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Day 42-Season 1

Well, I am approaching the half way mark of my Season 1. What have I manifested over the last 6 weeks? I have manifested 6 homes sales over the last 6 weeks. I have gained recognition from higher ups in my company by selling 4 of them in 1 week. I have won a work trip to the coast, with nice dinner out and a spa appointment. That will happen in Oct. I also received gift cards from Pottery Barn, Williams and Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Lowes, Nordstrom and Starbucks from various work drawings and… Continue

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Day 4

Gratitude List

1. Wonderful relationship with Ro and the barter exchanges we have done and continue to do - which benefit us both.

2. Mi's continued state of compassion - (i.e. I know it is the LOA at work - i.e. Visualization)

3. I have a nice wardrobe and am making good use of the wardrobe items I am no longer able to wear or use by giving them to others in need.

4. Coffee!

5. I have had a great energy level and have accomplished so much in the last few… Continue

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Quote to think on

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. - Wayne Dyer

Many Blessings & Much Love,

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Day 92

So tonight I read a book called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I wanted to read it before Lucy as I knew it was going to be sad. For those who don't know its about a little boy who lived in Germany during the time of the war and because of his dads job he has to go and live in a house outside Aushwich. He makes friends with a jewish boy who is "the other side of the fence". Very easy reading, incredibly sad ending.

It made me think how I am going to handle Lucy being exposed to such… Continue

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great day

Well today was pretty cool, sat with a friend dicussing the loa for an hour this afternoon, I love to do this with fellow loa followers, so much positive energy. My fitness classes were energetic and i felt great and alert the rest of the day. Another friend today came up with a great money making idea, cant wait to start. Tommorrow i will start my dj ing practice, another great opportunity that came out of the blue, i need to be ready for an event in 1 month and half how exciting xxx

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Day 74 Season 2:)

This morning my partner let me have a lie-in and he woke me up with a lovely fry up! Hopefully this will be my last fry up for a while as I want to start being healthy and cut down on fatty foods so I can lose weight.

I had a driving lesson about midday which wasn't bad. I started having second thoughts about my instructor as he shouts at me sometimes but I thought about the LoA and tried not to focus on it. He didn't shout as much today but I did make quite a few mistakes but my… Continue

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Day 77: Beyond the fridge

Really trying hard not to hit a weight plateau this week! I went out for a run, and after three consecutive 2-mile runs in under 15 minutes I felt like I should be able to do below 15 minutes quite consistently - but I didn't, not quite. I actually managed a time of 15:02. Mind you, if I hadn't had to cross the road to avoid a car on the last stretch, I would probably have shaved, say, 3 seconds off that. So I did alright really.

I'm wrestling with food-type temptation, and trying to… Continue

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the day before

Just a short blog to confirm to the world that I am starting season two tomorrow. I will try to get new batteries for my flip camera and fill you (?) in on all of this. I am anticipating such good stuff to be for now...adios...

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Day 71, Season 1 (w/ subtitles)

25 Day Goals: Writing down my daily weight, my daily food intake, my daily exercise and my daily expenditures are all consistent, recognizable and dependable processes of mine.

100 Day Goals: Keeping my place cleaned, maintained, immaculat-y and smelling good are consistent, recognizable and dependable processes of mine.

Successfully and honestly presenting my skills, virtues, loves and dependability to people like Franco Dragone, John Landis, Vincent… Continue

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s2Day 72: A visit to canterbury and my top 9 tips for getting stuff done!

I got up this morning and the weather was looking a little iffy. I decided to go anyway for my cycle. I am pleased that I did because it was very quiet out and it was so lovely cycling around. I did around 15 miles. That was quite a lot of calories burned. I weighed in at 14st 11lb. I am currently losing 4-5 pounds of weight a week. I am now considering going for 14st 0lb. I know that I can do it. I will go there in the next 28 days!!…


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Post for day 9, 10, 11, and 12 of the 100 day challenge SURRENDER

I guess this will be a long blog, given that I am covering 4 days. I think the first thing is to DECIDE you want something. I have decided that moving near my parents and start work by January are happening and it is a matter of time before the Universe aligns with my desire. I feel these goals inside me, so strongly that no matter what happens it HAS to come true. However, Universe can be tricky, the AC broke just a day before we are putting the house on the market. Money is tight because I am… Continue

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Day 32 - Season 6 - Excitement!!!


Well i just wanted to express my emotions at the moment, i feel very excited about life. Nothing in particular has happened but this morning i had the opportunity to stroll to the local cafe and have a nice Mocha while listening to Abraham - law of attraction on my mp3 player. It is several hours after that but i do feel great and it gave me a great chance to center my thoughts and realign myself.

I have this week received several contacts for possible clients, which… Continue

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Day 4

This one will be a quicky as I'm off to work soon. (This is one of the area's I really struggle in! I find it difficult to stay positive and to not let others negativity effect me while at work)

Today I want to be present in the moment. Appreciate the job that I have, and to refuse negativity today.

I want to make a positive difference in someone's life today, to speak confidently as I help create better health.

Recognize within my job, that everyday is important, I can… Continue

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Create The Life You Want All You Need To Get There Is To Know Where You Are Going

Create The Life You Want

All You Need To Get There Is To Know Where You Are Going

By Jay North

When Life gets just all too confusing and you just can’t seem to get a grip on it:

Stop Everything!

Occasionally all one needs to do is just stop, look around and find out where one is, then make a plan for where it is you think or believe it is you want to be, do and have.

Stopping does two things: one, it gives you the opportunity to relax and just listen.… Continue

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Day 70, Season 1

Day 70

25 Day Goals: Writing down my daily weight, my daily food intake, my daily exercise and my daily expenditures are all consistent, dependable and recognizable processes of mine.

100 Day Goals: Keeping my place cleaned, maintained, immaculat-y and smelling good are consistent, recognizable and dependable processes of mine.

Successfully and honestly presenting my skills, virtues, loves and dependability to people like David Shiner, John Landis, Stefan… Continue

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Day 49!!! Season 1

Almost half way through my first season. This really does go by quickly. Today was another really great day. Even though it's starting to get chilly now, I guess getting ready for fall, I took the kids out to play. This was a windy windy day :) We went to the park and played pirates with the neighborhood kids and then when it was lunch time we went to Kites over Callingwood. Its a little event where quite a few people show up and fly their kites, theres entertainment, food and of course those… Continue

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Day 95, feeling good for no particular reason

Today over all was a great relaxing day.

Had some friends over last night for some great conversation & tea. Today wasn't very exciting other than I got all dressed up for no reason at all other than to go grocery shopping, that's right no yoga pants & hair tied in a bun today. I also went for a little cruise in my car, felt good to drive a car for a change instead of riding a bike. That's about all for today, no reason to feel good but I just felt very grateful and… Continue

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s2day 71: I have certainly done it!! 14st 12lb!!!!!!!!!! My top 9 tips for doing the same

Well - today is Day 71 and it is wonderful.

I started this morning with a cycle. I did 10.5 miles. And it was fun because I could have gone forever - it was only when i looked at my cycle computer that i realised how long I had been cycling. I made sure that I did plenty of up hill work - apparently that is really good for getting fit so I have been doing more of that recently. I also went for a cycle this morning and I did… Continue

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Day 91

Well today has been (thankfully!) non eventful!

I had a lovely morning cleaning out my car and then getting it done professionally (yeah it needed both!) and then putting my lovely new yankee candle freshner in the car........ahh my car smells clean and coconutty now! Lovely!

And this evening we have had one of my sisters friends down with her daughter who's in a wheelchair. She was so excited to be having her first sleep over here it was lovely to see. It was a real girly… Continue

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