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Feeling improved as a person - D12S9

I am just so happy today because I am realizing that there are areas in my life being improved that are very important and very dramatic!

First, my attitude toward my math class has totally changed. I am loving it, and I am really understanding it, and I am helping other people! The only thing that I don't like is that some of that side drama has overwhelmed my energy so I have been procrastinating on my home work, but I think I can catch up quickly and that everything will be just… Continue

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day 60 season one

welp, thanks for reading again!! i enjoy knowing that there are people out there commenting and reading and sharing and loving!! angels please guide my words tand thoughts

manifestation goals for tonight and the rest of the week...


well, lets see...i'd like to have a successful appointment with the risdon tomorrow...hmmm waht else what else??

meditation make that top priority for tonight and this lets about… Continue

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Season 3 Day 19: Life turns around!

I had a very difficult weekend emotionally. However thanks to my friends and this 100 day challenge I decided to take whatever life gave me positively and be truly grateful for what I have. Well that gratitude has paid off! I awoke this morning to a surprise phone call from a company I absolutely loved! They wanted me to come in and help them with some projects to see if I am a right fit for the company! Not only that, I am getting paid for the work I… Continue

Added by Shaman Kanowa on August 31, 2009 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

Day 23 - Season 1

I got an interview for the job I applied for!!!! It's this Thursday. Woohoo! This new position is a great opportunity for me to be creative and enhance my leadership skills and project management skills. I am visualizing and intending an incredibly successful interview; walking out feeling fantastic knowing that I answered all of their questions clearly, succinctly with passion and new, innovative ideas. I intend that the new job I receive at my workplace is a perfect fit for me, enabling me to… Continue

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S1 day 7 and 8 - wonderful spiritual advice

The amazing spiritual insight I've received over the past two days has been truly amazing! Its funny because I've been asking for financial support: what I mean to say is dear friends, I didn't call an 0906 number for a psychic to quench my thirst for answers - in fact the answer lay with my kick-ass best friend Chrissy. She was mega understanding about my need to opt for emotional freedom technique sessions and she also gave me three lovely summer tops she no longer needed! That truly was… Continue

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day 34 - resisting exercising

I didn't exercise for 3 days and feel really bad about it. I should be doing lots of dancing and exercising to prepare myself for that auditions, but I just can't move myself from a chair.

I have time, equipment, program, proper cloth – everything! But it just doesn't help..

What's going on?? Why do I feel so much resistance about exercising??

Is it really possible to enjoy the process of exercising??

I'm torturing myself everyday: "you have to do it, otherwise you'll become… Continue

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WOW Synchronicity abounds!

Got a new bookcase for my office and a new desk for the shop!! Had a GREAT sales day yesterday and made reall beautiful pieces and many sales coming in on the internet.. Life is truly good... Will post pics soon!

Added by Alaia on August 31, 2009 at 3:28pm — 1 Comment

Day 86 Countdown # 14

Well here I am again and I feel like a new day is the best thing. I can make it whatever I want. I just like knowing that you can feel good and get in alignment. I am taking it one step at a time. I have great things happening. I did get a call back from the unemployment office. I was so excited! I couldn't get in touch with anyone and finally left a message. So it is all taken care of. Today I am wearing light blue and it is one of my favorite colors. I think it is good to wear colors that… Continue

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I feel like Dorothy in her red shoes. Off on an adventure! I've been away from here for a long time but have been busy manifesting things in my life and falling behind in others. My latest venture is a video entry I made for the iLove Nova Scotia Contest. I was pondering on how to make a dream come true when I remembered all my lovely pals here. Making dreams come true, visualization with action! This is a contest about… Continue

Added by shelagh on August 31, 2009 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

Day32/100: Review


Yesterday was a fantastic day. I went to my H4H/Working on renovating my castle dedicated day and I felt very good. I decided to take Sunday and make it a dedicated day to pre-paved my castle renovation- and on my way there i was able to start planning the external aspect of the house- for instance, the private road leading to it- and the urban design- i got pretty good ideas- at the entrance, it will be gated with two statues on the side- and I brainstormed what the… Continue

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Happy Monday & S3 Starts TOMORROW!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is the last day in August which only means one thing, my S3 starts tomorrow!

Boy what a difference a month makes. Back on August 1st I was supposed to start S3 and I even notated that here on my blog but I just wasn’t ready. I came to terms with that last week and decided to start S3 again tomorrow.

Stay tuned for my S3 Intentions which I will be putting up tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!

Today I am… Continue

Added by M on August 31, 2009 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Happy Birthday to me!

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been really feeling positive changes in my financial situation. Here I am, end of the month and not under water financially. That being said, I like to make resolutions on my birthday. I resolve to follow my everyday steps to a cleaner and more organized home. I resolve to be kinder to myself and toot my own horn more often. I resolve to get as much done in the next few days so that my vacation (starting Thurs) is a relaxing time spent focused on my 100 day… Continue

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Day 62 S 4

I really had no specific intentions today but I seem to be instead doing some pondering. I feel like we reach a certain understanding after we have been practicing law of attraction consciously for a while where we truly become the observers of our own creations. However, I also believe that perhaps we still operate from a lot of the same conditioning as we always have, possibly to a lesser degree, but now we are more able to WATCH the… Continue

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Before Day 1

So, this is where I start, preparing for tomorrow. Today is a good day for entertaining which I am doing on a large scale and then after today, I will see what flows to me. My business will grow from tomorrow and I will begin the process tonight by listenting to various motivational speakers and by putting out to the Universe my dreams and hopes and wishes. Sandy Grason podcasts from LA Talk Radio seems a good place to start.

Tomorrow morning I will start to follow the healthy diet,… Continue

Added by Suzanne on August 31, 2009 at 6:06am — 2 Comments

All is well

Hey guys all is well.

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100 Day Challenge Season One Day Zero

I'm starting over. I've just had the realization that my life is so good and worth working for. I know, this is something you probably already knew, but I keep forgetting. So tomorrow, a day which is already filled with new and exciting changes, is my day one again.

What's going on tomorrow?

I start my classes for my new semester, a semester which will blow all of the others out of the water, a semester in which I prove to myself and the world that I am going to be the… Continue

Added by Rachel on August 30, 2009 at 11:38pm — 1 Comment

Season 3 Day 18

Today had both good and bad. I slipped a bit emotionally today but I came back up. I really need to find what makes me truly happy. What am I striving for? When I suffered through those negaitve thoughts, I tired to replace it with something happy and positive but I had difficulty finding something. Now, I do have dreams and goals, but nothing is really penetrating me deeply to the point where it overwhelms everything else. Perhaps I should just keep… Continue

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Day 1 Season 1

Hello my fellow co-creators :)!

Today I started my (2nd) Season 1. I feel a lot more focused on the goals I have chosen for the next 100 days.

In the next 100 days, I intend to manifest the following goals:

1. I will receive a promotion / new position at my place of work.

2. I will continue advancing my new band's goals, such as:

- finding a very dynamic, capable, motivated drummer to round out our sound.

- getting signed to a record label

- recording an album… Continue

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Morning drama & afternoon serenity - D11S9

This morning was something else. My mother got a Facebook account and proceeded to terrorize my sisters by calling my 18 year old sister (the victim) a liar, and trying to corner her with questions about going to the hospital and all this craziness.

It started at about 9:30 am and lasted into the afternoon, about 12 pm.

I was shocked at the extent of her immaturity. :( She was trying to get my younger brother to take my sister out "to the movies" without my permission, and… Continue

Added by Tamara Rasheed on August 30, 2009 at 11:00pm — 2 Comments

Day31/100: Review

Yesterday, was another good day. I am working consciously on the law of allowance. I woke up with money on my mind- maybe i was smelling it or something- because i finished with another manifestations of new revenues! incredible, no? so I started the day a bit later but not so much later. i decided not to run because my goal for this month will be achieved so i am giving myself a break because next month i start with a new goal- I sent again C home because she still did look tired and I… Continue

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