in my life in truly moving ways. Today it looked like this:

* When i looked for the Divine today I drew a card with the message of scheduling god - this makes perfect sense! If I want a relationship…


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New Year, New Month, New Week, New Day, New Beginning

Today I am SO grateful for:

1. Alexander and how much he has developed, how chatty he is, and how he tells me every day that he loves me.

2. Naomi and how amazing her development has been, how she loves hats and shoes, and how she tells me "Mama, hier bin ich."

3. Cooling bath I got to take after a hot and long walk at the zoo.

4. Cleaning up after New Year's eve party.

5. Having watched The Secret and being reinspired to use creation…


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I'm Back with Gratitude

This has been a hard weekend but I am giving myself the best present tonight. I'm back on this site in order to turn my mind set around. I'm giving myself the healing loving gift of GRATITUDE.

Dear Universe, I am so grateful for:

my house, my boys, their health, my health, my work, new…


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Day 2 Season 2

December 2017

I did it. I passed all my exams!!! My graduation is in early 2018. Can't wait for my cap and gown.

Thank you Lord!!! :)

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A couple of months ago while liying in my bed I took a piece of paper and start drawing a mind map of my goals. It happened so that all goals I have written I dated not later than 31.12.2018. I put that aside, but what I have written have resonated within me. I was thinking.... "What if I PUT SOME EFFORT... all may be achievable".

On that mind map, I have written I wanted a new car. I was driving Renault Twingo, 17 years old. I wanted a bigger car, I imagined having some SUV :).…


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90 day challenge

I set myself a 90 day challenge, just enough time to change my mindset and attract the things I want by making the moves I needed to, I didn't know how it was going to work, but the calls came and things just started falling into place, I was so awed and still am, I keep adding new goals , because im…


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Achievement #483 - Recognizing a crash

I've been having some motivational issues regarding my dream, largely due I suspect to not getting enough sleep. Yesterday I took some guilt-free time to rest and recover, and I already feel more motivated today than I did. Might still take it a bit easier today though :)

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I am attracting all the right people into my life, they are on the same level and they vibe with me and w all buzz of each other our frequencies match and our vibration gets higher and higher, we support each other and look forward to spending time with each other and learning from each…

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Its amazing in the vortex, I hadn't even realized that I had entered, it was only when people were asking me how I was, and my response would be I'm  absolutely fantastic, totally blessed, have an amazing life that just keeps getting better and better, I do stuff that I love, I jump out of bed really…


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when things start falling apart and words are being said and nothing feels the same anymore you know theres a shift taking place, you asked for something, do you really think its going to happen by remaining exactly the same, no everything has to fall into place.…


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100 Day Challenge Season 12 Day 25! Having Fun!!! : )

I appreciate so many miracles happening in my life! I love all the fun I've had this week. My life is getting better and better. I love learning new things. I love how the universe works so well with me. I feel so good! I look beautiful with my new skirt on. I'm going to have so much fun this weekend! I feel soooooo good! I hope everyone has the best weekend too! : )

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Winter is Coming


Letting go and making a new effort to see the positive out of someone is way better than caring the resentment of un-obtained promises. Finally reached out to my cousin in a chance to let go and move on. Now I no longer feel uneasy about him or the lack of connection with the dude. People have there own lives and I have my own. I am grateful for forgiveness.

Moving on in life is quite a task when you are looking for new work but receive zero phone calls back. Still…


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100 Day Challenge Season 12 Day 24! Having Fun!!! : )

I'm having the best week ever! I'm having so much fun with different people each day of the week. I can't wait to see how much unfolds in this challenge. I find myself more in tuned with nature. I love listening to Abraham Hicks and Lilou Mace medtation videos. I'm so thankful for being apart of CCOR. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! : )

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I have attracted better than I could have ever imagined. My life is perfect and I am pert and where I am is perfect, the thoughts I have are perfect and even the doubts I have are perfect. all this perfection makes me perfect. My health is perfect, the silence is perfect, the people around me are perfect and the money that…


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