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Season 2 for me

Hello Everyone,

I know Season 2 starts in early September, but I won't be able to communicate and start on here until Sept 19/20 when Eric and I return from our holiday in Europe.

I wanted to sign up and be a part of this 100 challenge because it's good for me and I also have a dear friend that's on board!

My desires and aspirations are the same as I had for my Season 1 but also with the manifestation of a little one in Eric and I's life.

I look forward coming… Continue

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Day 22 - Season 1

I have been working on my project. I have been noticing that my energy and my mood have been lower today. I desire to be fully in my power - energized, joyful, clear. I desire that I have a peaceful and joyful evening, where I am finding more and more energy to work on my project and create what I desire. I wake up healthy, energized and joyful tomorrow morning and feel healthy, energized and joyful all this week, into the following week and beyond.

I am grateful for the walk I had… Continue

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Day 21 - Season 1

Thoughts of yesterday's experience where I felt fear and anger were with me when I woke up this morning, so I said out loud "The issues with ______ are now resolved". I felt immediate relief and a sense of power. Thoughts of the experience stopped coming to my mind.

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Day 87 Countdown # 13

Another week is going to begin. I am having some challenges. But I am having some great highlights as well. I need to get a fabulous job that I love and can use my natural talents. I also need to focus on the positive in people. Sometimes that comes easy, other times, not so easy. I have been comparing myself to others. This is an old habit that I want to get rid of. I have been doing it so long it seems hard to shed. So I need to work on that. I need to experience the NOW. Be more present. I… Continue

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New Precise.... "Smooth"

New Precise "Smooth" Lake shore drive music hit the link SMOOTH

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I have to stay aware of my intentions so that I keep going towards my goals daily. Today I've planted pretty good seed with the exception of the very bad thoughts that I was having towards Marcus las…

I have to stay aware of my intentions so that I keep going towards my goals daily. Today I've planted pretty good seed with the exception of the very bad thoughts that I was having towards Marcus last night. I thought I forgave him but I realized I didn't. I did release it though and asked God for a new beginning. I just feel that I'm not strong enough to see him around my kids or for him to take our kids around his girlfriend. I'm excited about all the money that is coming my way. I'm also… Continue

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WOO HOO! Down 5 pounds! Shedding weight and a DIRTY SECRET*******

So the weight is coming off!!! It has really been helpful to understand why I've been carrying this extra weight for quite some time.

It had to do with an "old little story" that had been buried deep within me since childhood....(a story that I had hidden even from myself).

The story goes something like this:

I have always been a very giving person. People would describe me as friendly, outgoing, and giving to a fault. What I didn't want them to know was that secretly felt like I… Continue

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Hearts Desire Part 1A #2

So to really focus on what our heart's desire we must first focus on what it is that already brings us joy. Here are a few more of my favorite things.

I love classical music at just the right time.

I love meeting people who become soul family. You just mesh.

I love old friends who remind you of all that you have endured, and the laughs along the way.

I love New England.

I love Autumn walks along the coast while all… Continue

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Season 3 Day 17

Alright, my 4 day LOA challenge is over and I have made some huge discoveries about myself. My third challenge went alright but yet again I did not finish the book. I am discovering that I do not really allot enough time to myself to do what I love. I often think about things that I want to do without actually doing so. This depression has to stop, I have had enough! I am going to take a day break before beginning my 4th mini 4 day LOA marathon as I… Continue

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GOD'S "To-Do" List and MY "To-Do" List

I am creating from one of the most financially-challenging times in my life and in light of that, and in celebration of my connection with all you amazing cocreators, I am now expecting nothing shy of abundance. Instead of being afraid and panicked, (and trying to do the work of 2 or 3 people), I have let go of my fear, am allowing flow, and as a new action, have just been plugging along on MY to-do list, letting the Universe/God manage my requests I added to "ITS" To-Do list.

WOW! A new… Continue

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Expressing feelings about my relationship today, and some other things - D10S9

I had a great set of classes today, Psychology - Child Development, and Humanities - Performing Arts.

I have created the potential for a mentorship of sorts with my Psychology teacher also because he practices Clinical Psychology and I think I can bounce ideas off of him. The idea of that is pretty thrilling as I have had few mentors in my life.

Also, I am determining whether I want to have a Master's Degree in Social Work or Psychology. Social Work is looking very… Continue

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Day 10 S6 8/29/09~ Peace*Anxiety turns into excitement =D

My boys start school on Monday and Na'Sion starts physical therapy! We are also looking for good homes for the twins:) I am going to be away from the house more so leaving them in the house that long has weighed heavy on my heart. Thankful for the joy they have given us thus far.

Being that this is my Season of equality I have been noticing more and more my thoughts.The ones that have me off alignment are the ones I am focused on changing.… Continue

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Day 6 - fell of the positive bandwagon

Sadly today I lost my focus on happy thoughts and was thinking of my past yet again, it just sprang on me when I woke up this morning, leading to a tearful day. I felt a quick burst of enthusiastic positive energy in the shower, where I felt all my negative thoughts wash down the drain.... yet it wasn't enough. So I had to cave in today to my sorrowness and just let it out. Perhaps it was for the best, after all we all have days were crying is the best method of releasing pent up emotions,… Continue

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Day 10, Saturday, August 29, 2009

This morning, despite being happily awakened by a phone call from my oldest son, well...let's just say I don't jump right out of bed feeling thrilled that anything great is going to happen today or...well...I'm not sure of the words to say.

Yesterday, I took a break from being on the computer. I had some wonderful moments, like filming the wonderful water show going on in my front yard. Children amaze me. It's been hot in our area (hotter than enough for air… Continue

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Starting my season 9 on September 1st - Want to join me?

Decided to start my season 9 in the beginning of September. Let me know if you are thinking of joining with me!
Start working on my intentions and I'll be talking to you soon.

In love and light

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Weak desire vs Strong desire

What do you do if your desire for your intentions feels weak......? I go from strong to weak to strong to weak.. but spend most of the time with weak desire. If I could just stay in that place of strong desire for even a couple of days straight I think I could achieve everything on my list. In a week.

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Day 14: To the seaside!

Went to Worthing - the seaside! South coast of england. Was really lovely there. Went with my partner Susie. We did all the things you would expect at the seaside - fish and chips, amusement arcades, and a walk along the promenade. Was a lovely day! Had a lovely relaxing day.

Enjoyed popping in to friends house too on the way back from the seaside. Nice to see them. We have not seen them for a little while now - so was lovely to catch up on the holiday… Continue

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I'm pulling out of the open heart challenge and entering one that has more meaning to me. I'm calling it the What seeds have you sown challenge. We all sow what we reap so what have you been sowing? …

I'm pulling out of the open heart challenge and entering one that has more meaning to me. I'm calling it the What seeds have you sown challenge. We all sow what we reap so what have you been sowing? I sowed realy bad seed last night in the form of an e-mail to Marcus. It waas really bad and un called for, so then I realized I will have to reap that and I do need to watch what seed I put in the ground. So lets get far today I've sown

physically- dancing for 5… Continue

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Awesome Idea.. Need some help from everyone

As I was rollerblading today I had this great idea for a bookclub. The bookclub would be for books that are not necessarily "best seller" books. But more along the line of book on LOA and energy and any other self-help or "weird" books that are not easy to get at the library or local book stores. I want to do a bookclub that everyone could participate in. Send books they no longer use. Borrow ones that are more beneficial. So tell me what you think. Also if anyone has any books they would like… Continue

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What's going on?

Have you noticed lately that the CCOR site becoming one giant marketing arena? I've visited a few of my groups and in almost each of them there is someone telling you they can help you with the Law of Attraction if you go to their blog or site and buy something from them that will help you manifest more or better or unblock your subconscious or help you meditate or something. What's going on here? It's starting to feel cheap and cheesy and downright uncomfortable.

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